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Blue Angel Oracle By Toni Carmine Salerno & Walter Bruneel


You can have a premium angel card reading with the added bonus of a FREE preview or demo, this way you can be sure that you will receive a truly high quality and personal 1-2-1 angel card reading, here on this new rising star of a website Dum Spiro Spero (Dot World).


Life can often throw many challenges and tests along our life path and sometimes when faced with a difficult or confusing situation we need to turn to someone who is neutral, un-biased and removed from the immediate situation that troubles you. This is where Angel Card Readers can be of immense great help! 


Like yourself angel card readers believe that Angelic beings, who absolutely have your (and their) best interests @ heart, really do exist in the heavenly realms, the fourth dimension or the ether etc …


When life is going well we tend to forget about these treasured helpers that hover around both the Earthly realm as well as the heavenly one in order to intercede on your behalf in good times as well as bad! The angels do not wish for you to feel guilty if you mostly remember them when you’re navigating the metaphorical choppy waters of life and love – the good benevolent Angels (unlike us human beings) never play the guilt card and lovingly welcome you no matter what you’re circumstances are @ any given moment in your life.


@ Dum Spiro Spero we pride ourselves in the full knowledge that happy workers results in high customer satisfaction, so for this reason we do not pressurise the freelance Angel card readers on this website to work a certain amount of hours per week, nor do we expect our readers to sit in free live webcam chat rooms for hours on end; as this can become really quite draining and you want and need the reader/s you pay to do premium Angel card readings plus free previews to have lots of positive energy!


So we do things a little differently on this new and thriving marketplace website – we suggest that our Angel card readers include a quick 1 – 3 minute free preview / demonstration video with their profile listing. This way you can see beforehand if you like the card readers style and way of doing things. This is a win win situation for both you and the reader – you get to try before you buy and the readers energies are not depleted by sitting in webcam free chat and only getting a few cents per minute (when indeed they do actually manage to get a customer to purchase their service in the first place).


Here @ Dum Spiro Spero (Dot World) you can have a general reading, where a reader will ask the Angels to to send you a general outlook message or instead you can ask (a) specific question/s and the Angel card reader will tap in to the Angelic energies that they are used to regularly invoking, on your behalf before and during the card reading. The skilled and dedicated Angel card reader can also draw forth answers for you that are tailored for specific questions, whether they be love life related or focus on your job or career path etc …


There are many different angels that can step in to help you at any given difficult moment in your life, including the Arch Angels – who are higher beings who are able to directly intercede on your behalf and put a good word in for you with the supreme living God, that only and always wants what is best for you and that which you need – though not necessarily what you want – there’s a difference !!!


The three most widely known arch angels are –


Archangel Michael who offers us courage and protection, so if your circumstance is in need of these qualities as a remedy, then Michael may just show up in an Angel cards reading!


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Archangel Raphael who brings to us the magickal transformative power of healing to all beings on this Earthly plane, including us human beings, as well as our beloved pets and animals in the wild natural wOrld, if this Angelic being shows up in a reading, then you can be sure that you need to heal yourself and your life!


Archangel Gabriel who is Gods messenger, so if Gabriel appears in an Angel cards reading, then the cards around the Gabriel one will certainly convey to you a strong message, which must not be ignored!


There are many other archangels and angels that will lend you a loving heavenly helping hand and your Dum Spiro Spero Angel card reader will know which useful trait each Angel represents and will be able to weave this in a useful, practical and advisory way during your Angel card/s reading!


It’s easy to book a premium angel card reading on this site and you may get to see free previews / demonstrations as well – providing the reader has included a video with their Angel card readings listings here @ Dum Spiro Spero. To find out how to book a reading please go to


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Joe Burns, Murray Kissen, Walter Donovan Sung By Sarah Brightman I am your shadow, I am your rain, I am your longing, a little of your pain, I am red, I am blue, I am your angel, I am in you … ?


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