How To Use Crystals

Crystals and gem stones have always captured the fascination of many people from all over the wOrld, there’s something about them that seem so calming. Even when we just look @ a crystal (even in a photograph) it usually stirs feelings of tranquility in even the most stressed of people and when we actually hold a crystal and wrap our fingers around one, the cold against the body warmth of our hand feels so refreshing and invigorating.


  Listen Instead Of Read 


Crystal Rainbow Of Colours!


The colours of various gem stones and crystals are also part of the seemingly magical allure of these gorgeous natural works of the great out doors, birthed within the sediments of the Earth. How can we resist the warm orange hue of a piece of amber? or the deep purple glistens of small square shards of which amethyst is naturally composed of? and of course there’s also the green and blueish veiny iridescent labradorite etc …


The Widespread Belief About The Restorative Qualities Of Crystals


So in today’s modern 21st century wOrld there are many people who believe that crystals and gemstones have the power to heal and even though this assertion has yet to be scientifically proven, this nevertheless has not dampened peoples passionate belief that these stones are able to restore mind and body to a more positive modality of being, so let the “how to use crystals” advice begin…


Gems May Have The Power To Help Heal Thyself …


For instance, for mental clarity some people carry a crystal on their own person, men tend to carry a crystal in their trouser pocket and a lot of women tend to wear crystals as jewellery, particularly as necklaces and rings – and others accommodate a gemstone in their handbag, so if they feel the need to focus and de-stress they can discreetly get their crystal out @ work and clasp it for a moment or two to ground themselves. 


An Antidote To Electro Magnetic Stress!?!


Talking about work did you know that it is commonly believed that stones such as clear quartz crystal, smokey crystal, amazonite and black tourmaline are among a few of the crystals that can absorb and counter the negative affects of electro magnetic stress and electro magnetic frequencies emitted by such things as computers and other electrical equipment. As a side note it’s also interesting that a very tiny amount of quartz crystal is used in computers and without the quartz the computer wouldn’t function.


Colour Chakra Therapy & Gemstones Go Hand In Hand!


Crystals and gemstones are often used in Reiki – which is a Japanese form of healing whereby it’s believed that the therapist can channel life force energy into the person being healed by the laying on of hands.


The crown chakra is violet and so a rose quartz crystal is often used for this, the third eye chakra is a dark blue and so greeny blue labradorite or blue kyanite are popular stones to use. For the throat chakra (blue) aquamarine can be used and for the heart chakra green calcite is a popular choice. The healing colour for the solar plexus region is yellow so golden calcite or aragonite can be used and for the sacral chakra orange coloured stones such as carnelian are used and last but not least there’s the root chakra and red is the colour that corresponds to this, so it makes sense to use bloodstone, tigers eye and other red stones!  


Clear House – Clear Mind – Clear Crystal 


Feng Shui is the Chinese art of keeping your living and working environment as clutter free as possible so you can be in close harmony with your natural surroundings and lets face it, it’s because this philosophy makes so much sense that this eastern practice has been widely adopted by many esoteric quarters in the west!


A large quartz cluster is excellent to use to clear the energy in a room or office and other crystals like rose quartz, smokey quartz, and jaspers can be used in each corner and or alcove in a room; also the direction in which the stones are pointing can do different things, such as protecting your space as well as invigorating the area!


Dedication To Crystals In Meditation 


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I’m not sure whether the above headline all together makes sense but I felt it was time to insert a rhyme (ha ha) anyway this is last but not least for this essay on how to use crystals – after all it wouldn’t be much of an article if I left meditation off the list! Meditation can help us calm down when we’re  stressed out and it is also thought it can aid us when we’re feeling a bit down and dejected.


Sitting in the lotus position with a small crystal or gemstone on the palm of each hand or even just sitting up straight with our back upright against a chair with our feet firmly placed on the floor and the palms of our hands resting on a gem stone or crystal placed on our upper thighs, with our eyes closed can bring us back to a grounded more relaxed and sane state of mind within a few minutes.


We can forget momentarily about the anxieties that life can sometimes seemingly almost thrust upon us because the cooling soothing feel of the stones either smooth or rough – on,in or below our hands – can make us feel mindful of our connection to mind, body, soul and spirit …


Quote By


Saint Teresa Of Avila In a state of grace, the soul is like a well of limpid water, from which flow only streams of clearest crystal


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