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Finding love again after a romantic relationship has come to an end can sometimes seem like an impossible ideal or even a momentous task – but that’s the thing, finding love again when you’re ready wont feel like a task, burden or uphill struggle, it will feel easy and fun and really that’s when deep down in your heart of hearts you will know that it’s the right time for you to find love again … 


Ok, so you’re @ a point – where you feel it’s time to find love again but your’e not sure where to start – should you go out and start looking for love !?! and if yes where !?! in short, you know you’re ready for a new love partner but you’re unsure as to the how, where and who … 


Well this is where the ancient and mysterious oracle called the Tarot (which you’ve probably already heard of) can help guide you and put you on the right path, so if you’d like to know if love is in the cards and when, then let the Tarot lovingly become you’re wise counsellor!


Each and every one of the 78 Tarot cards which make up a complete Tarot deck have overt or more obvious meanings, which can quite easily be deciphered in relation to the pictorial image on the card but each card also has many other less apparent meanings, hidden messages and foresight as well as sometimes even fore-warnings and other gems of knowledge and understanding …      


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Sometimes during a professional Tarot cards reading the querent – also known as you the client or customer – will instantly understand the meaning of the Tarot card in conjunction with the question they have asked the Tarot through the Tarot cards reader because the illustration/s on the Tarot card/s is so clear and easy to grasp the meaning of. Some Tarot card readers may even decide to use a deck which has a keyword or a two or even a few on each card, so if a word on the card “jumps” out @ you, it will almost certainly hold extra significance. Of course the Tarot may simply help unlock the subconscious mind – like the saying goes “a picture can tell a thousand words” and even those words  buried deep within …   


There are literally thousands of Tarot decks in todays saturated Tarot cards market, so chances are, the professional Tarot cards reader you go to whether offline or online, might use a deck of cards with illustrations and pictures where the meanings there upon are far less obvious to anyone who is not well learned in the esoteric school of Tarot. However the Tarot reader will still be able to assist you with finding the answers to your heartfelt questions pertaining to love, romance and relationships. 


Often women (and sometimes men who have Tarot readings) ask more superficial questions of the Tarot, such as what will he (she) look like or what will his (her) job be and how much money will he (she) have etc … Now it’s perfectly understandable and natural to ask questions like those but the Tarot is an oracle with a lot more depth and scope which can tell you many more things than just the physicality of a potential suitor/partner and furthermore the Tarot can tell you many important things about yourself that you’ve simply forgotten about or consciously never contemplated …


Perhaps you’re @ a crossroads in your life in general or your love life especially and you feel that you are standing @ a two way intersection or to put it a less metaphorical way, maybe in any given specific situation you presently find yourself, you feel you can only do one thing or another. Though during a professional Tarot cards reading, you may well be surprised to learn that you have 3, 4 or even more options when it comes to finding love again or what ever else you need a little help from the Tarot with – alternatives that you never considered may become glaringly obvious – thanks to the Tarot cards themselves as well as the very proficient and intuitive Tarot card reader too !


The ancient Tarot oracle can also help uncover any subconscious stumbling blocks you are putting up along the path to finding love. Perhaps your actions or even non actions when it comes to love and romance do not match your desire for love and romance. For instance maybe you feel a desire to have a new partner but when your friends invite you out, you turn them down – and so as a self inflicted result you never go out and socialise. It’s going to be very difficult to find a romantic companion if you choose to stay in and watch movies – if you’re going to watch a film @ least go to the cinema, you never know whose wandering and wondering eyes may catch yours when your queuing up with your friends to buy a cinema ticket …


During a reading the Tarot cards may even suggest that you open yourself up to a different type of partner, it may be that up till now, you’ve either attracted and felt attracted to guys (or gals) that all have a similar sort of personality or for that matter perhaps you always find yourself gravitating towards a certain type of physicality or look. As the saying goes if you keep doing the same thing you’re going to keep getting the same thing. The Tarot is an excellent tool in the field of self discovery,  personal development, emotional self work and of course emotional self worth – so during a reading don’t be too surprised if the Tarot cards encourage you on your quest to finding love again to break free and try a fresh and new and exciting approach instead of the same tired and boring same old, same old …   XX/XI/MMXVII


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Paulo Coelho – The Zahir My heart may be bruised but it will recover and become capable of seeing beauty of life once more. It’s happened before, it will happen again, I’m sure. When someone leaves, it’s because someone else is about to arrive – I’ll find love again.  


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