Top 10 Divination Methods

For this top ten divination methods list, it makes more sense to do this in reverse order, counting down from number ten to number one, in order of popularity – with number one being the most widely acclaimed, so enjoy this merry little types of divination ride …




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10) Bibliomancy  is derived from the word Bible. In bygone eras, Bibles were usually the only book that a person would have in their home, so the Bible was used as a way to seek an answer to an urgent question, or to receive a more generalized message. Bibles are still used today as a form of divination in the Voodoo and Hoodoo traditions. Admittedly in some parts of the Bible divination is strictly admonished and yet in other portions of the Bible there are references to lots being casted to settle a matter, so it’s rather contradictory … Of course other books can be used for divination too, including the Bhagavad Gita as well as Buddhist Texts and even fictional books such as The Complete Works Of William Shakespeare or Harry Potter !


9) Talking / Message Boards – are also known as Ouija boards! These (usually) wooden boards typically have the letters of the alphabet and numbers carved in to their top surface. A planchette (which is usually a heart shaped piece of wood) is gently held on to by the querent and this small instrument is mysteriously or indeed subconsciously guided to certain letters and or numbers on the board and hence therefore a message is received. Talking boards are normally used to contact a loved one who has passed over, however a talking board can also be used as a method of divination!


8) Charms  are usually cute little metal trinkets such as a tiny key, miniature horseshoe or a little anchor etc, there are literally hundreds of different types and they can be easily used as a way to fortune tell the future … Usually the charm reader closes their eyes while thinking of your question and takes a handful of charms out of a bowl or large pouch and gently throws them on to a table top or even a board and then deciphers their message for you!


7) Dice for purposes of divination, can either be numerical or alphabetical. Dice with numbers on them are tossed and the numbers which are face up, are the ones to take note of and work out their corresponding meaning. Alternatively dice with letters of the alphabet can be used and then a message can either be worked out by shuffling the anagram around until it makes sense, or if you’re really connected to the divine matrix, a word may appear all on its own without it having to be rearranged !


6) I-Ching is an age old Chinese method of divination, which traditionally used yarrow sticks to ask a question and receive an answer from the Book Of Changes. Coins are also used, depending on how they land, heads or tails, will decide the six lined hexagram and hence also the answer. The I-Ching is quite poetic in nature and can sometimes seem like a bit of a riddle but once you’ve got to the bottom of the meaning, you will be one step closer to solving your conundrum …


5) Pendulum Dowsing – is great for asking a simple question and receiving an even simpler answer to! A pendulum is the perfect little instrument to use if you have a clear question that can easily be answered with either yes or no. A necklace, or a chain with a ring on it can be used as a pendulum, or of course it’s easy to get a beautiful pendulum which is made specifically for the purpose of asking a question. A pendulum board is the perfect companion to the humble pendulum, pendulum boards usually have yes, no, don’t know, maybe, try again later and even numbers and letters on their surfaces too!


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4) Crystal Ball – is a perfectly shaped sphere and can be made from natural quartz crystal, lab crystal or even made from glass. Much practice is usually needed before being able to see the beautiful images within a crystal ball, however if you have a face to face reading with a professional crystal ball reader, you may get lucky and you yourself may indeed see some images within the mystical realms of the crystal ball during the reading …


3) Runes – are letters from an ancient Germanic language carved on to wood, or stone or even gemstones etc … Each rune represents a meaningful prediction, such as wealth, happiness, conflict, health and travel etc … Rune reading are becoming more and more popular and also appeal to men who are readers as well as male clients seeking an answer to an issue they may have …


2) Cartomancy – comes in @ number 2 on this top ten methods of divination list. Cartomancy is the art of reading cards for divination and counselling purposes and includes Angel, Oracle, Lenormand, Tarot and other types of cards used to predict the future. This type of fortune telling is highly popular, due to the mysticism and symbolism conveyed via the artwork on these types of predictive cards … You don’t need to look too far to find either a Tarot card reader online or offline !


1) Astrology – is in pole position for this top 10 divination methods list ! Learning Astrology is just as much as an intellectual discipline as learning the Tarot system and is a much revered way of peering in to the future by working out how the stars and other celestial bodies are aligned in the milky way and our solar system. Astrology and horoscopes are almost certainly the most popular form of receiving a message about your present or the future and even newspapers and magazines make print space for much sought astrological predictions for the day, week, month or even year …


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