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Sometimes our lives can become so chaotic, muddled and hurried that we stop noticing the interior of our homes may reflect the state of our busy lives  – by becoming cluttered with much stuff that is surplus to requirements.  


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If it takes you far too long to find your car keys in the morning or if you have lots of paperwork scattered over your desk or if you have to fight your way in and out of your hall way, then it’s high time to do something about the material mess in your living space … particularly if you feel loathe to let anyone in except your closest friends and family – and if your abode is so messy that you don’t even want your family and best friends to see it – then it’s definitely time to take immediate action !!!


So this is where the age old art of Feng Shui makes a grand entrance in to this online corner of cyber space (excuse the sort of pun). If you’ve never heard of Feng Shui it’s a Chinese philosophy that has been practiced and handed down throughout the generations in China. It centres around the belief that the home – as well as other interior areas – are constantly affected by energies and forces from within the home or other indoor areas and also matter and geography etc external to the home or other interior space can also impose either helpful or unhelpful energy .


The first thing that Feng Shui consultants and practitioners tend to advise, is firstly to tackle any sort of mess that may have taken hostage of your home, garage, office or the inside of any other place which accommodates you or any of your belongings.


For instance if your hall way or reception room looks more like a jungle of junk rather than warm calm and inviting, then it’s time to clear the clutter – without delay – from this important area that there’s no getting away from…



If there are shoes strewn on the floor, then take action and buy a shoe rack, if there are coats all hanging up on one coat hook and you have to fight and contort your body just to get past these almost seemingly inanimate hunchback of coats then get a coat stand. Perhaps there’s a pile of junk mail and leaflets that have piled up, well it won’t take you too long (hOpefully) to sort through the paper clutter and throw it away – or of course take it to your nearest recycling centre.


Once your hallway is nice and clear and clutter free, if it’s quite a dark interior space, Feng Shui consultants often suggest that you lighten up the area, either paint the walls a lighter colour or change the lightbulb to an energy efficient brighter one – yes they cost more but they last a whole lot longer so you do get value for money! You may need to do both of these things.


So that’s the hallway sorted! Over the next few days or weeks (but definitely not months – you can’t let the state of your home continue in it’s present sad and sorry state of existence) consciously practice the Feng Shui art of home living by setting some time aside to tackle the material chaos, clutter and confusion that your home is in. Start with the rooms that are frequented the most by yourself, your partner and family and friends, these tend to be the kitchen, living room and bathroom – once you’ve transformed these rooms from pathetic waste dumps to absolutely fantastic living spaces, then concentrate on the bedroom/s and other areas such as the garage and shed etc …


Consciously Pin Me x

Now the place you live in feels more like a home that you’re now proud to show off and show case to all and sundry (well not literally but you know what I mean!) a Feng Shui consultant would advise you to get rid of any un-necessary furniture and larger cumbersome items that may be blocking up areas in your room. Perhaps you have a three piece suite rammed in to a room that can only really gracefully contain just the 2 or 3 seater sofa – and not the two accompanying 1 seater chairs. You can donate these extraneous bulky items to your local charity shop or thrift store, often times they will come and collect such furniture if you have no means of transportation.


Yay, now your home is free of all superficial objects and you’ve even gone through your clothes and also donated those you haven’t worn for over 2 years  to charity and thrift  – you’re doing well and your home is ready to apply some other Feng Shui principles to your interior spaces.


There are many great books about Feng Shui that you can purchase, that will teach you all about Feng Shui, good luck symbols, poison arrows, the importance of incorporating the elements of earth, metal, wood, fire and water in your abode, the Bagua and the art of placement – for instance which direction to arrange your furniture and other things, even the direction that your bed is facing, is believed in the theory of Feng Shui to be either auspicious or inauspicious …


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Jonas Eriksson My view on Feng Shui – don’t put your bed in front of the door because you wont get in


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