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The great mystical and cosmic sound Om (also referred to as Ohm and Aum) is a gentle vibratory hum – made entirely by the most rudimentary musical instrument, the human voice box – which taps into the higher self within and the supremely all knowing universal divine conscious mind. The mellow and yet very stirring sound of Om helps take us on an individual journey of self awareness and universal transcendence …

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The Origin Of The Symbol & Sound Aum


Om can also be represented by a symbol as well as a sound and Aum is derived originally from the Hindu religion in India. The Om symbol ॐ known as Omkara in Hindu dharma / universal spiritual and cosmic energy, goes as far back as the 11th and even possibly the 10th centuries BC and for that matter maybe even further … The sacred Aum which is esteemed to be the first and foremost sound of the universe – from which all other tones and sound frequencies derive – can be found @ the beginning and end of chapters contained therein of many sacred Hindu books, such as the Vedas and is also talked about in other Hindu spiritual writings including the Bhagavad Gita.   


The Importance Of Om In Hinduism


The Om symbol is considered to be one of the most divinely mystical symbols in the Hindu religion and wherever it appears in various Hindu texts, whether it proceeds the start of a chapter or the very end, one can be sure that nuggets of deep and meaningful understanding can be obtained from the wisdom of the text it appears in ! In Hinduism – as well as other religions – an Om chant is aurally practiced before and after prayers, meditations and even the spiritual and physical exercise of yoga as a way of tuning in to higher cosmic frequencies of understanding, knowledge and ultimately, enlightenment !


Om Breathing & Om Vocalisation


In the famous Hindu writings called the Chandogya Upanishad, followers of the Hindu religion are encouraged to concentrate on the Om in both written and sound form, in order to see the divine in usually ordinarily mundane things which are often taken for granted. Chanting the Om sound is a marriage between breathing and vocalisation because it is a sound that can only be made in an extended fashion when one concurrently harnesses the skill of controlled breathing with a resonating hum.  


Gods, Devils, Us And Om 


The Chandogya Upanishad also touches upon the struggle between dark and light, wrong and right and good and bad that human beings have within as well as the outer invisible combat between ourselves and gods and devils. In fact Chandogya legend has it that benevolent gods and deities adopted the all powerful Aum sound, as a way to do battle with and banish daemonic entities, dark energies and negativity in general … so if you’re feeling a bit gloomy or pessimistic it may be worth taking some much needed time out to do an Om chant, while visualising rays of light and hOpe !


Om And Buddhism 


In the Buddhist religion and especially Tibetan Buddhism, Om can represent the sacred oneness that we have with all living things. When Aum is used as the seed syllable for mantras or during meditation it helps free us from envy, greediness, lust, enmity, narcissism and stupidity ! However – bearing in mind that Buddhism does not conceptualise the notion of a supreme living god – the Ohm sound taps into the ever expanding universe which on a human level, thus serves as a way to find tranquillity and acquire enlightenment !


Aum And The Dalai Lama


The top most monk and spiritual leader in Tebetan Buddhism is known as the Dalai Lama, the current Dalai Lama – Tenzin Gyatso is the 14th monk to hold this position. He advises that when performing the Om mantra – known in Tebetan Buddhism as Om Mani Padme Hum – it is very important to be mindful of what Aum actually means !


The fourteenth Dalai Lama explains that to the negative A, U & M represent the chanters tainted mind, speech and body and to the positive, after attaining glimmers of enlightenment, Aum serves to emphasis the sanctity of the mind, speech and body. Mani epitomises the good intentions of love and compassion which sets one on the true path to enlightenment. PadMe can be translated to mean lotus – and the lotus reminds us that great beauty can grow from muddy beginnings and so too can an unwise person grow to become wise through meditation and recitation of the Om. Last but not least we have Hum which is the totality of peace within, a steady, stable and perpetual peace which is impossible to uproot …


Om And The Third Eye


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The third eye or the sixth chakra is the midway spot between our two eyebrows, however the pineal gland situated deep inside our brain is thought to be the true biological site of the 3rd eye. In Hinduism it is firmly believed that we are able to receive higher forms of wisdom, insights and visions through our third eye. Muscles need to be exercised to keep the body healthy trim and in shape and likewise our 3rd eye also needs a regular workout in order to receive beneficial comprehension from the universe or (the) God/s. Spiritual practices and disciplines such as prayer, meditation and yoga are all methods which can enhance the power and effectiveness of the psychic third eye.


Hindu’s and practitioners of other religions and belief systems use the sound Ohm as a chanting mantra during meditation or yoga to help open up the third eye – which is sometimes likened to a lotus flower that is first of all closed and then gradually with enough sun light begins to open up until it is a natural wonder to behold. In the same way, reciting the Om chant begins to open up the third eye so that as a citizen of planet Earth and the universe you start to receive deep intuitive insights and discernment and even enlightenment !


Ohm Talismans & Amulets 


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According to Indian Dharmic traditions, the Ohm symbol holds as much psychic power as the the Aum sound or Om chant. Wearing a piece of jewellery such as a pendant, locket, talisman or amulet which carries the Om sign upon it’s face or within it (if it’s a locket) can help the wearer during meditations and Aum chanting mantras to delve deep within and gain extra sensory perceptions and tap into heightened states of wisdom and consciousness.


An Ohm amulet or other piece of Aum jewellery can be charged and infused with the energy of Om by simply clasping it in the palm of your hands while sitting crossed legged or comfortably on a chair and chanting the Ohm sound for as long as you feel compelled to do so. Then once the Aum pendant, talisman or amulet is charged – during subsequent Ohm chants and meditations gently hum the humble, yet powerfully transfixing and awe inspiring Om sound and behold the wisdom it invokes from the wOrld within and the external wOrld of ever expanding consciousness …  VI/XI/MMXVII


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Amit Ray You are a cosmic flower, OM chanting is the process of opening the psychic petals of that flower


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