The Star Tarot Card @ Christmas Time

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The Star Card From The Labyrinth Tarot Deck

A great night wonder of a star, many centuries ago in 5 BC/BCE, shone brightly down on Bethlehem, Nazareth and beyond against the natural dark canvas of the nearly black night sky. So luminous, intense and radiating was this star – that 3 wise men, who must have been knowledgeable and familiar with the sky @ night and perhaps were even astronomers and astrologers – felt compelled to be guided by this said ? – literally as well as figuratively and to hence journey from Persia to Bethlehem in Judea.


The Star (Card) Of hOpe


The Star Tarot Card, when it appears in a reading gives the inquirer hOpe, just as the Star of Bethlehem gave hOpe to the three magi. (On a side note did you know that as well as meaning 3 wise men magi also can be defined as a magician who is well learned in the practice and study of astrology)! 


Use The Star Tarot Card As A Xmas Decoration To Remind Yourself Of Your Own Unique Divine Connection With The Cosmos !


If you own a Tarot deck, then the Star Card can be used as an additional Yuletide decoration to your Christmas tree (which you can place upright and lodge between the pine needles and branches) or you can carefully place the card to sit @ the very top of the tree as a replacement for a garish mass produced plastic star! Alternatively you can place the Star Card on your altar if you have one. 


Every time you notice the Star Tarot Card on your Christmas tree, altar or of course it can also feature on the mantelpiece above the fireplace or on a window sill or elsewhere – remember to appreciate all the good metaphorical gifts and treasures of gold, frankincense and myrrh that life has offered you throughout your life and that continues to do so even during the run up to Christmas day; for instance you have your good health, friends, family and a place to call home, these are indeed the best gifts of all and the emotional value of these far exceed the monetary value of myrrh, frankincense and even gold !!!


Shine And Show Your Inner Christmas ? Quality On The Outside This Xmas!


During the festive season, utilize the divine energy of the Star Of Bethlehem and the Star Tarot Card and their glowing positive light bearing aspect. The Christmas Star many, many, many moons ago led the three wise men on their merry way. The Star Tarot Card imbues a similar energy and symbolism – it helps act as a beacon of light that leads the way when otherwise it’s easy to get lost …


So during the festive fun and frolics this December, when other family members, friends, acquaintances and even strangers are confused, misguided or disorientated try to become like the Bethlehem Star and the Star Tarot Card.


Gently use the resource of your own powerful imagination and go in to the Star Tarot Card like when Mary … no not the Virgin Mary – when Mary Poppins, Jane & Michael Banks and Bert stepped – or leapt – inside the chalk street art pictures! Yes step or leap in to the Star Major Arcana Card and pour words of kindness, reassurance and comfort in to the earthly allegorical pool of their befuddlement – this has to be the best and most rewarding way to shine your starlight on others !!!



Let The Star Tarot Card Guide You This Christmas Day And Beyond!




This Christmas day is likely to be busy for you – but upon rising, take 5 quiet minutes to contemplate all the things you are hOpeful for and hOpe shall happen – not just on a personal basis but also a global scale, after all it’s always good to remember the famous words of Jesus and to love your (worldly) neighbors on Christmas day!


Be A Star And Pin Me x

  Towards the end of the day, when the sun’s gone to bed, if you can, grab a bit more special time to yourself and go and sit where you can see the Star Tarot Card or instead you can look @ the Labyrinth Star Tarot Card gif on this page and recall the Christmas story (which has probably been indoctrinated in to you @ quite an early age). Be mindful to take note especially of the fact that the Star of Bethlehem ultimately led the 3 magicians to their desired destination ~ the cute mewling, crying, gurgling baby Yeshua Jesus Christ!


Likewise use the Star Tarot Card this Xmas day as an affirmative tool. If it’s too cold to go outside and stargaze, fix your eyes upon the Star Tarot Card for a few moments – gaze @ it, in fact you can do some Tarot Star Card gazing, lol. Now while l@@king @ it positively suggest to yourself that just like the 3 wise magicians you/I too will be led by way of natural synchronicity to the outcome of the wish you /I desire


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The Amplified Bible, Mathew Chapter 2 Verse 10 … They went on their way; and behold, the star, which they had seen in the east went on before them (continuously leading the way) until it came and stood over the place where the young child was.When they saw the star they rejoiced exceedingly with great joy …


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