Oracle Card Readings For Metaphysical Guidance


Oracle cards are a close relative of the Tarot and although both methods can be used as tools for divination – because Oracle cards tend to have less structure and are more free flowing and less uniform than Tarot – using Oracle card readings for metaphysical guidance are an excellent tool and they are also very handy little helpers when it also comes to personal development and spiritual counselling.


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There are many different oracle cards for the choosing and some range from having almost childlike artwork (for example Doreen Virtues Mermaids and Dolphins Oracle Cards) while other oracle card sets have a wispy other worldly type of artwork (for instance Colette Baron Reids Wisdom of the Oracle immediately comes to mind here!) and some oracle cards have a more traditional almost Tarot vibe and feel to them (such as Symbolon Oracle Cards). 


There are 78 cards in a Tarot deck, whilst Oracle decks can have as few as 25 cards or even less and as many as 80 (as does the Symbolon Deck) or even 100 or more, such as the Oracle-X Cards. Obviously the more cards there are in an oracle deck, the more diverse the message and reading will be. However because most oracle card decks tend to have roundabout 40 cards, in order to obtain any sort of truly meaningful reading, it can be a better idea to mix several oracle decks together!


A great way of doing this is to have @ least 3 oracle card decks placed face down on a table – or even to have 5 or even 7 different oracle decks placed in the just said manner. Next the Oracle cards need to be carefully shuffled and cut with the intention of receiving a message for the client, from left to right and place each deck back on the table after doing so. Now if a client wants a 2 or 3 card reading and the reading is via Skype, the client is asked to choose 2 or 3 of the 5 card decks – or if the client would like a 5 card reading, the client chooses 5 of the 7 card decks. If the reading is done by video and thus delivered via YouTube and it’s a three card oracle reading the client is asked (via email) to select three numbers ranging from 1 to five, for instance 2, 4 & 5. Then – again from left to right – the top oracle card from each deck is gently turned over, from each oracle deck in the corresponding 2nd, 4th and 5th positions on the table top.


One of the greatest mysteries of life and one that even the likes of the greatest from bygone ages such as Aristotle, Socrates and Plato deliberated and contemplated is the timeless question of whether each and everyone of us has a fixed destiny? or if we create our own luck as we go along? or indeed it could even perhaps be a mix of the both …


On the balance of probabilities our lives cannot solely be mapped out before us or carved in stone, for this would be a metaphysical impediment – as it were – none of us would truly be the masters or mistresses of our own destinies – and if this was the case then our lives would almost be an unalterable series of fortunate or unfortunate events.


Hence one can alternatively ponder, reckon and conclude that life although @ times cruel – on the balance of probabilities – has a natural tendency to lean towards the benevolent and even when the wOrld has been seemingly overcome by pivotal malevolent events, such as slavery and world wars 1 and 2, or apartheid in the USA and South Africa etc, in the end the good conquers the bad …


Therefore because there seems to be a curious and mysterious natural kindly force, it stands to reason that our individual lives and destinies are able to be guided by our own hands, we surely are able to be the captains of our own metaphysical ship sailing on the sometimes still and sometimes stormy waters of life – for if this was not so, how could anyone rise above the circumstances they are born in to or are faced with !?!


So by applying this theory to oracle card readings for metaphysical guidance, it’s clear why these beautiful and delightful card decks can be used in order to seek a unique pointer – or a series of buoys on the seas – as to how you can steer your life to the destination you wish to arrive @ or the goal or feat you wish to accomplish.


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That’s why when doing multi mixed oracle card readings for clients, a prudent and sensible reader will always tell their client that the reading isn’t predictive. It’s not telling you what is going to happen, the universe doesn’t run along those lines, the great big cosmos allows YOU to decide which of many various outcomes YOU wish to make happen.


The oracle cards simply guide you and show you what you are currently attracting and if you continue to resonate on the same feeling tone or put out the current energy via your thoughts, feelings and beliefs, what you may just draw to yourself. Of course the Oracle cards can also hint to you within a reading that it’s time to change your energetic vibrations so that you attract what you want as opposed to what you don’t want.


The multi mixed method of oracle card readings is perhaps the most accurate way of helping clients when doing an Oracle cards reading, as opposed to using just one stand alone oracle card deck, in fact to be blunt, there aren’t that many Oracle decks which are commonly recommended by professional card readers to use in a   similar standalone way that a Tarot deck can be used on it’s own.


Most Oracle decks are either a bit vague or whimsical or not comprehensive enough to use as a sole form of spiritual counselling, personal development or metaphysical guidance. However, there are a few exceptions where by an Oracle card deck can be used on it’s own for a client reading, such as the Oracle-X (if you obtain at least 80 – 100 cards or even more) the Symbolon Oracle Deck, and perhaps also the Tea Leaf Fortune Cards and last but not least the Tikar Spider Oracle Cards.


Now back to the multi mixed oracle cards readings for metaphysical guidance – there seems to be an illuminating merging of synchronicity and synergy when cards from several different oracle decks are used for a specific client reading. The cards tend to make a lot more sense and the client seems to instantly get it too – after all the client is the only one who truly knows what is going on in their own life; there’s an almost apparent logic to the row of seemingly random of cards, their pictures, key words and messages flirt, mingle and dance with each other in a most exquisitely mystical way … 


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