The New Age Conscientious Objector


Pipes Of Peace Sound Better
Than Drums Of War


In the 21st century, despite the prolific advances of technology in this era of the internet and the soft power it can yield to upturn various injustices – the drums of war are starting to beat louder and louder – admittedly the war drums never really stopped beating since certain institutions and industrial complexes realised that war – despite it’s mad folly can equal profit … 



Passive Resistance In The 1st & 2nd World Wars 


War resisters unashamedly made their strong pacifist views known in both the 1st and 2nd world wars. During the first, conscientious objectors were viewed as weak unpatriotic men and were court marshalled and imprisoned. However  in the second, due to the conscientious objection movements ever growing popularity by the thousands, men were able to fight the call to war by way of and reason by “religious training and belief “. Though many of these fellows after the end of the second world war were branded with the stigma of not being manly enough to fight. However these men of yester century who were brave enough to make a stand against the horrors of war were the first new age conscientious objector ‘s of their time …


The War To End All Wars
The War As A Prototype For All Wars


Did you know that since the first world war, which was also called the war to end all wars, there have been over 20 major conflicts as well as many other smaller civil wars – the war to end all wars has not lived up to it’s legacy …


The Right To Life … Denied
When Your Government
Want’s You To Fight …


The most basic of human rights surely has to be the right to life and yet during times of prolonged warfare, such as during the Vietnam War, men were expected to surrender their right to life. Fast forward to these present times of equal opportunities and if the need (heaven forbid) may arise whereby your government needs a greater number (than their present reserves) of soldiers and other military personal to serve during any future military conflict, then men as well as perhaps women will almost certainly be expected to capitulate their fundamental right to life … why should anybody, whether male or female, young, middle aged or old be expected to risk their life in the pursuit of warfare? 


The Motives For Warfare
Have Become Ever More Corrupted


Between 1914 – 1918 and 1939 – 1945 @ least the reasons for going to war were more quantifiable. From 1914 to 1918 world war erupted due to the arms race (countries built up their weaponry @ unprecedented rates) imperialism (the greedy desire to conquer and colonise other lands) and nationalism (the belief that a specific country is supreme to all others) as well as the most often cited cause of the first world war – the infamous assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand. In 1939 – 1945 war broke out once again due to the megalomaniac machinations of a madman whose name (that needs no specific mention here) will continue to be shrouded in infamy for ever more …


However times have a changed and unfortunately for the security of the world and mankind, womankind, childkind, the animal kingdom, the plant kingdom and lets not forget the sea world, certain governments in cahoots and in legion with the powerful warring industry and their lobby have made war not only business but BIG BUSINESS. Yet an unsavoury paradox is that a war industry without war is defunct and obsolete, why churn out weapons, super bombs and nukes if there is no conflict to engage in and no presumed enemy !?!


The warring industry is the largest money maker on the planet. Though alack alas for the small players, namely the every day man, woman and child (particularly in undeveloped and developing countries, as well as countries rich in natural resources); the involuntary sacrifice of many lives ensue due to the dropping of bombs, missiles and other weapons by “superpowers” and their allies in an attempt to destabilise a region or oust a leader from power for a more covert intention – such as to dominate the oil market or to have easy access to other natural resources and minerals …   


Many governments in the developed world have lost their way, the lines between national security and the manufacturing of arms have become blurred, marred and tainted with the thirst for power, global domination and money. Making and supplying weapons has become virtually seamlessly interchangeable with the weapons trade and governance (whether democratic or communist) and it’s key institutions dedicated to defence (or really in most cases offense) in all but name …  


Your Governments Beef Isn’t Your Beef …


You generally have no dispute with peoples living in a foreign country that your government is manipulating you to believe are your foe. Holy cow! your beef is not with them and their beef is not with you! Indeed the cow simply wants to munch on grass, chew the cud and go about its day without confrontation, much like us really! We just want to live our lives, have enough sustenance, love and money (with some to spare) and do our best to get along with fellow beings near and far … the 21st century new age conscientious objector knows in the depths of their heart and soul that injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere


In order for governments to achieve their ends it is in their selfish interests to try to indoctrinate you with the belief that any war they send their soldiers to participate in, is for your best interests or your countries best interests. Yet any government prepared to drop bombs on citizens in any other country in the world – in the guise of regime change (while really being hell bent on serving it’s own economic and military ends) or for any other reason, isn’t fit to govern on their own soil. If they obviously don’t give a damn about the injustice of raising villages, towns and cities to the ground and killing and maiming men, women, children and animals on foreign soil … then if they don’t give a damn about ’em they don’t really give a flying saucer about you too


Brainwashing By The Mainstream Media
“Wash Your Brain” Every Day


Conscientiously Object By Pinning Me x

In Germany during the 1930’s and 40s, the German people were unwittingly subject to a torrent of state propaganda which obviously prejudiced their views against Jewish people.


Most of us tend to associate propaganda with wartime and particularly the Nazi era, however disinformation is still fed to us on a daily basis by the mass media. The media mostly only drips feeds us that which serves the purposes of their governments and the associated war industry about current military conflicts.


Other viewpoints have now been labelled as fake news – which in most but albeit not all cases should more aptly be called alternative news – please note there is a difference between alternative news which is simply facts presented from a different point of view, with a different narrative and alternative facts which could also be perceived in an Orwellian sense as being Newspeak – where false “facts” are seemingly plucked out of the ether to meet a certain ideological viewpoint …


Therefore it’s imperative to protect our conscious, subconscious and super-subconscious minds against the constant bombardment of brainwashing beamed out to us constantly by the mass media. Each day be mindful when watching, listening to or reading the news about a conflict or military intervention that you may be being brainwashed into believing what best suits the war industry’s hidden agenda. Every day be open minded to fake news – ok some news is just that “fake” but other supposedly “fake news” are events relayed back to us in a truthful way which don’t suit or serve the interests of various governments and war industries …


New Age Conscientious Objector’s
Refuse To Bear Arms & Hurt Strangers
Near & Far, Domestically Or Internationally …


In the Universal Declaration of Human Rights the United Nations upholds the right for the individual to exercise their right of conscientious objection to military service on the grounds that they feel so strongly against killing or harming others that their conscience renders them unable to do so. This means in practice, that based on the right of freedom of thought, conscience and religion an individual has the grounds to object to conscription – or for that matter participating in any venture which directly or indirectly contributes to war and by default the killing, maiming or harming of peoples in any way in any place or in any country.


Interestingly new age conscientious objectors who cite political reasons for refusing conscription are far more likely to be denied their right to life and be forced to fight as opposed to those objecting on religious or ethical and moral grounds. Unfortunately judicial refusal to exempt individuals objecting to conscription on political grounds, is rather revealing of the fact that politics in general and more specifically the politics of war is very far from religious, ethical or moral …


Doves Of Peace Make War Cease !


The best way to achieve peace is to strive for it and to believe that you yourself can help bring about affective real, long lasting positive change to both the physical world as well as the transcendental plane. Instead of thinking that you are just one person and there’s nothing you can do to help keep the peace, instead think and affirm that you are one person who can help bring peace – say out loud to yourself “I AM ONE PERSON WHO CAN HELP ACHIEVE PEACE”. Let peace be your guiding philosophy, live the peace, be the peace yourself, make peace your ally!


Pacifists and conscientious objectors the world over know that the metaphorical wings of doves onward bound with olive branches of diplomacy in tow are far better than the wings of war loaded with bombs, missiles and nuclear weapons. Make peace your great aim, your great quest, be unshakable in your resolve to fight the great fight of peace …


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Frankie Goes To Hollywood – Two Tribes – 4:00 –  Just think of it, war breaks out and nobody turns up


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