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Golden Rule Politics In The Age Of Covid-19

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This essay can be found else where on this website but due to the current political Covid-19 crisis, this article is as relevant now as when it was written a few years ago …


Written and narrated by While I Breathe I hOpe. Man @ 02.30 Da Jazy M


Some will say that politics and political commentary has no place on a metaphysical website – however incorruptible ethical politics has much to share with metaphysics and accordingly should always be concerned with accommodating – as much as possible – the fundamental needs of society @ large and of course so too adapt to the requirements of the individual of which any said society is composed of and sums an important part of the whole of that society.


In fact did you know the adjective meanings of the word metaphysical are causality, existence and truth. So it can be surmised that politics actually incorporates the metaphysical and that the metaphysical is the life and soul of politics!


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