The Ghost Of Christmas Pagan Past


Christmas is the best known Christian day of celebration and perhaps for that matter the most celebrated date in the whole wide wOrld. Now we all know that it marks the birthday of bonny boy baby Jesus Christ (though on the balance of probabilities he almost certainly wasn’t actually born on the 25th of December). However did you know that Christmas day used to be a Roman day of celebration? to mark the birthday of Sol Invictus which in English roughly means the Unconquered Sun.

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Just as the sun emerges from behind the silver clouds on a cold winters day, it also becomes emergent that there’s no getting away from the historical fact that the Ghost of Christmas Pagan Past will always haunt the 25th of December


To fully understand the Pagan origins of Christmas let’s astral project and go back in time, to then, the 3rd century Anno Domini, when the Roman Empire was in it’s hey day and the wintry showers of Christianity were starting to drift over Europe and beyond …


The winter solstice falls on the 21st of December, it is and always has been the “darkest” day of the year, or to put it another way, on this date the day is the shortest one of the year and the night time is the longest. In the far gone days of the Roman Empire, way before electricity was invented, the darkness was still illuminated by fire and flame. Hence there was an almost primeval fear of this day and night, perhaps it would just carry on getting darker …  


A few days later on the 25th of December it became evident to the Roman astronomers and night sky watchers that the day was getting a little bit of a fraction longer, the sun had not been overcome by the dark and the night. Thus the Sun was revered as the most powerful presence in the cosmos and so the Roman Sun God Sol Invictus was awarded his own birthday on December 25th!


Now @ round about the same periodin a small Roman province called Judea – in the Middle East – an off shoot of Judaism began to grow and small Christ- i-am a follower of sects began to gain more followers and momentum …


Over the next few decades the Chris-t-ians journeyed from Judea and Palestine to the Mediterranean country of Italy and also Greece and Cyprus which were occupied by the Romans during this era. However the early Christians didn’t take heed of the saying when in Rome do as the Romans do – or indeed it could be said that they adapted this sentiment to – when in Rome do as the Christians do because it was during this time in history that the early church became aware of a widely held Pagan celebration known as Sol Invictus and it is from this sun God that the Pagan origins of Christmas day were sown … 


The word “Paganism” @ it’s most basic refers to pre-Christian religions, though it is derived from an older Latin word “Paganus” which means countryside dweller. Many Pagan religions then and now are deeply rooted in the natural aspects of mother earth in all her natural glory. Most humans have an affinity for the earthly, fleshy, touchy feely aspects of the divine and so too did the early Christians, for they were rather enchanted by Paganism and it’s Earth-centric festivals.


To make it easier for the Pagan masses of Mediterranean Europe to be converted to Christianity, the first century Christians decided that this religious transition would be achieved with much less resistance if the Pagan festivals and days of worship were replaced with Christian days of worship and remembrance. One such popular Pagan day was the birthday of the Unconquered Sun. The Christ up till then had no “official” birthday and there would almost have certainly been an uprising if the Church had completely done away with this day of revering the sun god on one of the most dreary weather days of the year.


So from one sun to another son, the Pagan origins of Christmas day become as clear as a Xmas crystal bauble! Yes the early Christian church in Rome marked Christ’s official day and month of birth as being on the twenty fifth day of December …


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  Let’s gently fast forward the Akashic Records of history from the first few centuries AD up to the present. Christianity has grown in to probably the wOrlds most popular (albeit secularized) religion today. The practice of Paganism has always run concurrent to that of Christianity, unfortunately for the former, it has often been denigrated as not being a religion @ all – and many Pagans probably don’t like the term “religion” due to the less than positive connotations of imposition that it stirs in the collective consciousness.


However in an increasingly fragmented wOrld where if religions are to thrive – and not just survive – there is a new realization that we must agree to disagree and that we must warmly tolerate and friendly accept the various religions and belief systems that are practiced today – just as the ghost of Christmas Pagan Past warmly tolerates and accepts the spirit of Christmas now


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Charles Dickens ~ A Christmas Carol ~ I will honor Christmas in my heart and try to keep it all the year. I will live in the past, the present and the future. The spirits of all three shall strive within me. I will not shut out the lessons they teach


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