Selling Spells Is Not Banned


Listen up witches and wizards ! The selling of spells is not banned here @ Dum Spiro Spero or to put it another way, you can sell your special witchy and wizardy spells on this new online marketplace ! So if you’ve been scouring the search engines and online forums to try to find out where you can indeed sell your enchantments, incantations and spells – but up to now haven’t had much success – then Dum Spiro Spero (Dot wOrld) is the website that up till now has eluded you !


Why Do Some Websites Ban The Selling Of Spells !?!


So anyway why’s there such a raucous when it comes to selling spells online? why did other certain marketplace websites formerly allow the spiritual and metaphysical community to sell their homemade spells? only to outright ban the selling of spells on their digital shelves …


Well the problem or let’s say challenge because here @ Dum Spiro Spero we believe the transcendental and ethereal physical plane is never a problem but let’s not digress – the issue let’s just say is that some multi seller listing sites find it difficult to reconcile the intangible with e-commerce. When a spell is sold it can’t be proven that firstly the spell has even been done and or secondly that the spell has actually worked. Furthermore some people find it difficult to merge spiritual services with the making and obtaining of money, they think it’s wrong to receive money for providing a mystical service …


Why Selling Spells Is Not Banned @ Dum Spiro Spero (Dot wOrld) 


So how do we feel about all of this @ Dum Spiro Spero !?! Well obviously our stance is different, for a number of reasons and here’s why …


We have absolutely no problem with the earning of money as an exchange for spiritual services. Hey after all there are only really two ways (that even the greatest of economists have concluded) a person can earn an income the first is to provide a good, something physical, an object, an item, which can be touched and seen and picked off a shelf or clicked onto in an online shop and received through the post or mail; perhaps something manufactured or homemade or sourced elsewhere. The second is to provide a service, now this has always been fraught with slightly more complications than the selling of goods – a service is obviously less palpable than the making and selling of goods but nevertheless services are just as important to economies big and small, in both developing countries as well as developed societies …


Another reason why this website fully supports heart centred businesses and those who like to make and sell spells and hence by extension – why the selling of spells is not banned here on Dum Spiro Spero is that in this new age, the increase of artificial intelligence is starting to have a detrimental knock on affect in quite a few sectors already … but umm we don’t think that AI is going to usurp esoterica and spell casters anytime soon. So in our oh so humble opinion we think it’s very important to give witches and wizards a platform where they can sell their spells and enchantments, for without seeming or wishing to be overly dramatic, it may indeed be that jobs are going to be ever harder to come by in the future …


Ok, so now to the bit mentioned earlier, about proving that a spell has actually been performed …


Dum Spiro Spero does ask that if a spell, incantation or enchantment is listed and sold via this site, that the spell is enacted in such a way that it is easy peasy to prove that it’s actually been conducted. So we do make it mandatory that a spell has to either be performed live via Google Hangout, FaceTime or the IMO video app (for all devices) or of course Skype etc … and then we simply ask that the spell caster takes a screen shot of the session as soon as it’s ended; this is as much for the benefit of the spell provider as it is for this websites legal protection.


Alternatively the spell can be filmed and the video uploaded to Daily Motion, YouTube or Vimeo and again we ask the seller to either keep the upload confirmation email they receive from any of these online video services or they can go to the url page for their spell video they’ve just uploaded and published and take a quick screen shot of the video and then send the customer who has bought the spell and whom the spell has been done for, the link to the video.  


A Spell Is Not A Promise Of A much Desired Outcome


She Pins This Pin, He Pins This Pin I Am Sure x

Another reason why some multi seller websites may take umbrage with spells being listed and sold as a service and hence ban witches and wizards from selling their esoteric wares is that even when a spell has been performed with much tender care, a positive result thereafter can not be guaranteed. Just because a spell has been performed obviously doesn’t mean or guarantee that the desired goal or outcome will come into fruition, the goal may never reach attainment, the outcome may never result or @ least in the way the spell receiver wishes it to …


The thing is though, that not enough credit is given to people who purchase spell services, yes such persons @ the time of buying a spell might be feeling a bit vulnerable @ that particular point in their life but these customers are not stupid, they already get it that the spell may or may not work …


Furthermore Dum Spiro Spero (Dot wOrld) also asks and makes it a mandatory requirement, that all spell makers include a disclaimer with their spell listing on this website and to also include a disclaimer within the description field of any video they’ve posted to the aforementioned video websites. Such disclaimers must make it crystal clear that the spell is for entertainment purposes only and that no positive or desired outcome resulting from the spell can be guaranteed.


Spell casters and witches and wizards, you can find out in more detail how to word the disclaimers for your splendid spells, incredible incantations and enigmatic enchantments @ new online market place allows the sale of spells online


So we hOpe that because selling spells is not banned on this website, that Dum Spiro Spero (Dot wOrld) will now be the online corner of cyberspace to list and sell your witchy wares and wizardy cares …


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Original Version By Terry Sullivan Improvised Version By While I Breathe I hOpe


She sells sea spells
by the sea shore
the spells that she sells
are sea shells love spells
I am sure


Want to know more about the original version of the above tongue twister and which historical woman it’s based on !?! well go to  –



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