Top 10 Witchy Winter Warmers

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It’s late autumn time, going in to winter, so it’s that time of year when witches every where need to keep cosy and snug, so here are the top ten wonderful witchy winter warmers, to help you along your merry winter way … 


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1) Where would witches be without a black pointy hat !?! – in a far less stereo typical place, that’s for sure – but like it or not throughout the ages and even now, witches are well famed for wearing black pointed hats. So ok it’s the cusp between autumn and winter and from here on after for the next 3 or 4 months we know it’s going to get colder and colder … brrhh …  Scientists now firmly believe that we lose up to 10% of our over all body heat through our heads and being witches we need to keep our noggins nice and warm, so we don’t get brain freeze and run out of inspiration for wildy wonderful and wacky wicked – er that’s WICKED GOOD – spells, potions and lotions …


No where in the Wiccan Rede does it state that it’s mandatory for a witch to wear a hat, let alone a black pointy one, heck you don’t even have to wear a hat @ all but because it’s getting colder and colder outside by the day, it is advisable to wear a heady winter warmer AKA a hat on your head – and there are many varieties to choose from.


You could opt for a super warm and ever so trendy beanie hat, which look equally good on both genders as well as people of all ages, or you could go for a beret style hat which will make you look stylish, a little mysterious and oh so debonair or you could wear a bobble hat which will make you look like a friendly and approachable person with a good sense of humour ! However you may decide to wear a trendy hat that looks just a teeny weeny bit witchy, such as a pixie beanie hat or a pointed beanie hat, these hats are super warm and cosy and you may just find that you get your best witchy inspirations when your wearing a pointed black beanie hat, lol …


2) Head, hands, toes, hands, toes, head, toes, head —- no, no, no, this isn’t an aerobics session though nevertheless, aerobics certainly could be a witchy winter warmer of sorts, so perhaps it should be on this top ten list, lol but we’ve just covered the head – excuse the pun, so now it’s time for our hands !


Yes we need lovely jubbly gloves @ this time of year. Like our head, our hands are a bodily extremity that we can lose quite a bit of warmth from. You can get fluffy one size fits all gloves, thermal gloves, wrist length gloves and of course let’s not forget fingerless gloves which allow for ease of use when you need to do something a bit tricky or fiddly but still want to keep your hands warm – and remember fingerless gloves are perfect when you need to firmly hold your wand and cast some merry winter time magick, lol …


3) Toes, head, hands … toes, toes and more toes, yes, yes, yes, we need to keep our precious little footsies nice and warm don’t we !?! oh am I channelling Golem – the light and good side of Golem, ha, ha … Anyways our feet support us when ever we stand and walk, so how about we support our feet by ensuring that we keep em nice and warm ! We need to make sure we’re wearing the cosiest socks possible but that’s not too difficult given just how many different types of winter socks are available. You can get yourself several pairs of just below the knee socks or you can get thick ankle socks which are great when you’re wearing leggings, jeggins or jeans or have your jim jams on and are wearing gorgeously warm slippers too !


If you’re feeling particularly witchy, in the best possible way may I add, then there are lots of fun and zany witchy style socks, such as over the knee black and orange or black and green stripey socks that have cute little bows @ the top of each sock or you can get socks with the stereo typical witch riding on her broomstick or you can even find socks patterned with pentacles on them, so never let it be said that a witch can’t keep her feet fashionable !!! 


4) Witches are well renowned for wearing boots and rather stylish ones @ that so it wouldn’t do this top ten witchy winter warmers list any justice if we didn’t mention good old fashioned boots – even though of course you certainly don’t have to wear turn of the century boots (that would be the turn of the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries, lol).


You’re spoilt for choice when it comes to boots, choose from ankle boots, pixie boots, below the knee boots, over the knee boots, boots that zip up boots you lace up, boots with buckles on them, flat heel, wedge heel boots, block heel boots, etc, etc … If you’re witchy, proud and loud you could even get yourself some winkle picker boots or black boots that lace up, these boots whether over the knee or just below the knee or even mid calf high boots or ankle boots always look fabulously witchy, wear these and you will certainly have a super duper spring in your step …


5) Witches and wizards are often depicted wearing hooded cloaks and capes, so how can we forget the essential to autumn and certainly indispensable to winter – coat ! Right so remember there’s no compulsory way to dress if you’re a witch or wizard and practicality and warmth trumps fashion any day but having said that, we are living in the 21st century, so we can merge the two, yes you can wear a stylish winter coat while @ the same time feeling remarkably warm and cosy !


Warm Me Up, Pin Me x

Coats come in many different styles and lengths, for instance you can get waist length bomber jackets and parka jackets and coats and even thick woollen ponchos which are great for autumn but when the days and nights start to get really chilly, full length pure wool coats are preferable to waist length coats. You can get coats that cinch in @ the waist, such as trench coats, thanks to a handy little belt, this type of coat can add a real air of femininity and can look rather witchy. Plus you can also get glamours faux fur coats and coats lined with (faux) fur – witches love their cats, black or any other colour or colours and so to wear a real fur coat is an absolute travesty. If you want to set your inner witch free, then a thick black coat with a massive hood, whether pointed or rounded or lined with (faux) fur trim will definitely give off a witchy winter warmer vibe and look gorgeous and fun @ the same time !  


6) Have a nice warm cuppa! Now the hot beverage you decide upon obviously doesn’t have to be a cup of traditional caffeinated or decaffeinated tea or Earl Gray or even coffee or a hot chocy etc …


Ginger – a popular witches root, is known to be very warming, so if you’re feeling cold during the day but are completely out of beverages, or @ least ones of the non alcoholic variety (it’s never a great idea to drink alcohol during the day, even under the guise of “warming oneself up” lol), then if you have some ginger root in your fruit and vegy basket, you’d be surprised @ just how quickly you can rustle up a quick winter warmer drink. Just grate or finely chop about a teaspoon or two or a few of ginger, put it in a pan, add a couple of cups of cold water and gently warm it up on the stove until it starts to slightly simmer. Then pour the juice into your cup through a little strainer and add a teaspoon of honey if desired and enjoy …  


There are so many absolutely delicious caffeine free herbal teas such as four berry tea or blackcurrant beauty or peppermint and @ the moment one of my ab fab favs is organic choco herbal tea, you can simply add hot water to the choco herbal tea bag and let it steep or also add a dash of milk – but either way this is a decadent and sumptuous way for any witch or wizard to warm her or him self up on a cold winters day or night … 


7) One pot cookery – or if a witch is cooking with a single pot, it is also known as one pot witchery cookery, lol. Though of course the single cook pot of your choosing doesn’t have to be a cauldron, ha, ha. Seriously though, I’m a great advocate of one pot cookery, hocus pocus or of the more usual variety, after all using one pot means there’s far less washing up to do and as a consequence your kitchen will remain neat and tidy and yet while the food you have chopped up and shoved into the one pot for a sweet potato casserole or chunky vegetable goulash or root vegetable stew etc is gently heating, the cooking area will smell yummy scrummy and the cooker while in use, will also add a little bit of extra warmth to the kitchen and any nearby rooms ! 


8) Think yourself warm with glowing thoughts, yes this technique really can be a witchy winter warmer and can help you feel physically warm as well as putting a spring in your spiritual thermostat ! What do you personally associate with feeling warm !?! Perhaps it’s a certain colour such as yellow or orange, then imagine yourself surrounded by warm yellow or orange rays and begin to feel yourself become physically and emotionally warmer … Maybe you can remember a time when you went on holiday somewhere nice and hot, so imagine that you are back there again right now @ this very moment – breathe in and relax and feel your skin tingle as it receives a boost of holiday heat  – enjoy the memory in the here and now moment and feel yourself start to warm up … This works like magic/k but that’s not surprising, after all as a witch you’re probably very accomplished @ positive visualisation …


9) One of the most obvious ways to keep warm when it’s white outside, courtesy of either Jack Frost or Samantha Snow, is a traditional log fire. If you’re lucky enough to have a real fireplace or a woodburner in your home, then take some time out and go and gather some wood, it’s such a lovely witchy winter thing to do; or failing that buy some logs or coal and get that fire a blazin’. Fire is such an elemental and primeval way to warm yourself up in winter, that you’re bound to feel much happier amidst the drabness of the darker months. You can watch the flames as they flicker while feeling thoughts of gratitude for being able to harness the power of fire to keep yourself, family and home happy and warm.


10) We don’t tend to associate the sun with winter, nor do we usually think of it as a winter warmer but the sun has been smiling upon witches and non witches alike, since, well – time immemorial ! Sometimes we don’t see the wood for all the trees and other times we don’t see the sun for all the sky but nevertheless our nearest cosmic star is always there, shining it’s starlight rays down on us all.


So the next time you’re feeling a bit cranky, eat some of your left over one pot cookery hocus pocus stew beside your glowing log fire and think some warm and fuzzy thoughts while enjoying a nice home made cupa ginger tea and then put on a pointy beanie hat, some fluffy gloves, a thick pair of over the knee green and black stripy socks and a pair of lace up boots and a hooded long black coat and step outside in to the light of the winter sun …   XXVII/XI/MMXVII


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