Guy Fawkes Bonfire Night Spell


This spell must be performed on bonfire night! You will need to write down on a piece of paper what you want to banish and then throw it into a Guy Fawkes bonfire on the night of November the 5th, or instead burn it in a fireplace or use a candle.


Disclaimer Dum Spiro Spero (Dot World) is not liable for any accident or burn you may incur, please be sensible and please be careful !


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With this banishing spell
I do quell
all trouble
and make justice double


Remember remember the 5th of November
a date to remember, a date to remember
like the 31st evening and night of Octo-ber
when bats and owls and ravens fly o-ver


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For during the week of this season
there is a very good reason
to acknowledge a treason
by a caped cavalier legion


In the year 16 hundred and 5
Guy Fawkes did strive and connive
the now famous gun powder plot
but was foiled and so is his lot


Now in memoriam to he
the fires of All Hallows Eve
instead burn five nights later
for this historical instigator


Who’s face has now become a mask
for crusaders inspired with the task
of stoking and fanning the flames
in the pursuit of justice for all to gain


V is for Vendetta
and V is to make a thing vanish
B is for things will get better
and B is to banish


Quote by


Guy Fawkes A desperate disease requires a dangerous remedy 


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