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A brief history of times past


ViviLnkThe internet can be a bit of a beast and monster @ times can’t it!?! I mean when it comes down to it, it’s replaced and done away with quite a few businesses, including many independent book shops, card shops (that sell birthday & other special occasions cards) and even village post offices and little stores are closing because all these things can now be done online.


  Listen Instead Of Read 


Methods of service provision


However the internet has broadened the reach of fortune telling, so where as before the invention of the www / the world wide web, angel, oracle and tarot card readers would work from their homes, inviting their clients for consultations @ their own abodes, or vice versa, the card reader would visit the client @ the clients home. Or the card reader could do special events like hen parties and festivals. Alternatively they could even set up a physical bricks and mortar shop and do business this way – and in the here and now it’s still a very good idea for a light worker to use a few or all of these means to enhance their angel, oracle and or tarot reading service.


Advantages of the internet for you the independent card reader


Luckily the internet has blown the seeds of good fortune in the direction of all and sundry who earn a humble living from the art of interpreting cards and other types of fortune telling.


Firstly the internet in general is a great marketing tool and for the price of a monthly broadband package and a few other outgoings angel / oracle and tarot specialists can cost effectively promote their little enterprise online (just as I’m doing right now ha ha!). 

Before the internet, the cost of advertising limited independent light workers to mostly advertising on a local shop window or on a supermarket notice board (of course these are still excellent ways to make meaningful connections with those seeking your service/s who live in the same area as you). One of the best things though about the internet is that if among other things you have a heart centred business, it literally widens your catchment area to THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD, how awesome and amazing is that !?!


Advantages of the internet for you the customer seeking an angel, oracle and tarot card reading



In my twenties I too sought the services of card readers when I was going through a difficult time in my own life because I was mostly stuck @ home while the father of (my then two small) children went out to work; I started to feel quite hemmed in and a bit depressed and wanted to know where my life was going…


So I recall calling some tarot phone lines and having a few readings over the phone. Looking back @ this now, I realise that I was being kept on the phone for as long as possible – I’m not saying that this is a practice carried out by all fortune telling by phone services but some companies do pressure their readers to keep the querent on the phone for as long as possible.


However if you prefer to have an angel, oracle or tarot reading via the phone I recommend that you use an independent light worker who charges you for a block of time, so you know how much you are paying before hand.


Another reason why I’m not keen on tarot and psychic hotlines is because some readers may not even be using a physical deck of angel, oracle or tarot cards and furthermore they may not even be using their own skills of interpretation but a computer program instead, don’t believe me!?! then check this out I worked as an online tarot card reader despite not knowing how to read tarot cards    


Fortune-ately (I hope you like the pun!) the visual, video and live aspects of the internet can act as an antidote to dishonest and sometimes downright fraudulent readers – if as a paying customer you have a reading by pre-recorded video (delivered to you via Google drive or email video delivery or by YouTube) you can be sure that the angel, oracle or tarot reader is NOT short changing you by using a computerised card reading program. 




Advantages of fortune telling by Skype for you the customer


So you’ve come across an angel, oracle or tarot reader that you like (perhaps me! lol !!!) but you live some distance away or for that matter their might even be a great big expanse of ocean between you both – but usually you prefer to have a one to one physical card reading session, where you and the teller are physically together in the same place @ the same time (you can touch one anothers hands across the desk or table). So this is where the whole concept of fortune telling by Skype becomes so useful …


Skype is so easy peasy to use and most of us already have it either on our mobile / cell phones, tablets, laptops and PCs and if you don’t it’s easy to get the app or install it; plus best of all you can use Skype video calling for free (this means that it’s one less expense for card readers such as myself and we can pass the saving on to you the customer).


Another bonus that Skype video calling gives is that you as the service user are able to pay for a block of time, this means that financially you know up front exactly how much the session will cost and in my very humble opinion this is far more ethical than having to pay by the second and minute or hour …


Of course another thumbs up for fortune telling by Skype is that both you and the card reader (including moi!) are visually present together @ the same time, this is the next best thing to an actual physical 1 – 2 – 1 session and even indeed the BEST THING if you and I (or any other indie light worker) are too far away from each other to make travel realistic and possible – because we can SEE & HEAR each other live and interact in a much more fruitful way!

Advantage of fortune telling by Skype for independent angel, oracle and tarot readers


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As above so below AKA the advantages that fortune telling by Skype gives the customer are the same it gives you as a light worker. Though an added extra is that it’s another way of being able to do readings for clients. 


You don’t just have to do readings @ home or go to where other people live (some readers don’t feel comfortable conducting fortune telling sessions @ their own home or if they don’t know the client, travelling to their place). Hence it really can make your work life a lot easier and far more convenient to both yourself and your lovely customers who enable you to pursue the best jay – oh – be in the www AKA THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD !!! 


So do not delay book an angel, oracle or tarot reading via Dum Spiro Spero today!



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