Martin Luther King & His Amazing Technicolor Dream


Every now and again the wOrld is lucky enough to have a great teacher tread it’s topsoil and troposphere and in the 1950’s and 60’s there was certainly no shortage of inspirational icons. One of those whose light continues to shine on as a beacon of hOpe many decades after his departure from planet Earth is Martin Luther King.


Undoubtedly Doctor Martin Luther King needs no introduction as you’re sure to have learned about him either through history lessons @ school or college or via popular culture including art here, here and here and music here, here and here.


However if you’ve been living on the edge of the wOrld, in a cave or on the top of a mountain (lol) and you’ve heard of Martin Luther King but are not sure what he shall always be eternally famous for – here’s a biography of this outstanding historical 20th century figure …


All the wOrlds a stage … and the men merely players … they have their entrances …


Martin Luther King ~ a Capricorn by astrological zodiac star sign ~ was born on Tuesday the 15th of January 1929 in Atlanta (the capital city of the state of) Georgia in the United States of America. Martin made his entrance in to the wOrld @ a time when segregation was fully adhered to in the US. He came from a deeply religious family and from an early age became a member of his local church choir. During his high school years, Martin Luther’s natural gift of oratory became evident even during his teen age years and he even won an esteemed prize for the soft power his charismatic speaking abilities emitted.


Pangs Of Life Purpose


When Martin was 18 he felt compelled to serve humanity and so he became a Baptist Church Minister as he was sure this would propel him towards his goal; due to the fact that through the medium of the Christian religion he could address the political, social and racial injustice and degradation that the American Apartheid system imposed on all people of colour. Martin Luther continued to pursue academic learning and in 1948 he was awarded a degree in Sociology.


Will The Real Slim Lady Please Sit Down!


On Thursday the 18th of June 1953 Martin married Coretta Scott and they had 4 children together. However another woman helped Martin Luther King get one step closer to the promised land. On Thursday the 1st of December 1955 Rosa Parks subsequent arrest for her refusal to move from the Montgomery bus seat she was sitting on – so a white person could sit in it instead – sparked the famous Montgomery bus boycott. Which went on for 385 days and was spearheaded by Martin Luther King and his fellow civil rights associates.


Shine So Brightly That All Become Warm!


Throughout the boycott Doctor King always advocated non violent peaceful protests, this Aesop Fable modus operandi of shinning the sun down brightly to make the traveller take off his coat bore the fruits of victory for the African American civil rights movement; when the partitioning of different racial groups was outlawed on all buses in Montgomery.


The Taste Of Milk & Honey 


With one victory under his belt, King understandably wanted to put a complete stop to American Apartheid and so went on to actively participate in and lead organised protests that demanded African Americans the basic human right to vote, working rights and of course the abolition of segregation throughout the entire United States of America.



Martin Luther King And His Amazing Technicolor Dream Speech


During a march to promote jobs and freedom at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C. on Wednesday the 28th of August 1963 Doctor Martin Luther King gave his most famous I Have A Dream speech. So empowering and moving was and is this speech that it can be rightfully claimed – even today – that Martin Luther King may in fact be the best known orator of all time!


Back then in the 60’s, in a wOrld that largely viewed humanity through the very shallow lens of black and white, it’s hard to imagine how the depths of one’s very soul, spirit and entire being could not have been moved by Martin Luther Kings luminescent dreams of emancipation, justice, freedom and equality that Martin Luther Kings I Have A Dream speech invoked !?! This very reverend man broke through the colour barrier and led his fellow compatriots and humanity in general towards fully technicolor dreams, possibilities, aspirations and eventualities – boy what a man!


Dreams Of The Oppressed Are Mightier Than The Oppressors 


In 1964 the soft power of the pen (and by default speech) being mightier than the sword – rendered the I Have A Dream speech so powerful and stirring, that the upper echelons of US power brought the Civil Rights Act  into affect and in 1965 the Voting Rights Act also became part of American law – Martin Luther King and many other civil rights dissenters savored the sweetness of success.  


All the wOrlds a stage … and the men merely players … they have their exits …


It’s My Amazing Dream That You Pin Me x

 Martin Luther continued to be a strong voice in the arena of American social justice and he lent his fame and political celebrity to causes such as opposing the war in Vietnam and he also made war on domestic US poverty of that era. Unfortunately the powers that were of that time did not much like injustice slayers and hence conspired against Doctor King and had him assassinated by a loan gunman on Thursday the 4th of April 1968 in Memphis, Tennessee.


A Mortal Mans Dream Lives On Forever


However the amazing technicolor dream that Martin Luther King had lives on, it has a power, energy and dynamism of it’s own which transcends time and space. It is the sparkle of hOpe enshrined in the books of 1950’s and 1960’s history, it is the glimmer of the potential for global racial peace, ethnological co-existence and multi cultural acceptance recorded for our viewership on the reels of old black and white film footage for the wOrld to watch in glorious good old fashioned – good new fashioned technicolor!


Some Amazing Technicolor Dream Affirmations For The hOpe Of Your Life & The wOrld !?!


Are you experiencing problems @ this juncture in your life? Well let’s take Martin Luther King’s famous words and apply them to your own situation or globally …


In his most famous act of oratory, Doctor King said … even though we face the difficulties of today and tomorrow, I still have a dream


You can change this to –


Even though I face the difficulties of today and tomorrow, I still have a dream


Make it an affirmation which you repeat several times a day, not in parrot fashion but feeeel the words as you say them !


Or if you feel perturbed and disturbed by current political and spiritual global events then you can instead say –


Even though the wOrld faces the difficulties of today and tomorrow, I still have a dream of wOrld unity, peace and stability


Mr King also went on to say I have a dream that one day even the state of Mississippi, a state sweltering with the heat of injustice, sweltering with the heat of oppression, will be transformed into an oasis of freedom and justice …  


If you’re facing any type of injustice in your own life, you can affirmatively say –


I have a dream that one day the injustice I am experiencing, will be transformed into an oasis of justice


Even in this present day era @ times the wOrld seems to be a melting hot pot of injustice and oppression, when you feel your soul and spirit bubbling and frothing with anger because of such oppression meted out on human beings that seem a wOrld away, calm down – take a few deep breaths in and out and then say –


I have a dream that one day every country and place sweltering with the heat of injustice, sweltering with the heat of oppression, will be transformed into an oasis of freedom and justice for all who live there … 


Quote By


Martin Luther King I have a dream that one day every valley shall be exhalted and every hill and mountain shall be made low, the rough places will be made plain and the crooked places will be made straight  


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