The Power Of The Pentagram

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Before exploring the power of the pentagram, it helps to know exactly what a pentagram is …


A pentagram is a five pointed upright standing star and thus it’s name which originates from two Greek words, the first being penta which represents five and the second Greek word is gramma which by definition means letter. In fact the ancient Greeks were among the first civilizations to devise the pentagram shape and to ascribe symbolic meaning to it …


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Pythagoras And The Pentagram 


You’ve probably already heard of Pythagoras but just in case you haven’t, he was a famous ancient Greek philosopher and mathematician who also had an interest in geometry, metaphysics and mysticism. He graced the earth with his presence round about 580 BC and his legacy is the Pythagorean Theorem. Pythagoras set up a secret society known as the Pythagorean Brotherhood which was made up of academic scholars who were taught various mathematical concepts and formula’s as well as studies in geometry, philosophy and mysticism.


Pythagoras enjoyed geometry and studied it avidly, he became fascinated with the geometric upright five pointed star and he believed the power of the pentagram represented longevity and enhanced physical, emotional and esoteric well being, hence the pentagram became a symbol of the secret Pythagorean Brotherhood


Dictionary: Pythagorean Theorem = The general proposition in geometry that the square of a right triangle is equal to the squares of the two other sides added together


The Pentagram And Early Christianity


The pentagram and the pentacle – which is an upright pentagram with a circle around it – were both symbols that were used in the times of the biblical King Solomon as part of the seven seals amulet which had carved upon it the seven secret names of God. Furthermore the five points of the pentacle were also representative of the first five books of the Hebrew Torah, which in their English translations are called Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy. 


The pentagram can be drawn continuously without having to lift a pen or pencil – or back then a reed pen or quill – from a piece of paper or parchment etc, therefore in the times of early Christianity the pentagram represented eternity as well as the alpha and the omega – or the beginning and the end.


The five points of the Pentagram also signified the five wounds that Yeshua – or more commonly known  as Jesus Christ  – endured during his crucifixion, so this upright five pointed star was also as common a symbol of Christianity then – as the cross and crucifix is today. Early Christians also used the pentagram as a reminder of gratitude for the five senses of touch, taste, smell, sight and hearing that God has bestowed to humankind and early Catholics used the pentagram to denote the five virtues of the Virgin Mother Mary – namely charity, obedience, purity, wisdom and prayer.


The Pentagram And Kabbalah


In yet another offshoot of Judaism, like the early Christians, certain Kabbalistic schools of thought regard the pentagram as spiritually representing the star of Bethlehem and so it is hence one of the prime symbols to unlock prophetic Kabbalistic potential. The pentagram is the ultimate visual embodiment of the number five and it’s connection to the human body – indeed we are easily able to shape ourselves as living breathing pentagrams, we need only stand with our arms stretched out and our legs likewise and thus we have now fashioned ourselves as a pentagram; to Kabbalists this is no coincidence as we all have a little bit of stardust within the depths of our minute strands of DNA …


The pentagram also serves to remind Kabbalists of our earthly human connection to the heavenly realm and especially the five supreme angels of God – Gabriel, Michael, Raphael, Samael and Uriel – who can be called upon in great times of need as well as during magical ceremonies and practice and so the power of the pentagram can centre ones mind on the ethereal realm and also act as a potent protector.   


The Power Of The Pentagram In Wicca 


In Wicca the pentagram is a sacred symbol of the Celtic Goddess Morgana of the faerie folk, whose supernatural abilities include healing and the power to foresee fate and destiny… it is believed that Morgana sometimes referred to as a sorceress, gifted her devotees a pentagram as a badge of honour. 


Due to Wicca being an earth-centric based religion, the pentagram represents the five elements of earth, air, fire, water and spirit – accordingly the pentagram is also central to Wiccan magick and is often surrounded by a circle which indicates and enhances magickal protection. It is also believed the pentagram is able to open and close portals to other wOrldly dominions furthermore pentagrams and pentacles are also used for spellcasting as well as banishing unwanted energies and circumstances. So it’s no surprise that a pentagram or pentacle will often be proudly displayed on a Wiccan witches altar and the five pointed star is also often worn as amulets and talismans by practising Wiccans.  


The Pentagram And The Freemasons


The secret society of the Freemasons have long held the pentagram to be of magical, symbolic and metaphorical importance. Like many other belief systems and societies, initiates of the Freemasons highly esteem the pentagram as being a symbol which contains high and deep magickal properties. However in Freemasonry, technically symbols are not worshiped, instead they are used to remind Freemasons of certain (perceived) truths and allegories.


This famous five pointed star is oftentimes associated in Freemasonry with the star of Bethlehem and the three wise men and to continue on a biblical theme, in the 19th century, some Masonic pentagrams contained in their mid points a capitol “G” which stood for God as well as Geometry. Due to the very strict allegiance that the Masonic “brotherhood” demands from it’s members the pentagram is used as a symbolic reminder of the Masonic five points of felicity – which are to walk with, to intercede for, to love, to assist and to pray for fellow members of the Freemasons …  


The five pointed star in Freemasonry is ultimately considered a potent symbol which represents the connection between God and “man” furthermore the pentagram exemplifies the divinity within “man” himself. The pentagram also conveys that each member of the Masonic “brotherhood” ought to strive as much as humanely possible to imitate the traits of the Most High God


The Dark And Devilish Side Of The Upside Down  Pentagram


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The inverted or upside down pentagram is regarded in many religious circles and belief systems as being a symbol of evil and it’s not hard to see why – because when a pentagram is inverted, it does to some degree, or even many degrees look rather ominous. Indeed Satanists have adopted the upside down pentagram as one of their much used emblems to depict that old horned devil known as Satan.


Furthermore the Church of Satan has a symbol which bears the image of a goat inside a pentacle, the two upper points of the upside down five pointed star are the goats ears or horns, while the two lateral or horizontal points of the star become the goats ears and the bottom point of the star is the goats mouth or chin. 


Interestingly many Satanists argue that the inverted pentagram and it’s two upward points are a theoretical assault on the concept of heaven and the ideology that humans must strive to be good in order to make a guaranteed passage to heaven. Furthermore Satanists use the upside down five pointed star to rebel against wide-held mainstream religious dogma that human beings are simply pawns on a giant chessboard, with God moving all of the pieces and hence humans becoming mere victims to Gods plans and whims … 


Even though the inverted pentagram is now most commonly associated with the demonic realm and choosing to take the left hand path, like the swastika, let us remember that the reverse pentagram was often used by many belief systems and religions – to symbolise universal good fortune and the living God – in fact the Church Of Later Day Saints use the inverted pentagram on the stain glass windows of their churches to symbolise the five wounds of Christ. It can easily be concluded that Hitler and his henchmen perverted the perception of the swastika. Even when we see the swastika detailed as a sacred symbol of Hinduism, most of us cannot help but think of the crooked cross which is emblematic of the horrors of world war two …


The Suit Of Pentacles And The Pentagram


As has already been mentioned in this essay, a pentacle is a pentagram which is encircled by – well a circle, lol … In the early part of the 20th century Pamela Colman Smith showed her awe and respect for the mighty magickal pentagram – or more aptly the pentacle – when upon the request of Arthur Edward Waite – she illustrated the 78 cards of the Tarot for the most famous of all Tarot decks, the Rider Waite Smith Tarot cards.


The encircled upright five pointed star is featured on the 14 cards which make up the suit of pentacles – the Tarot suit which is concerned above all else with prosperity, hence the pentacles are depicted as coins and while the pentagram contained within the circle, which thus changes form slightly into a pentacle was almost certainly chosen by Arthur Edward Waite due to it’s prominence as a magickal and sacred symbol, he also wanted to depict the power of the pentagram within the Tarot system in a practical, day to day living sort of way …


The ace of pentacles beckons us to go forth and turn our dreams into prosperous reality, The two of pentacles informs us that we may have to juggle several enterprises @ the same time, the three of pentacles encourages us to master a skill, the four of pentacles warns us when we are becoming miserly, the five of pentacles denotes hardship or that we should lend a helping hand to others in such times, the six of pentacles hints that during personal times of prosperity we should give to the needy, the seven of pentacles suggests that our hard work will payoff, the eight of pentacles shows us that any apprenticeship we  happily take up will be fortuitous, the nine of pentacles compares us to an elegant lady who is enveloped by natural and material abundance, the ten of pentacles informs us that we can become like the  man in his twilight years surrounded by a happy family, the page of pentacles reminds us that we should always encourage the young to pursue their dreams until they become manifest reality, the knight of pentacles compares us to the young man who sits upon a horse and contemplates the work he must do to achieve a financial recompense, the queen of pentacles teaches us that the beauty of feminine sensuality is sacred and the king of pentacles shows us that we can become like the mature man proudly seated on his throne enjoying the cornucopia that wealth and good fortune has bestowed upon him … 


Furthermore the age old pentagram also known as the five pointed star appears on the major arcana magician Tarot card, it is displayed as a pentacle coin amongst the magicians magickal tools to transcend the limitations of the five senses and to instead tap into the super-magickal ethereal wOrld of fire, water, earth, air, spirit, the alpha and the omega and even infinity which the ancient pentagram has always epitomised … XI/II/MMXVIII


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Alexey Stakhov In the pentagram the Pythagoreans found all proportions well known in antiquity, arithmetic, geometric, harmonic and also the well known golden proportion or the golden ratio … Probably owing to the perfect form and the wealth of mathematical forms, the pentagram was chosen by the Pythagoreans as their secret symbol and a symbol of health …


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