Populism Explosion, The Left, The Right And The Right Way


The swing to the right and in some instances, the far right in Western politics is becoming an ever increasingly disturbing trend … 


 Listen Instead Of Read !



The Trumpet Of Trumpism Sounds Loud & Clear 


The United States of America has elected a president who unashamedly wants to build a wall between the US and it’s nearest southern neighbour – Mexico. One of the hallmarks of populism is a tendency towards isolationism and looking inward. Oh well, lets try not to worry too much about the present political direction of the United States – there is hOpe for the US, in as much as @ least more people voted for the candidate that lost the presidential race, than the winner or would that be the loser (of the popular vote) whose official abode is the White House – until @ least the next US Presidential elections …


Universe, Please Tell Us Through The Tarot What We Need To Know About – The trumpet of Trumpism 


The card which “flew” out of the deck is the tower. The Tarot is admonishing the US to guard against taking populism to the extreme. Isolationism and protectionism and religious discrimination, if enabled by legislation will open a can of worms and could be disastrous for the wOrld economy as well as the US economy and once stable alliances between the USA and other countries may become chaotic and even crumble …


The Fashionable Right & The Populism Explosion


The trend towards right and far right politics has also gained momentum in Europe. In Poland the right wing Law & Justice party received 39% of votes in the 2015 national Polish election, subsequently the Law & Justice party have attempted to inhibit the Polish peoples right to protest. In Greece 3.7% of the population voted for the Golden Dawn – unfortunately in this case Golden Dawn doesn’t refer to the pursuit of estorica and metaphysics but lamentably the Golden Dawn instead represents a Greek far right fascist party.  


In France’s recent general election, the far right National Front party won 8.8% of the electoral vote and of course here in the UK we had Brexit, whereby 51.89% of the British people voted for Britain to exit the European Union and 48.11% voted for the UK to remain a member of the EU. Some political analysts believe the Brexit result signifies a swing in Britain to the right, though others would contend that Brexit was more about gaining back absolute sovereignty for the United Kingdom than any other issues, such as the membership costs of being an EU member or immigration etc …    


Universe, Please Tell Us Through The Tarot What We Need To Know About – the populism explosion in Europe and Britain 


The card which clearly made itself known for this question is judgement.  Judgement can symbolise re-emergence from a death like or comatose state – perhaps the Tarot is suggesting that the rise of populism in Europe and the UK is due to a dulling of traditional politics. Could it be that the majority of people have become bored and tired of being told how to feel !?! The feelings of national pride and a sense of belonging that populism often encompasses can be rather stimulating – The Tarot may well be suggesting that centre ground, all inclusive politics needs to become exciting again too …  


We Don’t Need Another Brick In The Wall


On the 13th of August 1961 the Berlin Wall was hurriedly built – but in the words of Issac Newton what goes up must come down and so on the 9th of November 1989, the Berlin Wall was dismantled. The building of the wall was a monumental and structural testament to Germany’s dark days during the second world war and the murderous assault by the Nazi regime on Jewish peoples in Germany, Austria, Belgium, Hungary and Poland as well as other countries in Europe during 1939 to 1945. The tearing down of the Berlin Wall saw a metaphorical tearing down of deep societal division throughout East and West Germany. The two once again became one and mostly since, Germany has replaced it’s notoriety on the world stage and has now gained recognition for being liberal, open, tolerant and even welcoming to non indigenous peoples who wish to make Germany their home !


Universe, Please Tell Us Through The Tarot What We Need To Know About – The Berlin Wall and why we don’t need another brick in the wall or indeed a wall @ all …


The two of wands jumped out of the Tarot deck while being shuffled! Ok so this card, with a traveller between two wands, can almost look like a doorway between two realms and the two of wands can also be about partnership. When the Berlin wall was put up, it became a boundary between two Germany’s and once the wall was brought down, the two Germany’s joined together, they formed a partnership of sorts and the two became one again. This Tarot card beautifully shows us that even invisible divisions can be overcome by carefully stepping over to the other side …


Back To The Past


Historically Germany has obviously never been immune to the rise of fascism and indeed even more worryingly it has always been susceptible to the spread of the extreme right and it’s total takeover in the sphere of German society and its electorate. Bearing this unfortunate truth in mind, it is thoroughly troubling that Alternative Fur Deutschland (Alternative For Germany/AfD) a populist far right party has acquired 12.6% of the vote in the German parliamentary elections on Sunday the 24th of September 2017 – if he were still here on planet Earth, would the electoral success of the AfD give Oskar Schindler the shivers and quivers … 


Universe, Please Tell Us Through The Tarot What We Need To Know About – Germany and the emergence of the far right as an echo of the past …


The knight of wands is the Tarot card which fell from the deck. Ok so in applying an answer to the above question, we must think out of the box. The knight of wands is a charming and passionate character – often times politicians persuade the masses exactly through the very means of charm and passion and indeed there was once an aspiring politician in Germany, whose first name was Adolf, who had much charm and passion. The Tarot may just be cautioning Germany to not be swept away by the charm and passion of the new far right …


Differing Degrees Of Populism 


Populism can come in several different forms and not all of them are negative. For instance populism when not verging too severely in any particular direction on the political spectrum, can reflect a society or countries political desire to implement laws and rules and regulations which strongly favour the needs of the majority of it’s people. The largest part of a society is composed of the social classes, whether that be the precariat – or unemployed people, the traditional working class, emergent service workers or the middle class etc. 


There is too, left wing populism as well as right wing populism – which is more commonly associated with populist movements.


Left wing populism emphasises pacifism and universal social justice and is concerned about the civil, social and economic conditions of those not only within it’s own national boundaries but also those beyond it’s own borders. Left wing populism is heavily in opposition to the elite and particularly big businesses and industries who undermine the rights and requirements of the working classes @ home and abroad. Left wing populism left unfettered can transform into a more stringent over reliance of the state and national control of many industries – which to the negative can result in raising taxes to ever higher heights or over borrowing, which in the end can obviously lead to national debt and recession … 


As has been touched upon already throughout this article, right wing national populism in its less acute form, is concerned with losing international political and economic power to other rising nations and hence the very people who support soft core right wing populism are also worried about their own demise within the social strata of the societies in which they live. So this type of right wing populism inevitably focuses upon the supposed or presumed systemic root of a nations ills and like it’s left wing counterpart is also anti elitist. However right wing populism tends to be protectionist – which means competing foreign goods are taxed in order to protect the industries from competition based @ home.


Universe, Please Tell Us Through The Tarot What We Need To Know About – differing degrees of populism …


The card that made itself known as the answer is the page of pentacles. The page, in his youthful thinking, is highly ambitious and is concerned with money, it is his main aspiration. Perhaps the Tarot is showing us that first and foremost populism more than anything arises when nations are in a state of economic disarray and so if we desire the political mainstream to not be too extreme on either the right or the left, it is wise for a nation to balance the books …


The Blurry Line Between Populism & Prejudice


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Over time most right wing populist movements begin to veer towards more extreme theory and rhetoric and so single out social, racial or religious groups as being the source of a countries woes. 


Jewish people who were originally welcomed to Europe because of their positive economic input in European economies such as France and Germany, during the troubled times of the depression were turned into scapegoats by populists as being a prevalent cause of the great depression which spanned the late 1920’s and the whole of the 1930s.


Fast forward the time machine to these teen years of the 21st century and the populist right tends to correlate unemployment with immigration, yet the geo-political reasons for mass migration is mostly left unexplored. For instance the widespread displacement of refugee peoples fleeing the war in Syria as a direct result of western political interference and invasion is largely discounted by Populists who prefer to not look too deeply or drill right down to the very inner core of a problem. 


Many Jewish groups – including HIAS whose mission statement reads as welcome the stranger, protect the refugee and Bend The Arc who advocate for justice  – have spoken up and taken a firm stand against Donald Trumps particular right wing immoderate populist brand of racial and religious prejudice against Muslims, in the form of a(n attempted / partial) travel ban against peoples from 6 majority Islamic countries. The Jewish communities throughout the wOrld, perhaps more so than any other group, are ever mindfully aware and alert to the fact that even the first whiff of intolerance carried by the winds of political populist change must be challenged or else (just as was the case in 1930’s and 40’s Germany) each domino of dogmatism will topple the next, until there are no dominos left standing – and what once may have seemed abhorrent and beyond human capability becomes acceptable and even the collective norm …


Universe, Please Tell Us Through The Tarot What We Need To Know About – the blurry line between populism and prejudice


The card which surfaced first for this question is the devil Tarot card. This card signifies being held back and chained, it emphasises a need to break away from negative habits such as abuse and harmful interactions. In conjunction with populism and prejudice, the Tarot is helping us realise that there really could be a correlation between fervent nationalism and prejudice and so we need to be mindful that whilst it’s no bad thing to love your country, it’s not good when a deep national affection chains the minds of many into believing that other countries or groups are the main cause of social or economic difficulties. 




Never Say Never


The Jewish holocaust @ the hands and design of the Nazi’s make us all feel so uncomfortable that we tend to simply shrug it off as a horrendous anomaly, we think that such a terrible thing can not happen again – but the awful truth is that it already has happened again; it occurred in the east African country Rwanda in 1994 when the Hutu’s committed genocide against 800 thousand Tutsi’s and also it happened again in the south eastern European country Bosnia during 1995 when 8 thousand Bosnian Muslims were methodically wiped out by Serbian Christians in an attempt to ethnically cleanse Bosnia. Lest we forgetnever say never


Universe, Please Tell Us Through The Tarot What We Need To Know About – never saying never and guarding against the worst of human nature


Ok so the card which made itself known while posing this question is the chariot. This Tarot card represents competing forces and the need to find the middle way. Through this card the Tarot is showing us that as human beings we can be really good or we can be really bad and during national and global pivotal moments it’s important to be aware of the darkness which can lure humans to be the worst versions of themselves and to instead drive forward with increased momentum to avert taking the wrong course …


How To Add A Dash Of Metaphysical Sanity To Modern Moderate Populism The Right Way


Modern day, moderate populism isn’t necessarily bad in and of itself – in fact to a certain degree it’s understandably human nature to rail against the perceived and perhaps even real threats of globalism and elitism. People worry about the immediate necessities of life including money and employment and therein the economic disparity between the rich and the poor, the haves and the have nots – people are incensed that 99% of the worlds wealth is owned by 1% of the population. 


However it is of paramount importance to not be swept too far by the tides of populism when it veers too sharply to the left or the right. Blame game rhetoric and charisma can do much to influence the minds of many to falsely believe that one (often times vulnerable) group or another is the cause of a countries problems. In truth the complexities of global economics and geo-politics means that such discontents are never caused by the particular chosen scapegoat of the status quo.  


@ a more basic level, most of us tend to forget that our distant, distant ancestors once upon a long long time ago journeyed from the cradle of human kind – Africa to Eurasia and beyond. As corny as it may sound, we need to remember that we are all part of the same human family and embrace our similarities, hOpes and desires while @ the same time accepting our racial, cultural and religious differences. Let us respect the diversity that evolution and mother nature has bestowed upon us and let us also be on our guard against the lower base shadow aspect of human nature – that devilish tendency to blame him or her or them but never me or us, let’s first of all take the plank of wood from our own eyes


Universe, Please Tell Us Through The Tarot What We Need To Know About – populism the right way


The Temperance card has come to our assistance for this question ! This Tarot card is about balance, moderation and alchemy. For populism to work in a way which is inclusive and free from discrimination, the Tarot is showing us that it’s necessary for the needs of all to be blended so that political discourse does not become out of kilter, instead the alchemy of compromise and tolerance can keep populism from becoming an ugly fugly beast …


hOpe Perfect hOpe


We can only hOpe that during these ever so strange times, that this recent wave of populism in the UK, Europe and the United States is a temporary protest vote against social laws and policies which have eroded the economic and social rights of the masses as opposed to a throwback to the 1930’s and 40’s and a sign of a much much deeper social and political malady which could transmute into something a lot more ominous …


Universe, Please Tell Us Through The Tarot What We Need To Know About – hOpe in these strange times …


Curiously the ace of swords has appeared as our guiding card as an answer to this question ! This card is about new beginnings and breakthroughs plus triumph over difficulties – and these sure are difficult times ! This card also signifies clear mindedness. Here the Tarot is telling us that as long as the human family holds a strong and steadfast universal vision of social, economic and political justice and prosperity for all, then hOpe remains …   XXIII/X/MMXVII


Quote By


Albert II of Belgium The crisis of the 1930s and the populist reactions of that time must not be forgotten.


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