Fate Versus Free Will Or Somewhere In-Between !?!

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Fate versus free will is a metaphysical, philosophical and spiritual question that men and women have looked up to the stars and wondered about from the moment human beings could utter such deep and perplexing questions!


Sometimes when we meet a new person on our life journey, they do not seem “new” @ all, the person seems so familiar and you gel with that person straight away! It almost feels as though you’ve known them before or that your individual paths were destined to meet … So which is it free will or divine and godly predestination !?! or could it even perhaps be both …


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We are not alone when it comes to the tussle with the tangled web of free will versus fate – three famous philosophers also wrestled with the question of free will versus predestination …


Dictionary: Fate


= Events which are predetermined 


Plato 428 BC – 348 BC contemplated the notion of free will or destiny in his dialogue titled Laws and arrived @ the forever chicken and egg dynamic of freewill or predestination


Dictionary: Predestination


= Events engineered by a divine, cosmic or supernatural power


In Laws Plato implied that human beings are able to choose their own belief system (which in this case simply means expectations as opposed to a religious set of ideas). As a consequence of free will to choose what to believe and what not to believe, Plato philosophised that we are all individually able to determine our own chosen paths. However Plato also postulated that what ever beliefs we hold true for ourselves, sets in motion certain probable outcomes and eventualities. So according to Plato we have the free will to decide our beliefs but fate plays a hand in the results there after … er scratch your head time !!!


Psst, devils advocate The Dum Spiro Spero critique of Platos above ideas are that deep seated belief systems tend to be formed due to the conditions we are exposed to (especially) in early childhood as well as our first experiences of new events in our lives.


Now this is not to say that we cannot change our perceptions, beliefs and (bitter) root expectations but the subconscious mind is a like a lazy sleeping dragon and unless we probe and prod it to a state of great awakening, we are largely @ the mercy of beliefs taught to us by our parent/s or other primary caregivers when we were very, very young. Hence it may well be that we don’t really choose our belief system (unless we do much shadow work to probe that sleeping dragon so we can consciously decide our own beliefs and expectations).


Assuming that by nurture we don’t consciously choose our own belief system, might mean that we are likely more @ the mercy of fate than freewill … what do you think !?!


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Aristotle 384 BC – 322 BC was in fact Plato’s learned student but as all great students one day become the teacher, Aristotle had his own unique take and twist on the interconnection between freewill and destiny or as it is termed in the wOrld of philosophy, freewill versus determinism … er, scratch head, what’s determinism !?!


Dictionary: Determinism


= Every event and action has a cause


Aristotle argued that not every occurrence or eventuality or action is caused by another occurrence or event and instead some happenings are caused merely by chance. However it seems that even Aristotle was @ times flummoxed by the whole fate v’s fortune debate – in his famous work titled Nicomachean Ethics II Aristotle suggested that every individual is the source and cause of their actions and because of this we are not subjugated to the forces of predestination as we have a choice to do or not to do … It’s plain to deduce that Aristotle was more heavily in favour of the freewill argument but nevertheless @ times he veered towards the counter argument of chance, which is on the spectrum of fate, fortune and destiny … 


Dictionary: Freewill


= To act independently and not be governed by destiny 


Psst, devils advocate Dum Spiro Spero (Dot wOrld) debates that whether or not every action is caused by a previous occurrence or action or whether in fact that an outcome is not necessarily facilitated or born from a preceding eventuality; that nevertheless Aristotle’s above said philosophical train of thought doesn’t really exclude fate. Put simply in laypersons terms, so as to not induce brain ache, lol, perhaps an event which seems like chance – could actually be by design – and an act carried out by human freewill may in fact be governed by the mysterious forces of fate and destiny … what do you think !?!


Socrates 470BC – 399 BC asserted in his famous dialogue called Phaedo that both freewill and determinism help shape eventualities. For instance freewill doesn’t allow a human being to sit on a cloud (we’ll leave cloud sitting to angels !). Realistically it’s not possible for a human to sit on a cloud because this is determined by the physical law of gravity. So although according to Socrates freewill was a prevailing factor in the course of outcomes and events, freewill is constrained by the law of physics and biology. Socrates also knew that he would die – not so much in a predestined or fatalistic sense but more than anything else – because death is a fixed law of nature. However Socrates did allow for the fact that through his actions, to a certain extent, he had the freewill to choose how he would or may die … 


Dictionary: Fatalistic


= All events are inevitable because they are predetermined


Psst, devils advocate Dum Spiro Spero quibbles that even if ones actions grants them the freewill to choose a certain fixed eventuality, ones actions still may be subject to the forces of fate or destiny. A certain action that one decides to take, may logically appear to be made out of freewill and choice – but perhaps every alternative choice one could have made, would still have lead to the same outcome as the choice decided and acted upon. It may have taken longer for the outcome to have prevailed, more loops in the chain of events may have occurred – but the end result may still have ultimately been the same …


Perhaps the greatest trick that fate plays is to present us with the illusion of freewill … or in the whole fate versus freewill debate – perhaps it’s somewhere in-between … what do you think !?! IX/X/MMXVII


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William Shatner The conundrum of free will and destiny has always kept me dangling


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