The Hand Of Fatima And The Evil Eye

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The hand of Fatima also known as the hand of Hamsa is a well recognized type of talisman and amulet named after the Muslim Prophet Mohamed’s loyal daughter Fatimah, which many people of the Islamic and Jewish faiths in the Middle East and North Africa; as well as people of other religions and belief systems, wear as a way of warding off the evil eye.  


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Like much in the traditional metaphysical and mystical realms, The Hamza is believed to have originated from Ancient Egypt where many spiritual ills were also thought to have a spiritual antidote and remedy. An outstretched arm with the hand pointing upwards and the palm facing towards the sender is a way of shielding oneself from malevolent jealous energy. Or an open and outstretched palm is representative of receiving, gratitude and peace, which certainly seems to be the antonym of a hateful stare or indeed the evil eye …


Esoterica And The 3rd Eye


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Many cultures and religions believe in the supernatural power of the eyes, towards the more positive side of the spectrum there is for instance, the third eye, or the third eye chakra, which is located within our brain and in the middle of our forehead. This is our inner eye or our intuitive eye which can give us glimpses of what is to come or indeed our third eye can give us a hunch or a feeling to either do something or to avoid something …


So What Is The Evil Eye !?!


At the other end of the spectrum is the evil eye, also referred to as the malevolent eye, the wicked eye, the envious eye, the nasty stare etc … These adjectives in conjunction with the word eye refer to when a person looks upon another, particularly with eye to eye contact, with a menacing, mean spirited or covetous stare …


The Consequences Of The Evil Eye


When someone has been looked @ in a sinister way by another, especially when the giver of the malevolent eye knows what they are doing and are possibly sending psychic poison arrows by way of their bad thoughts directed specifically @ the person who they are jealous of and they might perhaps even amplify the presumed psychic power that such a detrimental glance may have; the consequences are thought to include such catastrophes as illness, loss of job, money, romance, friendship, reputation and even sanity …


Five Fingers 4 The Five Pillars


There are obvious parallels between the hand of Hamsa and the Five Pillars of Islam, the 4 fingers and 1 thumb or 5 digits seemingly and appropriately coincide with the 5 pillars of Islam, like er, hand in glove, sorry, couldn’t resist that one !


The hand of Hamsa can also serve as a reminder to Muslim people of the five fundamental precepts of the Islamic faith, which are – 1) to recite the profession of the Islamic faith with genuine heartfelt sentiment 2) to pray five times each and every day 3) to give money to those who are less fortunate 4) to fast during the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, known as Ramadan 5) to make the spiritual and religious pilgrimage to Mecca @ least once in a lifetime.


Interestingly the wearing of amulets and talismans is discouraged in the Koran but of course the hand of Fatima can also be incorporated in to a piece of art work and hung up on a wall or carried in a pocket purse or bag or can be used as a key ring trinket and thus the onlooker or carrier can be mindful of the five obligations that Islam expects of it’s followers and proponents.


Mean With Envy


Now let’s face it, the hand of Fatima and the evil eye is a result of and a counter or antidote to jealousy. Paradoxically, negative feelings of envy can be used in a positive way, for instance, if you are jealous of someone because they have something that you don’t – which deep down you know you want (otherwise you wouldn’t be jealous), then it is far more constructive to concentrate your energies and psychic thought forces towards reaching the obtainment of that thing that you want or desire.


On the other hand, er excuse the sort of pun, lol, if you are resentful of another person because they have something you’d very much like to have in your own life but you allow the envy to take a bitter root within your psyche and thus look upon the person who ignited your jealousy, with a hateful eye or malevolent glance or even for that matter if you instead think of them while holding resentment in your heart and thus send them an inadvertent or intended poison arrow, then you have allowed yourself to be overtaken by the negative forces of jealousy …


Now whether or not this negative energy sends thought waves in to the ether and causes the object of your jealous attention harm or not – @ the very least this state of envy is pernicious to yourself, for what you send out, will in some way come back to you … 


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The Auspicious Eye


The good, benevolent and auspicious eye however is the exact and equal opposite of the evil eye. Any negative emotion that you strongly harbour can be consciously transmuted in to it’s positive polar diametric. So if you have been feeling a little jealous of someone lately, then for your own sake as well as theirs, it is vital to change your mental mind set, instead of being envious, be happy, don’t just try to be happy, actually BE HAPPY FOR THE PERSON WHO HAS WHAT YOU DESIRE.


While we all have a tendency to @ times feel a little covetous of others, if such ill feelings linger for too long, it is an innervation we must reprimand ourselves for. When you are in the presence of someone who has achieved or gotten something you would like, then look @ them while feeling and thinking the best appreciative thoughts that you can for them. For when you do manage to summon this kindly feeling from within, you will actually be in spiritual and vibrational alignment with the very forces that can set the very same good luck in motion to bring about a similar situation or outcome for yourself …  


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William Penn The jealous are troublesome to others but a torment to themselves XVII/VII/MMXVII


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