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Divination by Chinese Fortune Telling Sticks is one of the oldest forms of Chinese fortune telling – indeed for that matter, it is one of the most ancient methods of divination in the www – the whole wide wOrld !


 Listen Instead Of Read !


Divinity Within An Oracle


Certain religions imply that it is wrong to try to foretell the future and that it is best to adopt a que sera sera attitude, whatever will be will be, the future’s not ours to see … however one of the very few truly peaceful religions (to have never caused a war) – the Buddhist religion or belief system allows those who wish to peer into the future or ask the universe questions to use the Kau Cim Oracle (the Chinese name for fortune sticks oracle) within the sacred space of the Buddhist temple – in front of the altar …


The Past Was Mellow Yellow 


The Chinese fortune sticks divination method is largely attributed to Huangdi also known as the Yellow Emperor who was the founding father of the Chinese civilization around 2680 BC. The Yellow Emperor is believed to have invented among many things including the bow and arrow, Chinese medicine and of course the Kau Chim fortune telling divination oracle. Over the many centuries since Huangdi’s lifetime, he has now become a legendary figure with mythical and divine status. When a stick from the Kau Cim is shaken and rattled forth, the wisdom and guidance it bestows is said to emanate from the now other worldly prudence of the Yellow Emperor himself …


Shaken Not Stirred


Talking about shaken and rattled forth, did you know that the method of selecting a Chinese fortune stick is via shaking the container which accommodates the fortune sticks therein !?!


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Often an incense stick is first lit and then the lid of the container is carefully removed so that the painted red tips of the bamboo fortune sticks are exposed. The inquirer – if in a temple – bows down and then a solemn prayer is said out loud or silently in the mind or alternatively a wish can be made and then a Buddhist monk, or Chinese fortune teller or the inquirer them self will hold the container almost horizontally and then quite vigorously but carefully shake the container with the sticks inside. The noise that 100 Chinese sticks of fortune make while they are being shaken is rather loud and distinctive and quite stirring to the ears !


The stick or sticks which fall from the container have a relevant message, poem or words of wisdom for the questioner or seeker ! Sometimes the fortune sticks will simply have a number written upon them which can then be referenced and looked up on a corresponding paper guide or alternatively a monk or fortune teller can interpret the meaning of the mystical verse on the paper guide or written on the fortune stick. 


Meaningful Messages On A Stick


Most of the messages that correspond with the numbers on the traditional Chinese fortune sticks are lyrical and poetic in the nature, such as ~


The hermit delights in the rain on his roof
beating its pattern against his woven thatch
he drinks himself to sleep among the apricots
and hates the wakeful chatter of the birds


and ~


The mother sparrow builds with clay against a storm
the traveller struggles against the driving rain
her fledglings huddle inside the nest
but the clay melts and falls all efforts futile


These verses are both rather straightforward to understand …


However other verses that some of the Chinese fortune sticks represent are more difficult to decipher the true meaning of, such as ~


The rivers reeds are tipped with morning dew
moonlight bathes the stone courtyard steps
I hear the neigh of horses on the soft breeze
swiftly following the bells call to rise


and ~


All names in heaven are unique
and even earthly things cannot be the same
your future is set within the book of fate
which never confuses praise and blame


Both these verses help convey a strong image in the readers minds eye (or in this case the listeners minds eye) yet the meanings of these verses are not as clear as the first two are they !?! what do you think these verses mean !?! or would you need a wise fortune teller to interpret the meaning for you !?!


You can find the interpretations for these Chinese fortune sticks verses here


Modern Sticks Of Fortune


You can even make your own fortune telling sticks from ice lolly sticks and write messages of your own making on each lolly stick or you can get ready made fortune sticks which have short and snappy messages written on them such as ~


There’s a great temptation in store for you


or ~


Great honour will soon come to you 


Though when you come to think of it, there are many different messages with a modern day twist that you yourself could write on ice lolly sticks, such as ~


Take some time out from the internet and chill out or read a good book


Stop cheating on your partner and do the right thing by ending both relationships


You are addicted to porn, stop watching it for a while


You are not eating healthy food


Take time out from being a narcissist and donate some money or items to charity


Buy someone you love a present for no reason other than that you love them !


Get some ice lolly’s, enjoy eating them, perhaps not all at once, so you can use the sticks to make your own sticks of fortune !


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Confucius Study the past if you would divine the future   XXI/VIII/MMXVII


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