Please Put The Artists Name On The Oracle Cards Box


There is an established trend of well known professional Oracle Card reader personalities and popular Angel card readers and some Tarot card readers and last but certainly not least, large card deck publishing companies not featuring the name or names of the artist or artists who have put their tender loving care into creating the deck which has been conceived in the minds of the Angel / Tarot / Oracle card personality and professional reader but in reality born by the hard work of the artist. Or in many other instances the name or names of the artist or artists are featured On the Tarot, Angel or Oracle card box but to a much lesser and more inconspicuous degree than the Tarot, Oracle or Angel card personality. 


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In short this is a plea to please put the artists name on the Tarot box or on the Angel or Oracle cards box !


Artists are commissioned to turn into illustrated reality a vision of a particular deck that the said Tarot, Oracle or Angel cards personalities desire to take to the Tarot and divination cards marketplace and sell – but can’t without the help of an artist due to lacking the artistic ability to illustrate 78 cards or more – or less themselves. Now it must be made clear that this previous statement isn’t meant to deride Tarot or Angel card personalities etc who envisage a deck but need an artist to design and illustrate the cards. It’s wonderful for a professional reader to have a vision of an Oracle, Angel or Tarot deck and then be able to find an artist who understands their vision and resonates with them and agree to create the deck – but nevertheless it’s rather unsettling that many such divinatory decks do not have upon their boxes, the name/s of the artist/s who have put their artistic essence into the creation of the very cards inside the box … 


Angel, Oracle and Tarot cards are excellent tools for self development, asking the universe for wise counsel and probing possible future eventualities and even outcomes. What makes these cartomancy tools so valuable in a non monetary sense is that they help disentangle the inquirer or querent  from their own ego – and as many a Tarot practitioner or Angel or Oracle card reader will know, it is the ego – our own egos – that can start to take the upper hand, run the show and basically run amock in our own lives. When we tame and temper the ego – our own egos – we become so much less self centred and well – egotistical …


So thus therein lies the irony – Tarot, Angel and Oracle cartomancy is designed to help us burst forth from the chrysalis of the ego and to take flight as a freshly birthed butterfly so we can look @ and live our lives in newly illuminating and exciting ways – and yet on many an Angel, Tarot or Oracle deck of cards which are credited with the name of a well known metaphysical personality is even hardly a whisper of the artist/s or illustrator/s, surely this type of pomp and puffed up egotistical pride runs counter to the very essence of Oracle, Angel and Tarot cards …


Due to the prevalence of smart phones with cameras and certain apps, it’s easy to fall into the trap of narcissism on a near day to day basis. We are virtually encouraged to take snaps of ourselves doing even the most mundane things and then posting the said photos to social media sites and apps. Of course there’s nothing wrong with doing this on an elementary level but when one looks beneath the surface it’s easy to see that many of us are starting to become totally immersed in the self – which can make it more difficult to discern egotism and narcissism on the personal level as well as the bigger picture (er a sort of pun) and of course on the front or back of an Oracle, Tarot or Angel cards box or even on that little white book …


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 Please note that there’s a big difference between self love and egotism and in no way is this a suggestion to not work on the self or to develop your self to your best and full potential, exploring your shadow aspects is also highly useful as it can help free you from reoccurring negative patterns – and again these are all things which the Tarot, Oracle and Angel cards can aid you with, so wouldn’t it be brilliant to see the artists name on an equal footing with the Angel, Oracle or Tarot cards personality !?!


Artistic flair and talent is truly a gift that not every person has, even drawing a matchstick man, so it actually looks like a matchstick man is not something all of us can do, lol. If a Tarot, Angel or Oracle professional card reader or publishing house commissions an artist or several artists to produce the artwork for a cartomancy project, then it can be assumed that the artist is being hired because the said cartomancy pro isn’t endowed with an ability to draw or paint captivating or @ the very least legible, decipherable artwork. So the professional card reader should show their gratitude towards the artist/s by giving the said artist/s equal credit on the box or packaging and any accompanying little white book …


Everyone has a right in their professional life to be treated fairly and graciously – the Angel card reader, Tarot Card professional or Oracle card lightworker understandably expects to have their name appear on the box of the finished project they commissioned, after all it’s what a Tarot, Angel or Oracle card reader does, reads Tarot, Angel or Oracle cards and even sets about the task of having a deck created to their exacting vision.


 The thing is, drawing, sketching, painting or using digital software is what an artist does to create a set of Angel, Oracle or Tarot cards. It can take many months for a loan artist to create a deck of cards to the specifications of the professional card reader who has hired them. Therefore it is only fair and reasonable that the artist’s name is also clearly featured on the finished product boxes and guide books too – the artists name should be in the same size font as the cartomancy professional or personality – after all the brand spanking new deck would not exist unless the artist had taken the time and effort to produce it, bit by bit, day by day, month by month … To not credit the artist/s name/s on the Tarot, Oracle or Angel cards box could almost be construed as a little exploitative … any respectful lightworker should always be mindfully ethical …


Many consumers of Oracle, Angel and Tarot decks etc do notice when an artist/s name/s is not included on the box and do feel uncomfortable about such an omission, so card deck producers and card deck publishing companies please take note …  


hOpefully after this heartfelt request to please put the artists name on the Tarot box, a new chapter will begin to take form where professional Tarot, Oracle and Angel cards readers and the big card deck publishers who commission artists to do the illustrations for divinatory and self developmental Oracle, Tarot and Angel cards – print the artists name/s just as prominently as the personality or professional reader on the box and in that little white book … XXII/I/MMXVIII


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Loretta Young Giving credit where credit is due is a very rewarding habit to form. It’s rewards are inestimable.


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