Top 10 Tools Every Good Witch Should Have

Witches and the word “tools” go together like, er hand in glove or hat on head or even like incense and smoke … but anyway, what are the top 10 tools every good witch should have !?!


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Well in descending order, here are the top ten witchy implements recommended by Dum Spiro Spero (Dot wOrld) 


10) Smudge Sticks are also known as sage sticks, however other herbs such as cedar leaf, mugwort and lavender can also be used to make these special sticks with. In the wonderful wOrld of witchery, smudge sticks, due to their pure plant based content, are believed to clear the air and enhance the surrounding vibrational frequencies in the ether. Witches also use smudge sticks to consecrate a sacred space before, during and even after performing a spell or ceremony or invocation. Obviously every good witch is always mindfully aware not to leave a burning smudge stick unattended in a room, she wants to burn the smudge stick, not the house down … 


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9)  A Pestle and Mortar will probably be on proud display in every good witches kitchen. So if you’ve been busy making smudge sticks but have a few sage leaves left over, you may decide you want to crush and grind the sage into a coarse or fine powder and add it as an ingredient for a love spell. A mortar and pestle can also be used on a witches altar with a root or herb placed in it and offered to a god or goddess; furthermore this handy kitchen utensil set, can also be representative of the male and female aspects of divinity, the mortar bowl can understandably be associated with the womb and female aspect and the pestle the phallic male aspect.  


8) Natural Crystals and gemstones have long been considered by witches to contain within them, healing energies as well as charging energies. A crystal can help focus the mind during trances, meditations, spell work and rituals. For instance during a healing spell, amber may be used to help dissipate negative energy and induce a more positive state of being for whomever the spell is being cast. If a ritual is being performed to help someone rid themselves of harmful addictive behaviour a witch may decide to include an amethyst stone as one of her witchy tools for the incantation.


7) A Bell due to it’s almost divine and heavenly sound is used by most good and proficient witches to drive mean spirits far away and to encourage positive forces to be present. Witches often use a bell as a prelude to meditation or indeed a dedication ceremony or a banishing chant. A bell can also be symbolic of birth and the feminine spiritual aspect due to it’s bulbous shape. Most serious witches know that when it comes to choosing a bell, it’s more important to go by sound as opposed to the look and size of a bell. A large(ish) bronze bell sitting on a shelf or mantle piece may sound less pleasing to the ear than a small brass bell …


6) A Candle or as all dedicated witches know, many candles, are indispensable for the witchy needs and magickal requirements of spell casters. Witches use black candles during the dark of the moon when performing a banishing spell and they use red or pink candles to help encourage Cupid to shoot an arrow for whomever their witches bell rings for … When witches want to go deep within by taking some much needed witchy time out, candles can be an excellent tool to use while focusing or emptying the mind. Witches also regard candles as one of their most important aids because they come in many shapes, colours and sizes and when the wick is lit the candle wax becomes soft and easily impressionable, hence the candle is thought to easily take on any suggestion spoken to it on the astral level.


5) A Broomstick is an essential utensil as cleanliness is next to goodly witchiness, lol. Seriously though it’s always handy to have a broom stick around as it makes it a lot easier to sweep up stuff such as the ash from joss sticks and if a witch has spent time in her witchy kitchen, concocting a spell which includes herbs and or spices, there may be a little dry mess that needs to be swept away … A broomstick doubles up in it’s usefulness, as it can also be used as a tool to keep nasty spirits away … Broomsticks are usually made from the wood of an ash tree for the handle, twigs from the birch tree for the brush and the willow tree lends a hand for the binding cord of the broomstick … The natural composition of the broomstick enhances the power and aesthetic of  this magickal tool …


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4) A Book Of Shadows, also known as a grimoire is a special book that every serious witch uses to write down their magickal workings. Information such as the effectiveness of the spell or invocation, when it is best to perform such magick and the outcome of the spell are also recorded within the special pages of a witches book of shadows. The contents within each and every book of shadows will be unique because the entries into these types of witchy stationary are handwritten, some witches still like to use an ink fountain pen to write upon the pages of their personal grimoire. Any blank book or notebook can be used as a book of shadows, however many good witches like to buy a book that has been specially crafted for the purpose of being a gromoire, some of these are very high end and have exquisitely beautiful covers and the pages are made from parchment paper or recycled paper etc …


3) A Chalice is a large goblet that many established witches use. Today they are often made from silver, as this metallic element has associations with the moon and the feminine aspect of deity. However in bygone times the drinking vessels and liquid containers that witches used were made from shells, horns, wood and clay etc. Chalices can be quite plain looking or have very elaborate designs, such as the pentagram, dragon or the triple moon goddess etc carved or etched on their outer face. During magickal ceremonies, rituals and workings, the chalice can contain either natural spring, mineral or well water, wine or other non alcohol natural juices; the chalice is then passed to each witch, druid or pagan who each take a sip and then pass it to the next person …


2) A Wand has made it to the penultimate position of this top 10 tools every good witch should have list and is very definitely among every good witches essential tools ! It is used during ceremonial magick and personal spell work to bring forth good entities and can also be used to banish nasty spirits. Wands can be made from the wood of trees such as the mighty oak or the almost enchanted looking elder tree or indeed from the hedgerow shrub blackthorn. It’s becoming increasingly popular for crystals and other gemstones to be attached to the pointing end of the wand – this obviously adds more dynamism to the instrument, imbuing it with powerful yet subtle crystal energy as well as the natural earthy elemental wood property from which it is mostly composed. When perfoming spell work for others, a keen and dedicated witch will often use the wand and point it in the direction of the person she is assisting …   


1) A Cauldron comes bubbling, frothing and steaming in @ number one, for this top 10 witches tools list ! In the days of old these iron ware cook pots contained various witches brews and other potions and concoctions, which were set on stoves or indeed outside over small fires. The contents therein once fully cooked and blessed would be drunk or if the concoction was not to be ingested it would be left to cool down and then used for specific spellcraft or magickal rites of passage. Cauldrons can also be used to contain spring, mineral or even better, rain water for the purpose of scrying with, a witch will simply gaze into the waters accommodated by the cauldron and agitate it with a wooden stick or other like object so that the water is slightly disturbed, this agitation enables images and symbols etc to be seen Of course a cauldron can also be used to contain a witches most treasured little knick knacks such as charms, crystals, dice, talismans and Lenormand cards and so ad-every-blessed-good-witch-infinitum …


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