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If you sell anything on we invite you to write a blog article pertaining to either your sale item/s or of course any subject that is of a metaphysical. new age or spiritual nature. For instance if you sell aromatherapy you can write about the gorgeous top note smells which may invoke beautiful memories (yes aromas can do that!). Or if you sell angel card readings you can write about your favourite archangels etc. You can also touch upon subjects which arise in the news, though we do ask that anything of a more controversial persuasion is handled delicately. You may also include a relevant quote by yourself or someone else, please let us know if you wrote the quote or if it’s a quotation by someone else, who it’s by.


We prefer articles to be round about 500 – 750 words and you’re more than welcome to also submit a narrated mp3 (audio) file of your submitted article too. Alternatively – along with your written blog post – you can also submit an mp4 (video) file where you talk about the same subject contained in your written article (it doesn’t have to be word for word narration). If you don’t feel up to submitting an audio or video file with your written article, then please just submit the article on its own. 


If you submit an mp3 or mp4 file it will appear with your written blog post on the blog section of this website! Additionally a link to your product item and or store front will be placed @ the top of your blog post or elsewhere! Articles will still be published that are submitted without any additional files and a link to your product item and or store front will still be placed on your blog post …


… You can see an example here please note that the for this example a free product item has been used, obviously the link for your product item can be for a free item or an item that must be purchased and isn’t free!!!


You may also include one photo jpeg file or gif file with your article, though you must have the rights to the photo or gif (it must have been taken or made by you).


Please note the following –


i) Due to spelling mistakes and punctuation errors we reserve the right to edit your written blog article/s.


ii) We do however reserve the right to reject any submission.


iii) In the unlikely event that you decide to not work with any more, this website retains the right to your blog article/s and any accompanying photo, gif, sound or video file/s.


Please send your (mandatory) blog post/ article – plus (optionally) a jpeg or gif and any companion mp3 or mp 4 to – 


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