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Greetings and welcome to Dum Spiro Spero – which is a Latin phrase that means While I Breathe I Hope. Its a great statement which many of us resonate with because no matter the situation, hope is the oil in the cog that keeps us going …




So dumspirospero.world is the first  esoteric, new age, spiritual, multiple seller communal market place! The word world is prominent in the domain extension for Dum Spiro Spero and so as the domain suggests DumSpiroSpero.World will have global appeal! @ the moment, in the early days of this website the default currency will be in Great British pounds though to make things easier for sellers who aren’t based in the UK there’l be a currency converter!


BUY ‘ n  SELL 


On Dum Spiro Spero  you can buy and sell a variety of esoteric, new age, spiritual items including physical products including candles, incense, new age and spiritual books etc … as well as downloadable products including pdf oracle card readings, ezines, mp3 brain entrainments and mp4 tarot cards readings etc!




This market place website is sympathetic to practitioners of the esoteric arts, so sellers are more than welcome to sell kind spells on Dum Spiro Spero (though it is to be emphasised that this is not a marketplace for retaliatory mean spirited spells) – To be compliant with rules beyond the scope of this website, it’s imperative to record the spell on MP4 so your client can download the video and you must include a disclaimer that the spell has been performed but any positive result is not guaranteed.


competitive rates!


Dum Spiro Spero wants you to prosper, so when you list an item or digital product to sell on this website you get to set your own rate/s and there will be no listing fees, there will obviously be a PayPal fee – but the only fee charged by this website will be a made a sale fee which will be 10%. So if you sell an item for let’s just say – to keep things simple – £10 / €10 / $10 etc  – you will get to keep  £9 / €9 / $9 etc! 




As a seller, feel free to put one link to your blog, website or social media profile on your dumspirospero.world store page. Please be kind and link back to Dum Spiro Spero in an easy to see part of your own social medial listing/s, blog or website.  Buyers are also encouraged to pin n link to Dum Spiro Spero (dot World) on social sharing sites – we thank you in advance for lending us a helping hand!




If you sell on DumSpiroSpero.World , you will be able to write articles that will be placed somewhere highly visible on this site plus you’l be able to include a link to your shop front on Dum Spiro Spero  @ the top of the said article. We recommend you write posts between 500 – 750 words: we reserve the right to make corrections to spelling and punctuation. 




Affiliates are also welcome to sell esoteric, new age and spiritual items and services on this website. Oh and while we’re on the subject of affiliates – whether you sell on this website or not if you’re a webmaster or webmistress and have a new age, esoteric, or spiritually themed website or weblog you can become an affiliate partner with Dum Spiro Spero on a pay per sale basis @ a rate of 5% for referrals via url and 5% for referrals via coupon codes. 


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Ideas, suggestions and constructive criticisms about this new market place website from customers and sellers alike will be warmly received. Please leave your irks and quirks in the suggestions box area of Dum Spiro Spero.




So there you have it, in a nutshell, a rather large one admittedly, what Dum Spiro Spero (Dot World) is all about. So with an all encompassing esoteric vigour, we warmly welcome all Men, Women,  Agnostics, Atheists, Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, Jews, Muslims, Pagans, Sikhs, Wiccans, Bi-Sexual People, Gay Men, Lesbian Women, Straight Men & Women, Disabled Men & Women, Black People, Brown People, Red People, Yellow People, White People and Blue People With Pointy Ears & Long Tails … Psst if we’ve left out your belief system or religious or ethical persuasion feel free to include it in the comments section below!




John F Kennedy “Tolerance implies no lack of commitment to ones own beliefs. Rather it condemns the oppression or persecution of others


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