Oskar Schindler – Nazi Honoured Amongst Jews

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Oskar Schindler’s name is famed in Israel where he is buried, as righteous among nations and the unforgettable life saver of 1200 persecuted Jews – and he is also highly esteemed by the silver screen due to the book Schindlers Ark written by Thomas Keneally and the film based on the said book – Schindlers List directed by Steven Spielberg.     



A Man Called Oskar 


Oskar Schindler was born to parents of Sudenten German origin on Tuesday 28th April 1908 in Moravia which was then part of the multiple national states of Austria and Hungary – today Morovia is in the Czeck Republic. Oskar completed both primary and secondary levels of education and as a young man attended a technical school – but didn’t last long – he was expelled for falsifying an important document. After further education, Oskar Schindler graduated and then persued vocational courses including the study of machinery and mechanics.  


In 1928 Schindler married Emilie Pelzi and then a few years later he joined the Czek Army and worked his way up to the rank of Lance Corporal.  After leaving the army, Oskar experienced a bout of unemployment for 12 months, though in 1931 he eventually found work for seven years as a banker in Prague. 


Oskars father was an alcoholic and as is sometimes the case, that alcoholism can run in families (perhaps just as much through nurture as nature), Oskar developed a drink problem and in the early 1930’s was arrested for being drunk in public. In 1935 he joined a pro Nazi party in Austria-Hungary / Czechoslovakia called the Sudeten German Party and went on to become a spy for a Nazi intelligence service and was stationed in Breslau which was then German territory. In 1938 Schindler was arrested by the Austria-Hungary government for the act of spying and unsurprisingly was imprisoned but was only incarcerated for a short while due to the annexation of Czechoslovakia by Nazi Germany.


Pole Position 


Oskar Schindler moved to the Polish city Krakow in 1939, rented an apartment and shortly thereafter with the helpful advice of an accountant and the financial investment of several Jewish business men, took on the leasehold of a formerly struggling Jewish factory which specialised in metal ware. Leasing a factory as opposed to being a trustee meant that under Nazi dictates it would give Oskar greater scope to hire Jewish workers. Initially Oskar employed seven Jewish factory workers but overtime that number increased to 250 Jewish workers and @ it’s zenith Oskar Schindler employed round about one thousand Jewish people and roughly 750 other workers of non Jewish heritage ! 


The Spy Who Loved He


As the saying goes, it’s not what you know … it’s who you know and because Oskar had connections within the Nazi intelligence services, his factory was awarded important military contracts to produce cookware for the German army and because these contracts were so big – Schindler was able to hire more workers and especially those that were Jewish; initially because Jewish workers were cheaper to employ than non Jewish Polish workers but over time once friendships and bonds were formed, more so because Oskar and his Jewish associates and friends were well aware of the (depraved and evil) extermination camps @ Auschwitz and Belzek etc …


A Bribe For A Life


Due to the realisation on the part of the Nazi’s that Germany could lose the 2nd world war, they became ever increasingly more anxious to annihilate as many Jewish people as they possibly could and so had an (evil) eye for even the Jewish people that worked for Schindler @ his factory. Oskar was determined to do everything in his power to save as many Jewish people from the Nazi gas chambers as possible so he used the power of black market bribery in the form of luxury goods to dissuade German Nazi officials from deporting the Jewish factory workers to Auschwitz and other death camps.


Artful Forgery And Fakery


As time went by Oskar and his associates had to come up with more elaborate reasons to prevent the Jewish factory workers and their immediate families from being sent to their deaths by the Nazis. Schindler who wasn’t unfamiliar with falsifying important documents (as he had done it solo in the recklessness of his youth) – with the help of forgers, saw to it that fake identity documents were made to conceal information that under the reign of Nazi tyranny would be detrimental to his Jewish factory workers and their wives, children and elderly and disabled family members.  


Nevertheless bribery and fake IDs weren’t always enough to deter meddlesome malevolent Nazis (who sought promotion and higher rank) from attempting to extradite the Schindler factory workers of Jewish heritage to the extermination camps. Though because Oskar Schindler was able to claim special essential war status for his factory, as long as he could prove the Jewish factory workers were essential to the German war effort, they were spared from the wicked clutches and nefarious machinations of the Nazis. So many new and in reality unnecessary positions @ Schindlers factory were invented for the Jewish workers as a way to safeguard them from deportation.  


Get Em Drunk As A Skunk 


Even though by this time in Schindlers life, he had overcome his battle with the bottle, Oskar nevertheless used the power of liquor to save a Polish Jewish family with false identity papers from being arrested by the Gestapo Nazi Secret Police. Schindler distracted the Gestapo officials with music, merriment and by getting them exceedingly drunk – luckily for the said Polish Jewish family under serious investigation, the Gestapo officers were so out of it, that in their merry drunkenness they completely forgot what they had come for and so with the diplomatic use of alcohol by Oskar Schindler, the Polish Jewish family were thankfully saved !


Schindlers Solution


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@ the beginning of August 1940 the Nazis ordered 60 thousand Jewish people to leave the Polish city of Krakow within a fortnight. The only Jewish people exempt from this order were those who worked within the Nazi war sector. Virtually all the Nazi death camps were full to bursting point, so about 15 thousand Jewish people remained in Krakow but Jewish and freedom were words which weren’t synonymous to the Nazis, so they ghettoised the remaining Jewish people – including the Jewish people who worked @ Schindlers factory – by building a wall in a part of the city which became known as the Krakow Ghetto – the Schindler factory workers were only allowed to leave the Krawow Ghetto to walk to work.


To try and make things a little easier for the Jewish workers, Schindler and his associates added life improving facilitates @ the metal ware factory, including a kitchen, dinning area and even a medical clinic !      


In 1943 the Nazis opened up Plaszow a new death camp only a few miles away from Schindlers factory. Schindler was alarmed to find out that the Nazis planned to extend the Plaszow camp so that it would incorporate Schindlers factory within it’s perimeters – but Oskar kept his cool, he had to, the lives of many Jewish people he could help were @ stake. He manipulated the Nazis by way of bribery, to allow him to build a separate camp with his own money to accommodate his Jewish factory workers, as well as a few hundred Jewish people who worked @ other factories in the nearby areas.


Chocolates & Diamonds For Freedom 


In July 1944 the Nazis were already well aware that they were losing the second world war, so they made a heightened attempt to intern as many Jewish people as possible and as a consequence even Schindlers Jewish factory workers were to be sent to the Nazi death camps because the factory wasn’t producing front line war goods. Again Schindler caught wind of this and so his factory started to instead produce grenades and via diplomatic bribery Schindler was able to move his factory and the workers to the Sudentenland.


Unfortunately during this process many of the Jewish Schindler factory workers had already been put on trains bound for the Nazi death camps @ Auschwitz and Gross Rosen. Upon Schindlers orders, a sizeable list was quickly put together of over a thousand of his Jewish factory workers and also Jewish workers for other factories who had recently been deported to the Nazi death camps. Schindler implored the Nazi powers that were – with carrot stick bribery, including food, booze, chocolate and diamonds – to send these Jewish workers back to his factory in the Sundentenland. One last time, Oskar helped hundreds of Jewish people evade certain death … 


The Spirit Of Oskar Schindler


Perhaps the most famous Jewish person of all – Yeshua Ha Masiacha also known as Jesus Christ, said do good … without expecting anything in return (the Bible New Testament Luke chapter 6 verse 35) and if ever there was a man who did good without expecting anything back, it was surely Oskar Schindler who despite his wealth in the second world war – which ever decreased @ a rapid rate due to the sheer amount of bribery and other monies he spent on saving his Jewish workers from imminent death @ the hands of the Nazis – actually died broke and penniless.


The essence, morale, courage and passively resistant fighting spirit of Oskar Schindler shines as a light in troubled times – both then and now – as a reminder that even the most flawed or troubled person, with enough resolve, has the power within them to help many, a few or even just one person escape persecution.


Oskar Schindler was indeed as imperfect as us all, he once had a drink problem and even before his issues with alcohol he was expelled, in his younger years, from an educational establishment for forging a document. Nevertheless worts ‘n’ all, Oskar Schindler saved the lives of over 1000 Jewish people – these people have gone forth and multiplied and so now and forever after, the lineages of over 1000 Jewish people will continue because of the courage and fortitude of one man and he will forever be the one Nazi honoured amongst Jews … II/X/MMXVII


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Oskar Schindler I am the conscience of all those who knew something but did nothing


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