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Sell mp3 and mp4 brainwave entrainment downloads here on Dum Spiro Spero (Dot wOrld).


Binaural beats are a holistic method of positively altering the subconscious mind by influencing neural pathways in the brain through the use of two differing auditory frequencies (which must be lower than 40hz between both beats) via the left ear and the right ear. These two differing frequencies create a sound illusion whereby the listener will perceive the sound of a third tone and this said third tone is the actual binaural beat!


Mind you, if you’re into brainwave entrainment and have already manufactured some via the many brilliant binaural beat computer software programs, you will already know exactly what binaural entrainment is and how these sounds may be able to help people who are seeking a non pharmaceutical intervention into a negative habit or an unfavourable way of perceiving their own reality …


Of course you might instead have just started to use brainwave entrainment therapy to kick your smoking habit and perhaps have found, that much to your delight, that freedom from nicotine binaural beats – along with nicotine patches have helped you kick the dastardly smoking habit


Or you may have been nursing a broken heart and even though deep down – because love and romance is easy and not emotionally painful – you knew that person wasn’t the one – even though @ the time, during the dizzying throes of attraction,  you thought they were the one. However somewhere, somehow on a subconscious scale you seemed to be stuck and you just couldn’t quite emotionally untangle yourself from the failed romance. So maybe you tried using a specific mend a broken heart mp3 binaural beat and over the space of several weeks started to feel more and more detached from this ex lover – until you stopped thinking about them @ all …


So if you strongly identify with either of the above scenarios and brainwave entrainment has helped you go from negativity to positivity in the space of just a few weeks, you may now wish to sell mp3 and or mp4 binaural beats which you’ve made yourself – to help other people overcome similar situations …


So let us tell you why Dum Spiro Spero is the best online place for you to start to sell mp3 and mp4 brainwave entrainment downloads that you’ve manufactured yourself!


Firstly this website is especially dedicated to all things metaphysical and spiritual as well as alternative new age holistic forms of therapeutic healing, so obviously we’re a great match for anyone who is looking for somewhere to sell all sorts of metaphysical mp3 and mp4 downloads, including meditations and binaural beats etc. 


Secondly here @ Dum Spiro Spero, you can also sell services and physical products too, so you might even decide to make some binaural entrainment CDs which can be shipped to (potential) customers!


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Thirdly it’s quick and easy to sign up, no ID is required – you just need to have a PayPal account and then you can start listing your brainwave entrainment digital and or cd products on this site straight away!


You also get 3 free photos per listing and what’s more you’re listings are completely free and never expire plus you will receive your own unique Dum Spiro Spero (Dot wOrld) shop url and the only fee’s you incur will be a PayPal charge of 3.4% each time you sell something and a 10% made a sale fee – and the rest is all yours!


To find out more about selling on Dum Spiro Spero, simply go to the seller dashboard tab and explore the various pages in the drop down menu and when you’re ready click the seller dashboard tab and sign up and list and sell, it’s that easy!


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