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Pendulums can be very useful tools to use when seeking a definitive yes or no answer to an important question. These wonderful little dowsing tools can be a simple chain with a ring attached to it or alternatively a necklace can be used and of course more elaborate pendulums – such as a chain with any type of gemstone can be used too!


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Boards & Mats


Special boards with “yes” at north and south and “no” at east and west (and also with “maybe” and “try again” also between the afore mentioned points) can also be used in conjunction with a pendulum.


Charging Up Your Pendulum


In the same way that Tarot cards and crystals and crystal balls etc can be charged in the light of the full moon, so too can pendulums – the moon light can help infuse it with the wisdom of nocturnal ethereal energy. 


Bonding With Your Pendulum


To fully bond and get the most out of your pendulum, it is also recommended that when not in use, you store your pendulum in silk or any other natural fabric cloth, or instead you can tuck it away safely inside of a pendulum pouch or purse. Before you use your pendulum, it is also a good idea to put your silk wrapped or purse stored pendulum under your pillow at night (for @ least a week) and to also keep the pendulum on your person (it doesn’t have to be in your pocket, simply putting it inside your handbag will suffice).    


Once you feel that you’ve fully bonded with your pendulum you can start to use it as an aid to help you discern the answer to your quandary.


The Pendulum And “Yes” Or “No”


You can use the pendulum with the accompanying board or mat and show the pendulum which direction is “yes” and which direction is “no” or you can indeed ask the pendulum to show you which directions are “yes” and “no”.


Getting Ready For Your Pendulum Reading


Sit @ a table and place your pendulum board or mat on the table too (a piece of paper with “yes” or “no” can be used instead of a mat or board). Your pendulum wrapped in silk or accommodated in it’s special pouch should also be next to the board or mat.


Take a few minutes to relax while @ the same time concentrating on the question you are going to ask the universe – to show you the answer to – through the pendulum. Once you feel tranquil and composed, unwrap the pendulum from the silk cloth or take it from the purse it’s in and place it in the palm of your hand and put your other hand over the pendulum so it’s sandwiched between both the palms of your hands. Close your eyes again and say out loud your question, it needs to be any that can be reasonably answered with an easy “yes” or “no” –  pendulums do not respond to elaboration. When you’re speaking your query you are more or less asking the universe the question (as opposed to the pendulum itself).


Get Steady !


Now rest your elbow on the table and place the pendulum chain between your fingers. Some pendulums have a ring or key ring at one or both ends so the inquirer can put the ring around their middle finger and suspend the chain with it’s stone or crystal etc over the pendulum board or mat. It’s important to keep your hand and arm as relaxed and steady as you can (to reduce the possibility of your subconscious mind influencing the directional outcome and thus too the answer!).


When your arm, hand and pendulum are nice and stable, gently ask the question out aloud again, lovingly look at the pendulum while you ask … and as if by magick the pendulum will most probably start to sway in either the “yes” or “no” or “don’t know” or “ask again” direction, if it doesn’t start to move straight away just be patient, it will!


And Now The Results


Swing Me, Pin Me x

If the pendulum answered either “yes” or “no” then yay you received your answer there and then, thank the pendulum and universe for kindly unequivocally answering your question!


However if the pendulum swung in the direction of “don’t know” then it is advisable to thank the pendulum and the universe for showing you that it’s not the right time for you to receive the answer to your question. So for the time being it’s best to carefully put the pendulum back in it’s cloth or pouch and spend some time rephrasing your question; however do not consult with the pendulum for @ least a week.


If the pendulum  clearly swung back and forth in the “ask again” direction then it’s recommended that you thank your pendulum and store it safely away again and in no less than 7 days and nights ask it the same question again …


Having A Professional Pendulum Reading


Related Service ~ Professional Pendulum Reading


Sometimes if you have a very important question and you don’t have a pendulum or pendulum board or mat, or even if you do – but feel that some how you’re influencing the answer, then it can be a great idea to have a professional pendulum reading. Having a reading with some one who uses pendulums frequently to help others solve their dilemmas can be a really useful way to get to the bottom of your quandary once and for all – plus the professional won’t be emotionally involved, which means the reader and by extension, the pendulum wont in any way be influenced by your subconscious beliefs and opinions!


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