The Great Pyramid Builders Of Giza

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How on earth did the great pyramid builders of Giza, manage to erect such wondrous monuments !?! and what were they for !?! and indeed what role did the gods and deities the Egyptians worshiped and revered have in the establishing of these most famous ancient architectural wonders … 



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How The Pyramid Builders Built The Pyramids Of Giza


Well @ round about 2400BC the pyramids @ their most basic design were originally rectangular shaped tombs made out of the local Giza limestone. These stones were then carefully broken and chiselled into blocks – and after much experimentation by Egyptologists – are believed to have then been transported in sledges and the surface of the sand would have been dampened with water so the sleigh could more easily be pulled by men or horse power.  These said blocks were layered in to just five or six steps thus making a very simple pyramid. However over the next few decades basic pyramid designs were further developed to also accommodate tunnels and enclosed cavities. Then over the next few centuries these quarried limestone structures evolved from straightforward designs to rather more elaborate constructions. 


The great Pyramid of Giza was constructed from approximately 2 million blocks and weighs 5 million tons and rises at a constant angle of 51 degrees, it proudly stands 455 feet high which is comparable to the height of a 35 storey tall building ! This mammoth of a pyramid only took the highly skilled pyramid builders 17 years to erect, which is quite remarkable.  


Plus did you know that the great pyramid of Giza is the only remaining one of the seven ancient wonders of the wOrld !?!


What Were The Pyramids Built For !?!


Many bygone kingdoms had their social strata system and ancient Egypt was no different. @ the top of the societal hierarchical rung were of course the Pharaohs. So esteemed were these ancient figureheads, that they were revered as a god and hence it was believed that the souls and spirits of deceased Pharaohs continued to live on throughout eternity – which is why the pyramids were designed and built with architectural longevity in mind ! Furthermore mummification (where the deceased Pharaohs body was embalmed and then wrapped in linen) was undertaken (excuse the pun) so that in the afterlife the Pharaoh’s spirit would easily be able to recognize his own body … 


Therefore these immense three dimensional triangular structures were elaborate burial chambers with many passageways leading to the tombs of the stately pharaohs after their passing, encased deep within … The most famous of the pyramids, the great Pyramid of Giza was the final resting place of Pharaoh Khufu. Egyptologists now believe that it’s highly likely that all three pyramids @ Giza were built for a dynasty, that being the Khufu family. Hence the other two Pyramids at Giza were built for Pharaoh Khafre (who was Khufu’s son) and Pharaoh Menkaure (who was Khufu’s grandson and Khafre’s son).  


Gifts Fit For Kings Pharaohs


The gaining of riches and materialism in ancient Egypt was just as widely pursued as it often is now in much of the developed wOrld. The Pharaohs adored gold, silver and copper jewellery, stone carvings and pictures and as such, these items have been found by archaeologists in the burial chambers of the ancient Pharaohs. Ointments, masks, games, boats and even food have also been discovered within the burial chasms of the Pharaohs – but Egyptologists beware – curses are also amongst the otherworldly items contained within the secret walls of the pyramids …


How Many Pyramid Builders Were There?


It would’ve obviously taken many thousands of builders to have constructed the pyramids in Egypt, with some scholars estimating 100 thousand men while other experts believe it to be lower at around 20 thousand. Experiments have shown that 12 men can drag a 1.5 ton block (remember it’s said that sledges would have been used on wet sand) 350 blocks would have had to have been transported every day for the pyramids to have been built within 15 to 20 years but remarkably the maths, more or less  adds up !  Though however many men it took to complete the colossal task of erecting the pyramids, it is still a marvellous feat of ancient human achievement to have built such long lasting mausoleums that can even be seen by satellites orbiting the Earth from space ! 


For more on the mathematics on how long the pyramids took to build please go to –


The Pyramid Builders Left Their Mark


Hieroglyphic graffiti found in the uppermost part of the Great Pyramid shows us that the most well known group of pyramid builders were known as the gang of Khufu or the friends of Khufu. Now it can’t be 100% ascertained whether these builders were actually local to Giza Egyptian paid workers or Hebrew slaves. However one thing we can be certain of is that these great builders were obviously very proud indeed of their architectural prowess and hence left their mark for humankind to discover centuries later … So you see graffiti does indeed have it’s purposes !


Egyptian Pharaohs As A Living God


The ruling Pharaohs – while they were actually alive – were elevated to godly status and were thought to be a fleshly manifestation and reincarnation of Horus the falcon God of the sky, sun and moon.  One of the godly tasks bestowed and expected of each Pharaoh during their reign, was to take very good care of the people over whom they ruled, so Pharaohs as living gods were expected to liaise and supplicate with the Egyptian deities on the behalf of peoples of Egypt in order to bring good fortune health and wealth to Egypt.


Furthermore the Pharaohs were thought to have power and sway over the weather and if there was an abundant harvest it was believed it was due to the supernatural power of the presiding Pharaoh who had brought about such good luck ! Once a Pharaoh was no longer alive, he was then considered to imbue the energy of the Egyptian underworld God Osiris … and that in part was why such great care was taken by the pyramid builders to ensure that the burial chambers of the Pharaohs were built with absolute precision, for they did not want to incur the wrath of Osiris … 


Egyptian Deities The Pyramid Builders Revered


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The ancient Egyptians and the pyramid builders actually worshipped and revered over 1000 different deities. As with many religions and belief systems, there was a hierarchy of deities, some were worshiped by very small local groups of Egyptians while others were esteemed as being the most important. 


Isis perhaps the best known of all the ancient Egyptian female deities is the goddess of love and fertility, she is mostly depicted as being a woman wearing a crown and holding the key to life but she has also been represented as having feathered wings in some ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics and art.  


Tefnut is another important Egyptian deity, she is the ancient Goddess of rain. She has the head of a lioness and the body of a woman, her qualities were best compared to those of a lion too. She had divine power over the rain and so it was to her that the Pharaohs interceded to – in order to help bring a fruitful harvest …


Geb is an ancient Egyptian deity of the underworld so on the earthly plane he governs the soil in which the dead are laid to rest and whether or not they will be allowed to reincarnate. He has the form of a man and Egyptian paintings and wall art show a goose standing on the top of his head, the ancient Egyptians believed that a goose laid the egg of creation, from which all other life was derived … 


Osiris is another well know Egyptian deity and he too had a very important part to play within the realms of the underworld for he was indeed the god of death and it was his decision as to where the dead should go to, if they had been good more than bad within their lifetime then Osiris permitted them entry into the afterlife and if the bad they did outweighed the good, they were forever damned  In ancient Egyptian art he’s portrayed as being a green skinned man with a goatee beard and from the legs down he was mummified. 


Ra the sun god is often thought to be the most important of all the ancient Egyptian deities. It was believed that during the daytime he travelled through the sky and @ night he went to the places of the dead and the underworld. Ra was the divine creator and his eyes were all seeing – the left eye imbued moon energy and his right eye permeated the power, heat and energy of the sun. The Egyptians illustrated Ra as having the head of a ram with the sun as his crown and the body of a man.


For more about the Egyptian gods and deities you can go to


The Egyptian Deity Thoth & The Tarot


Thoth is the Egyptian deity and receiver of divine messages, he is also the architect of spells and magick and he presides over arcane knowledge, philosophy and wisdom. Thoths intellect was so mighty that it was even believed by the Pharaohs, pyramid builders and ancient Egyptian peoples that he created their hieroglyphic system. The Egyptians artistically represented him as having the head of an ibis bird and the body of a man.


The Thoth Tarot cards also known as the Book of Thoth by Aleister Crowley and illustrated to his exacting instructions by artist Frieda Harris – are in part based on the arcane mysteries of the Egyptian gods and of course particularly the Egyptian deity Thoth. In the early 1900’s Crowley studied Egyptian mythology zealously and incorporated within his specially devised system of Tarot the knowledge and secrets that he obtained via academia. The accompanying guide book by Crowley and Harris also called the Book of Thoth was published in the 1940’s, however neither Crowley or Harris lived to see the publication of the first deck of Thoth Tarot cards in 1969. 


Rather like the arcane mysterious energy that the Egyptian god Thoth imbibes and also the knowledge that the great pyramid builders of Giza tapped in to thousands of years ago, in order to erect the now forever age old monuments that they built block by block and slab by slab, the Thoth tarot deck requires much earnest study and in-depth understanding in order to truly decipher the wisdom depicted thereupon its esoteric countenance and therein its metaphysical chambers of proficiency …  


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Henry Petroski The same aspirations to celebrate and uplift the spirit that drove the Egyptians to build the pyramids are still driving us. The things we’re doing differ only in magnitude. III/VII/MMXVII


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