Golden Rule Politics @ The Looming Dawn (Of WW3)

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Some will say that politics and political commentary has no place on a metaphysical website – however incorruptible ethical politics has much to share with metaphysics and accordingly should always be concerned with accommodating – as much as possible – the fundamental needs of society @ large and of course so too adapt to the requirements of the individual of which any said society is composed of and sums an important part of the whole of that society. 


Written and narrated by While I Breathe I hOpe. Man @ 02.30 Da Jazy M


In fact did you know the adjective meanings of the word metaphysical are causality, existence and truth. So it can be surmised that politics actually incorporates the metaphysical and that the metaphysical is the life and soul of politics! 


Now it could be said that indeed the metaphysical golden rule do unto others as you would have others do unto you is a spiritual instruction handed down to human kind throughout the generations which is a sound creed, motto or axiom to live by on a micro to micro basis – or in plain speak – this is how the masses on an individual to individual basis are advised to interact. 


For instance I just saw a £20 note drop out of his pocket, er I’m a bit skint @ the moment and could do with that £20 myself but perhaps it’s the only money he has and I wouldn’t want someone to pick up and keep a £20 note that they had just seen me drop …


“Oh excuse me, you’ve just dropped 20 quid”
“Oh thanks for picking it up and giving it back to me”


Truly madly deeply and even biblically we don’t need to be taught the golden rule because it’s already written upon our consciences – deep down faced with the just said £20 scenario – even if we were to steer our moral rudders in the wrong direction and keep the money for our self – we would know that it was wrong … 


Core principled positive politics should always be the solution to societies problems, challenges and ills – as opposed to the very cause of societies problems, challenges and ills! The basic modus operandis of any political ideology or strategy ought always @ it’s very roots and ?? be the golden rule. Once again it must be reiterated that do to others as you would have others do to you isn’t necessarily a religious construct but it is a natural conscientious one that each and every one of us has firmly embeded in our being – this is important and leads to the next point.


A Politician individually and politicians and their parties collectively – being human – also have the golden rule naturally resident within the chambers of their conscience.


Hence @ all times and in all circumstances when policies and key decisions must be made and implemented on the behalf of the people which they serve, checks and balances must be put in place to ensure that the age old motto do unto others as you would have others do for and to you is adhered to as much as is possible bearing in mind that you can’t please all of the people all of the time – but it can be realistically assumed and expected that the political powers that be @ all times try to assist and have the very best of intentions for all of the people – even in the knowledge that all of the people can’t be pleased all of the time.   


However when the individual and society @ large stifle their higher natures and become immersed in the lower base me, myself and I mentality which deviates away from the golden rule, a slow and insidious rot begins to set in on the individual and mass societal level.


Now there are many glaringly obvious reasons for this rot – or let’s call it erosion – some of which include corporate greed (putting profit before people), industrial greed (the taking and exploiting of Earths natural resources), economic greed (mass production that deliberately undercuts competing economies) and political greed (building, supplying and amassing weapons of ((mass)) destruction in the pursuit of obtaining global super power status) oh and lets not forget media greed (that is to say the established medias hold and almost hypnotic power and coercion over the masses).   


With all these above elements @ play a rumbling starts to take place, the tectonic apparatus of society is no longer cohesive and hence the tremors of discord, confusion animosity and resentment become more and more severe in nature.


It may actually be that there’s a sociological recipe of (corporate greed + industrial greed + economic greed + political greed + media greed = an extreme breaking down of the very structures of society that the golden rule has been written into our very being to act as the antidote of the strife of … er … let’s call it the rusty rule AKA don’t do to others as you would have others do to you


For a while the rusty rule can be glossed over and camouflaged – for instance increasing spates of global violence on an individual scale can be put down to mental illness and yes it would be correct to say that when a person commits an act of brutality against another person, that they are obviously mentally ill. However the corporate, industrial and economic entities who profit from the gaming industry hardly ever feature as a cause of this affect – even though virtual reality computer games are used to train soldiers and military personnel in the act of practicing for warfare. 


Though the age old adage you can’t fool all of the people all of the time results in the first stirrings of awakening and so in time the people become aware of such gloss and camouflage and thus people start to admit the truth. In this instance being that games can and do filter through to the subconscious and are indeed part of the reason for more intense individual upon individual violence; but corporate, industrial and economic gain is more important to the powers that be than the individual whom forms an important sum part of the societal whole.


From about the 1980s (though some will say earlier) the rusty rule slowly but surely started to gain centre ground within the political spectrum and over the following few decades – and up till now – the political establishment not only has become tainted with the wearing away of the golden rule – but downright corrupted by it’s withering and weathering.


In fact the metaphorical smell of rust is now pungent within the political sphere in (if not all) many countries throughout the wOrld.


A deep affection for the golden rule need not become entangled with religion but it should be the foundation of the political. Indeed a great and earnest respect for the do to others as you would have others do to you ethic harmoniously transmutes in to a deep affection for the people, for the masses that each and every politician ought @ all times be mindful to serve.


Unfortunately the setting in of the corporate, industrial, economic, political and media acceptance of the rusty rule over time infiltrates the consciousness of the masses who are subliminally subjected and influenced by these said entities and when this takes place – because the vast majority of the populace is composed of the masses – the whole infrastructure of a society becomes endangered by the prospect and very real possibility of extremism.


This extremism can manifest itself in all sorts of ways which can add to an acceleration of the rust setting in but when the pendulum of political persuasion severely swings towards the extreme political left or extreme political right – then humanity, locally, nationally, internationally and globally is walking on a path towards a very perilous precipice … 


20th century history teaches and reminds us of this, particularly from the 1930’s up til the end of the 2nd world war. We can’t change history but we can learn from it, especially when the manifestation of history repeating itself is very clearly taking form and shape not just in the ether but in the real time 3rd dimension of here and now.


We are @ a gargantuan moment of human reckoning, a moment that the golden rule has been spiritually designed to steer the wOrld and her peoples and her animals, creatures and plant kingdoms away from.


Yes wonderful, beloved powerful one reading or listening to this right now, we walk this present path together, hand in hand, the rusty rule has led us to this place and we now find ourselves @ the crossroads between a 3rd world war and wOrld peace.


The route we have taken to get to this central point is thickly strewn with rusty coloured rotting leaves that make the path we walk very, very slippery, but now we are @ a juncture, an intersection and so when we turn and look behind us we see the rusty path we have just trodden.


The path of the extreme left is inward looking, sharp thorns interweave, envelop and wrap themselves around the foliage that is all about them. @ first these thorns did so to protect the plant life from being eaten but now this thorny attempt has become twisted with paranoia and so instead the thorns now smoother those it meant to protect and so it is now the oppressor.


This thick and thorny thicket reminds us that extreme leanings to the political left have a tendency – in the pursuit of protectionism – to result in a gradual though acute abandonment of do unto others as you would have them do unto you due to an overwhelming control of those being governed, which ultimately and ironically, when the people rebel – often times results in oppression and even battle and bloodshed …


Pin Unto Others as You Would Have Other Pinners Do Unto You x

When we look towards the path of the extreme right the natural habitat plays tricks with our eyes and the bloodied ghosts of yester wars emerge in our line of sight. As far as apparitions go though, these are on a rather friendly albeit gruesome scale.


They have simply resurrected themselves to remind us of the menace and antithesis of the golden rule that fascism is – especially in any country that is a dominant corporate, industrial, economic and military power and therein it’s natural sociological tendency to ignite the sparks of global conflict and light the flames of world war …  


There is another path, it is directly in front of us, by far it looks to be the only one of the four which is easy, clear, free from rusty coloured leaves, thorns, phantoms and other obstacles.


The golden sun shines it’s rays upon the topsoil and so this path has an innocent natural allure, it beckons us to walk side by side, hand in hand. It encourages us to delve deep within ourselves and allow the simplicity of the golden rule to emanate from within and to use this as the measure to govern our motives and decisions on the little and the large, on the micro and the macro on the local and the global.


The golden rule is the elixir of continued human existence, it is the doctrine that all the great teachers such as Yeshua, Buddha and Krishna, had written on their hearts. The golden rule is the thesis that many famous later day pioneers of political and social justice had etched within their countenance including Gandhi, Martin Luther King, John F Kennedy, Mother Theresa, Princess Diana and Nelson Mandela. 


So my friend if we are to thwart a looming third world war, we must walk together in solidarity and place one foot carefully in front of the other as we tread the path of peace and co-existence.


We must be strong and determined, alert and think clearly. We must admit that a 21st century version of fascism has emerged and infiltrated one of the most powerful countries on the face of this planet.


We must challenge the political elites, corporations and industries who have disregarded the golden rule to the point that artificial intelligence and other technological advances in the name of profit will render much of the population jobless.


We must become fervently aware that a 3rd world war will be a convenient way to depopulate the planet while @ the same time creating jobs in the production of weaponry and of course in the rebuilding of war torn zones after the fighting has ceased.


However the powers that be have not taken into account that due to the proliferation of nuclear weapons, a third world war, will on the balance of probabilities result in the use of nuclear weapons and thus who will be left to rebuild ??? 


Therefore we must insist that capitalism is revised with immediate affect so a new method of exchange that upholds the betterment and best interests of humanity are put in to place with a speedy urgency. We must demand that politics is made to fit the people and not that we the people must fit the politics. 


So here we are together you and I, hand in hand, step by step, we know what we must do, so let’s do it! Let’s resist the suicidal compulsion to choose the egotistical rusty rule and be led to a looming dawn of human annihilation and extinction.


Instead let’s get metaphysical and gently step barefoot upon the golden path set before us, let our feet delight @ the feel of the naturally supportive golden moss. 


The unborn whose future right it is to walk it too, appear as shimmering sparkling dust made luminescent by a bright ray of light beaming down from the golden sun as we tread this path together, you and I. The unborn urge and encourage us to continue to walk on this path of the golden rule – the path of peace – and towards the golden dawn of absolute human emancipation …  


Quote By


John F Kennedy Let us invoke the blessings of peace and as we build an international capacity to keep peace, let us join in dismantling the national capacity to wage war 


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