How To Read Tarot In 3 Easy Steps

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Learning how to read Tarot cards can first appear a daunting task. There are many things to consider when you are starting out, such as wondering what deck you should choose, which book should you go with? Or maybe you have come across several online courses that teach how to read Tarot cards.


All these elements can be useful things, however it can be overwhelming in that there are so many different interpretations out there on each card – especially when you start getting into more modern decks. And then there are oracle cards, which some would say is also a great place to start.


In my 20 years of experience reading Tarot cards, I still say to this day that the Rider Waite deck is the best deck to start out with when you are just beginning your journey with the Tarot. It is the most popular deck used today, and even if the images on the card don’t speak to you straight away, I still feel it is important to learn about the symbolism and universally accepted meanings. Why do I think this? Well, once you have an understanding and appreciation for the Rider Waite deck, you will much more easily be able to read any other Tarot deck because you have set up strong mental foundations for understanding Tarot.


Tips on getting started with the Rider Waite Deck.


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Step One: The first thing you can do to learn how to read Tarot cards is set up a short daily practice where you sit down first thing in the morning, focus your mind and ask yourself ‘what would be a useful thing for me to know today?’.


Shuffle your deck and draw one card at random. Look at the image on the card and write down your first impression of it. Don’t rush to look up the meaning of the card just yet. Write down what you feel the card means to you based on what you see. What does the image trigger in your imagination? What colours are you drawn to and what is the scene in the card relaying to you? If it were a movie scene, what would be happening?


Step Two: Once you have spent some time doing that, go and look up the meaning of the card in a book. The book I would suggest you start with is Learning the Tarot by Joan Bunning. The great thing about this book is the author has a list of keywords for each card which you can really hook into to spark your imagination to come to your own conclusions as to what the card might mean for you.


Step Three: The last step I would recommend (and I feel this is crucial) is to relax into a guided meditation that focuses on the traditional meaning of the card which uses the images from the the Rider Waite deck. Ideally, the meditation would have some music that does not irritate you and aids your relaxation, as well as taking you on a journey inside the image of the card. The cards that allow for the most detailed meditation experience are the cards from the Major Arcana.


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Sasha Graham Tarot is always whispering to you. Tarot weaves truth, stories, secrets and tales. All you need to do is slow down and listen.


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