Self Help Saves

Self Help SavesIf you’ve never found yourself perusing the self help sections of the body, mind and spirit aisles of you’re nearest local book store … have you never glanced upwards @ the many books accommodated in their temporary home – the book stores bookshelves? and stood on tip toes to pull the book out with the title that appears the most luminescent to your specific situation and what ever quandary or emotional issues you’re experiencing in this time and space continuum otherwise known as life (as we know it).


 Listen Instead Of Read 


Oh and if you’re finger tips have never touched the upper corners of the pages of a self help book to hurriedly scan the pages in the hOpe of receiving a synchronistic message, graciously bestowed to you by a benevolent universe and then in your spiritual union of oneness with that said ever so kind cosmos, with a swift urgency, made your way to the checkout counter to buy this new beloved best friend of the wood, pulp and paste variety – then you obviously haven’t enjoyed and utilised the power of self help books …


Er it’s actually the 21st century so we’d better not forget the offspring of good old fashioned hardback and paper back books, electronic books AKA ebooks! 


Well there’s a first time for everything! so if you really haven’t implored the help of self development books and or ebooks and if your life seems to be spiralling out of control but you know you don’t want to bare all and sundry to a counsellor or psychoanalyst then now’s as a good a time as any to explore the vast array of esoteric and spiritual books that are now only a click or two away from you @ this very moment!


The self help industry is worth billions and there’s a reason for this – Self Help Saves!


So if you’re a self-help-sceptic there’s always time to reconsider and to instead become an avid self-help-phile (er apologies, this UK in or out of the European Union referendum Brexit thingy majiggy has gone to my head a bit! and is seemingly even interspersing its key phrase-e-ology into my writings on entirely unrelated issues, laugh out LOUD!).


Now back to the matter @ hand, where were we? oh yes, that’s it self help saves, yes indeedy it certainly can! For instance if you’re experiencing problems in your relationship with your significant other and as a consequence, it chips away @ your self esteem daily until you’re on a very low ebb, then treating yourself kindly by investing in a self help e/book or two can be just the emotional remedy you need to help you decide to either work on your relationship, if of course your partner’s agreeable – or to end the relationship that may on the balance of probabilities be past it’s sell by date.


Purchasing a self help book that helps you to unravel why you’re attracting the sort of partner/s – up till now you’ve been attracting, can be much more cost and time affective than visiting a relationships counsellor, though of course if you and your other half desperately want to save your flailing relationship, this is of course a valid and valuable option too!


Perhaps you’ve never really experienced a job that you’ve truly enjoyed or maybe you can’t quite make enough money to last a week let alone a month. Perhaps you’ve always thought that money was the root of all bad and have therefore subconsciously adopted negative associations with prosperity. You may be a comfort eater stuck in a rut or you may have unresolved negative issues and feelings towards your parent/s.


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Well whatever problem/s you’re experiencing that may be hampering certain areas of your life, self help books and self help ebooks can certainly help you explore the origins of your troubles and what’s more and even better, these types of said publications + your own dedication + determination can actually help you transform any area of your life that’s desperately dire to thankfully thriving.


So if you’ve never used self help e/books before, for what ever reason and yet you’re experiencing difficulties and challenges in your life and it all seems too much but you feel you need to maintain that stiff upper lip and preserve a fake outward charade of everythings just great while really on the inside feeling as though you’re falling apart remember there’s light, there’s hOpe, there’s self love and of course there’s self help books because remember, self help saves!


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George Carlin I went to a bookstore and asked the sales woman “Where’s the self help section?” She said if she told me that would defeat the purpose!


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