Mayan Mysteries Through The Mists Of Time

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The relics and great architectural monuments of the ancient and indigenous Mayan Meso-American civilization, are a showcase and footprint which long after their almost physical vanishing from the Earthly plane of existence, bear witness and testament that a great and advanced indigenous people once thrived in the America’s. 

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A Great Civilization Without Walls As Frontiers Originating From Mexico & Beyond


This bygone advanced culture can be traced back to as early as 2600 BC. The Mayans were in their zenith @ round about 250 AD and their civilization spanned the Central and South American countries of Belize, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and the now North American Latin country of Mexico. The ancient Mayans knew that boundary walls are for fools so instead wisely used their bricks and stones to build some of the worlds finest and most enduring pyramids and tower observatories!


The Maya Indian Calendar


The Maya Indians were renowned and very accomplished night sky watchers and hence their expert knowledge of astronomy meant they were able to devise astoundingly accurate calendars, including the Haab calendar which denoted the 365 days of an approximate solar year! Another intriguing Mayan Calendar called the Tzolk’in, 20 days are assigned 13 different cycles which form the dates in this specific calendar system and any one of the thirteen different cycles only come back round again after the passing of 260 days which equal nine cycles of the moon.


The Ancient Peoples & Their Pyramids Of Latin America 


One of the manyMayan mysteries are how did these ancient peoples build such magnificent stone structures? The indigenous Maya American Indians built pyramids in homage to their deities and gods and some of these architectural wonders of Latin America also served as final resting places for their most highly esteemed Aztec and Toltec Kings and Queens. In the city of El Zotz in Guatemala an ancient well sealed tomb of a Mayan King is buried under the El Diablo pyramid.


Many of these pyramids were also used as astronomical markers to signify the Pleiades AKA the Seven Sisters (in the constellation of Taurus) and also the summer and winter solstices. 


The Mayan Temple Of Kukulkan


Kukulkan, the great feathered serpent is one of the best known ancient Mayan deities. His snake like features interspersed with the likeness of birds evoke fear and intrigue in equal measure. Kukulkan is the controller of the winds, the originator of the air and the great Mayan master and overseer of rebirth and death and rebirth and death, again and again, over and over … So majestic is this Meso American God, that his image is carved on many Mayan pyramids!


El Castilo also known as the temple of Kukulkan (in Mexico) is a magnificent 365 step pyramid dedicated to this feathered snake deity. The well preserved El Castillo pyramid bears a cleverly crafted Kukulkan snake apparition of shadows which mysteriously (or perhaps by design!) manifest during the spring and autumn equinoxes. So great is Kukulkans power to transfix, that the Chichen Itza site upon which this revered temple is situated is now a world heritage site and one of the new seven wonders of the wOrld!


The Mysterious Crystal Skulls Of The Mayans


Another of the famous Mayan mysteries are that of the mystical crystal skulls that have been discovered in Mexico and Central and Southern America. In 1927 an archaeologist is presumed to have recovered one such quartz crystal skull @ a Meso-American ancient ground, in the Yucatan jungle.


What makes these skulls so interesting is the precision with which they have been made, cut and polished, the creative conundrum of the crystal skulls continues to perplex scientists today.


Some people hold fast that natural rock quartz crystal records the memories of all that has gone before and is yet to come and so these Mayan crystal skulls are ancient conductors and receptacles of mysterious and arcane knowledge.


Others have reported that when sleeping with one of these crystal relics nearby, they’ve been transported back to the times of the Mayan civilization and glimpsed their secret rites of passage and other rituals …


The End Of the wOrld Was Nigh


The Mayan long count calendar reached the end of a 400 year cycle on Friday the 21st of December in 2012 and accordingly, many people believed and predicted that on this said date the world would end. This in large part was compounded by the fact that hieroglyphs etched into a stone tablet @ Tortuguero in Tabasco, Mexico – foretold that a god would appear @ the end of the 13th Bak’tun which was on the 21st of December 2012. However the Maya people may not themselves have concluded that this god would herald the end of the world, instead this might have been a case of Chinese – or new age whispers, that started with a few small mutterings and then over time became a much hyped doomsday prophesy …


Mayan Totems & Symbols And Tarot


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The Maya peoples had an obvious deep affinity and connection to their lands and the plant and animal life therein – many of which became totem symbols in the Mayan culture.


Mayan mysticism holds the zotz or bat as the protector of the underworld, the devil Tarot card also represents the dark world.


The balam or jaguar represents confidence, leadership, strength and sacredness, the Tarot card which automatically springs to mind here is Strength, among her traits are qualities such as courage and steely determination.


The k’in or Ahau or sun – which is an obvious natural phenomenon revered in many lost kingdoms and present day cultures throughout the world – in Mayan symbolism represents rising, good fortune, creativity and provision. In the world of Tarot the sun card too epitomizes successful ventures and outcomes.


The Maya kab or earth hieroglyph denotes the power of universal forces as well as the natural law of change, in the Tarot system, the world card can mean change of location due to travel and also completion.


The Darling Buds Of Maya Today


Although the Mayans are commonly relegated to a long gone distant, distant past era, there are in fact still people who by heritage are able to proudly place themselves on the same ancestral family tree as the ancient Mayans; as they are the descendants of this lost Meso-American civilization. These present day Maya people live in Mexico, Guatemala and Belize. Due to the large Spanish Latin American influence, the present day Mayan people mostly practice Catholicism but still incorporate many ancient Mayan traditions of prayer and offerings in to their everyday religious lives. The wOrld is truly lucky that the spirit of the ancient Mayans continues to survive through the lives of the modern day Maya.


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Mayan Proverb He who walks without looking will fall in to trouble


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