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Please Put The Artists Name On The Oracle Cards Box


There is an established trend of well known professional Oracle Card reader personalities and popular Angel card readers and some Tarot card readers and last but certainly not least, large card deck publishing companies not featuring the name or names of the artist or artists who have put their tender loving care into creating the deck which has been conceived in the minds of the Angel / Tarot / Oracle card personality and professional reader but in reality born by the hard work of the artist. Or in many other instances the name or names of the artist or artists are featured On the Tarot, Angel or Oracle card box but to a much lesser and more inconspicuous degree than the Tarot, Oracle or Angel card personality.  Read Or Listen To The Complete Article


The Tarot Kabbalah Tango

Buy Tarot Of the Holy Kabbalah

Kabbalah and the Tarot have long been widely associated with one another. In fact so much so, that it could be said that these two ancient archaic enigmatic and mysterious knowledge seeking systems merrily dance the Tarot Kabbalah tango together! Chances are that the Tarot is based on the teachings and structure of the Holy Kabbalah and in particular it’s Tree Of Life with 10 corresponding spiritual and metaphysical attributes ~ it seems more than coincidental that these 10 attributes correspond almost perfectly with the Minor Arcana cards in the Tarot system. Read Or Listen To The Complete Article

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