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There are over 100 different store / shop categories @ Dum Spiro Spero (Dot World). Chances are you’ll be able to list your esoteric, ethical, new age and or spiritually themed downloadable and physical items and or services on this website – and even if you’d like to list something that belongs to a category or sub category that isn’t (yet) included – but you think it will fit in well with this website – then simply email us at and we will do our best to add the category or sub category you request.


Please note, that a category or sub category will only be displayed on the front end store and shop pages of this website (on the right hand side bar area), when there is @ least one item in that specific category. So until then it remains unseen to visitors and customers and everyone else for that matter!


We want to make things easy for sellers, so on this page, we’ve listed the categories that are already included when you list an item – but you can’t see these categories via the seller dashboard until you’ve obviously signed up to become a seller on – that’s why we’re listing them here on this page, as we don’t want to waste your time, so here goes …




Aliens, amulets, angel cards swap, Angels, aromatherapy, art, – art other, – art religous, – art spiritual, ASMR, astrology, audio fiction, audio meditations, audio non fiction,


bath bombs & sea salt & soaps & shampoos, belief systems, – agnosticism, – athiesm, – hoodoo, – jedi knight, – pagan, – voodoo, – wicca, bereavement, bible, – bible code, binaural beats / brain wave entrainment, black cats, books & ebooks & ezines, – ebooks, – magazines, – hardback books, – paper back books, brooms / broomsticks,


candles, – candles other,church candles, – floating candles, penis candles, – scented candles,tea light candles, card readings, – lenormand card readings, – oracle card readings, pdf angel card readings, – pdf oracle card readings, – pdf tarot card readings, – skype angel card readings, skype oracle card readings, – skype tarot readings, video angel card readings, – video oracle card readings,video tarot readings, cards for sale, – angel cards, – lenormand cards, oracle cards, tarot cards, cauldrons, charity shops / thrift stores, coaching & counselling, confucius, courses, crystal ball readings,crystals & crystal balls & crystal skulls,


dice, – dice alphabet, – dice numeric, dice other, dowsing, dreams, – dream analysis, – dream interpretation


EFT, ethical clothing & hats & shoes, ethical makeup, extra sensory perception,


faeries, fair trade, feng shui,


glastonbury, green / sustainable, god, – goddess, – gods,


halloween, harry potter, health,


i-ching, incense & incense burners,




kabbalah, keep fit, King Arthur,


law of attraction, letters & numbers boards, lenormand cards swap, love, 


magick, miscellaneous / other,  music,– music nature sounds, – music other, – music reggae, – music religious, – music spiritual,


new orleans, numerology,


om chant, oracle cards swap, other readings, 


pdf’s other, pendulum readings, pendulum boards, pentagrams, philosophy, poetry, prayer, – prayer mats, rosaries,




rastafari, relaxation, religion, – buddhism, – christian, – hinduism,islam / muslim, – judaism, – sikh,


sea, – mermaids, shells & shell jewellery, self help, – self help audios, – self help books, – self help ebooks, self help videos, self published card decks, shadow work, Skulls, skull & crossbones,  spells,  stories, – ghost stories, spooky spaghetti stories,


talismans, tarot cards swap, torah,


UFO’S, unicorns,


video meditations.        


wands, witch, workshops,


X’s & crucifixes, 


 yin & yang, yoga,




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Johannes Kepler The diversity of the phenomena of nature is so great, and the treasures hidden in the heavens so rich, precisely in order that the human mind shall never be lacking in fresh nourishment



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