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Lenormand cards have become a very popular alternative to Tarot card readings over the last few years however the Lenormand card reading market remains relatively unsaturated – which means it’s brilliant for the health of your cartomancy business (I just had to slip that one in, er unsaturated and health go together like hand in glove, lol).


So if you’ve fallen head over heals for Lenormand cards and have already started doing Lenormand readings for family and or friends because you love the mysticism of the Lenormand cards and you equally love to help people, then this new age, spiritual marketplace site is the perfect online venue to list and sell your specialist expert Lenormand card readings – in fact you can even offer Grand Tableau readings!


Listings are free on Dum Spiro Spero (Dot wOrld) and you can have up to 3 free photos per listing and listings never expire! Also unlike other sites, we don’t display other sellers listings on any of your own listing pages and the only cost to you for all of this is a sellers made a sale fee which is 10% plus a 3.4% + 2op PayPal fee.


Because you will be an independent contractor / self employed you can set your own prices and be available to do readings for customers when ever you wish, which let’s face it – is very, very important due to the fact that @ times doing card readings can leave you feeling a little drained, especially if it was intense session that veered quite a lot towards the negative aspects of the querents life. 


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You aren’t just limited to selling Lenormand card readings here on Dum Spiro Spero (Dot wOrld), you can also obviously sell Angel, Oracle and Tarot card readings too and what’s more you can also sell physical metaphysical items, such as crystals and candles and you’re also able to sell spiritually themed mp3, mp4 and pdf downloads on this unique website! Find out more on our about page and find out what you can list and sell here.


We also have a generous affiliate program which you can join regardless of whether you become a seller on Dum Spiro Spero or not, you can find out more about our affiliate window by visiting our affiliate area here.


This website is very user friendly and easy to find your way around and there’s also a site map if you get lost, lol, so do spend some time exploring Dum Spiro Spero (Dot wOrld) and it’s pages, blog posts and quotes and of course we look forward to you clicking on the sellers dashboard tab and signing up so you can start listing your wonderfully insightful and vitally helpful Lenormand card readings here on Dum Spiro Spero !


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