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Mother Teresa is one of the best known female inspirational icons of the twentieth century, though now deceased, her name is amongst those of the greatest inspirational icons that have graced our planet.


When Teresa Was Very Young


She was born in Macedonia on the 26th of September 1910 to her Albanian parents – Dranafile and Nikola Bojaxhiu – devout Catholics and therefore she herself was immersed into ardent Catholicism herself. Teresa was actually named and baptized as Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu. She spent the years of her infancy and adolescence and early adulthood in Macedonia. 


Loss, Love & The Gift Of Giving @ An Early Age


Sadly her father died suddenly when Agnes AKA Teresa was eight years old. However (as is often the case when a child or young person loses a parent) her fathers death strengthened the bond between Agnes AKA Teresa and her mother Nikola and it can be said that this is where Agnes AKA Teresa first became exposed to the act of helping, giving and sharing food due to her mothers own charitable endeavours – indeed the history books record that Teresa’s mother taught her to “Never eat … unless you are sharing it with others” …


Education & Dedication & Inspiration


Agnes AKA Teresa went to a convent first school and then went on to a public state secondary level school. Teresa enjoyed singing and was a keen participant in her local choir  – The Sacred Hearts – and she actually had a beautiful singing voice and hence took the solo singing part in church songs.


Once a year the Sacred Hearts would journey to the Catholic Church of the Black Madonna in Letnice – in the mountains of Kosovo. When Agnes AKA Teresa was twelve, she joined the pilgrimage to this now famous church. It was apparently within the tranquil stillness of the Church of the Black Madonna that Agnes AKA Teresa first felt deeply inspired to dedicate her life to the service of people who are poor, hungry and destitute …


 A New Beginning & A New Name


In 1928 @ the age of eighteen Agnes felt compelled to serve God by becoming a nun and so she set sail for Dublin in Ireland where she joined the Loreto Sisters nunary and it was within the confines of nunastic life, that Agnes shed her name and became re-known as Sister Mary Teresa !


The Call To India


In 1953 Mother Teresa set sail again – this time for India, where she became a teacher at St Marys Girls High school in Calcutta – a learning establishment set up and run by the Sisters of Loreto convent – of which Teresa was already a member  – to help the girls in the city overcome poverty through education by elevating their chances of obtaining work .


A Mothers Vows


Teresa took many vows during her spiritual vocation as a Catholic nun, however it wasn’t until she took her final profession of vows – an oath to a life of celibacy, poverty and allegiance to Christ and the Catholic Church – that Teresa had the prefix of Mother added to her humble title.


A Call From Christ To Teresa


The year after the end of the second world war, whilst Mother Teresa was in the Himalayan region of India, she clearly discerned the voice of Yeshua AKA Jesus Christ tell her that she was to leave the teaching profession and instead work within the ghetto slums of Calcutta in the pursuit of helping the hungry, sick and desperately poor. It took Teresa over a year to receive permission to leave her voluntary job at Saint Marys Girls High School in order for her to follow the voice of Christ …


Nurse Teresa


In August 1948 Teresa left the Loreto nunnery and immediately made her way to the slum portions of Calcutta – where she spent the next several months in basic medical nursing , so she could help in diagnosing, treating and alleviating physical suffering and hardship experienced by many of the dwellers within the Calcuttan slums …


Mother Teresa’s Missionaries Of Charity


Teresa stayed true to her calling and so wasted no time @ all – she set up a hospice as well as an open air school for Calcutta’s children. Her meek and humble church and charity known as the Missionaries of Charity began to acquire more and more members as well as donations from not just Calcutta and India but the whole wide wOrld … Hence in the 1950’s and 60’s Mother Teresa also had the funds to establish mobile health clinics, a nursing home, a children’s home and also a home for people suffering with leprosy.


Mother Teresa’s Mission Possible


Mother Teresa’s charity and accidental fame went beyond the horizon of India, she was warmly greeted in the big apple where she opened up a charity specifically to help the poor people of New York. Teresa was not afraid to transcend the artificial barriers of religion, nationality and politics – in 1982 she went to the Lebanon where she crossed between the Christian Eastern part of Beirut and the Western Muslim portion of Beirut to help give aid, food and medicines to children from both sides of Beirut. In 1985 Mother Teresa was invited to speak @ the United Nations in New York and a few days later she opened a home especially to care for people with HIV and AIDS.


The Prizes Of Peace


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During her lifetime Teresa received over 100 awards. In 1965 Pope John Paul the sixth gave Teresa’s Missionaries of Charity the Decree of Praise. In 1973 she was given the Templeton Prize for Progress Within Religion and in 1979 Mother Teresa was the humble recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize for her contribution to the field of selfless charity. In 1987 Mother Teresa was given the gold medal of the Soviet peace committee and in 1980 she was awarded the Jewel of India …


Fleshly End But Saintly Beginning


Mother Teresa lived to the ripe old age of 87, she died in Calcutta on the 5th of September 1997. However Teresa has proved to be just s popular in death as she was in life. In 2016 she was canonised in to sainthood by the Vatican in recognition that in 2002 an Indian woman was miraculously healed from a serious condition via Teresa’s intercession on the first anniversary of Mother Teresa’s death. In 2008 a Brazilian man is also said to have received a miraculous healing as a result of placing an image of Mother Teresa close to where he slept and asking her to intercede for him.


Inspiration Made Motherly


Not only has Mother Teresa left over 500 Missionaries of Charity communities in over 100 countries throughout the wOrld but she has also shown us that a little act of kindness here and there goes a long, long way and that if every single one of us even contributed the smallest amount of giving, whether of ones time, love or money – it is enough to start to sow the seeds of healing, equality, prosperity and justice around the wOrld …


Quote By


Mother Teresa And yet there’s that greatness of the poor. One evening a gentleman came to our house and said “There is a Hindu family with eight children, have not eaten for a long time, do some thing for them” and I took rice and went immediately and there was this mother and the little ones face, shining eyes from sheer hunger.


She took the rice from my hands, she divided in to two and she went out. When she came back I asked her “Where did you go? what did you do?” and one answer she gave me “They are hungry also” she knew that the next door neighbour, a Muslim family was hungry.


What surprised me most, not that she gave the rice but what surprised me most that in her suffering, in her hunger, she knew that somebody else was hungry and she had the courage to share and she had the love to share … 


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