The Wonderful wOrld Of Wicca

Wicca is a much often misunderstood religion, belief system and lifestyle choice – it takes inspiration from the natural elements of the Earthly realm and highly esteems the sun, moon, wind and rain etc as being sacred and divine! Wicca originates from the Pagan / Celtic countries of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales and even today there are dedicated Wiccan and Pagan communities in these four parts of the United Kingdom and Ireland … 


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Wicca And The Natural wOrld


@ the root of the Wiccan belief system is the deep reverence and awe for the natural wOrld and the overriding belief that the divine is contained within every living being, whether human, animal, insect, fish and other sea creatures or plants and that the greatest “God” of all is nature itself, plus the “Goddess” is also as highly and supremely honoured as is also the male aspect of the divine.


Wicca, Sex And Fertility


What distinguishes Wicca from more mainstream religions, is the fact that Wicca holds sex and fertility in awe – instead of shying away from these natural biological tendencies and indeed necessities for the continuation of life itself –  and instead of depicting sex as being potentially sinful, in Wicca the pleasure derived from sexual intercourse is met with gratitude and sometimes sex is even incorporated into spellwork.


Under The Wiccan Moon


The Wicca religion venerates our nearest celestial satellite – the moon – for its cycles not only influence the tides, crops and the natural wOrld @ night but in Wicca it is believed that the moon has a supernatural power which can greatly influence and help magickal workings and practices. The Wicca moon also governs the Wiccan calendar and the full moon in Wiccan traditions is also known as the Wiccan Holy Day. The dark moon is also known as the Night of the Dark Goddess or Hecate’s nightHecate is a Pagan and Wiccan Goddess believed to stand at all the various portals of ethereal and spiritual energy, including the underworld, heaven and Earth …  The new moon in Wicca denotes a time for new beginnings, this is a time when Wiccan magickal rituals to bring about a fresh change are best performed.




Whilst Wicca is a religion that can also incorporate witch craft and spell work, magic and Wicca are not exclusively intertwined. One can be a practising Wiccan without ever practising magick or witchcraft and of course the opposite also holds true – one can practice Pagan rooted magic without being a Wiccan. However often times instead of praying to the god or goddess or other deities to bring about change and realise deep desires, Wiccans participate in magickal workings, using natural items, such as sticks, stones, leaves and flowers etc in conjunction with the lunar cycle to enhance the power of their magic spells and rituals.


What Wicca Is Not


Wicca being an Earth centric religion is not to be confused with Satanism or devil worship of any kind, unlike many mainstream religions, Wiccans do not acknowledge the god of the Torah, Bible or Quran or the devil either.


Magickal rites and rituals are an important part of Wiccan practice but the magic is not based on dark or black magic, malevolent spirits and deities are not called upon to wreak havoc on others, indeed Wiccans strongly believe in the law of Karma and so would not dare to invoke the negative elemental energies in the ether to harm others …


Unfortunately in bygone times, Celtic and Pagan religions and belief systems such as Wicca have often been branded with highly negative and unfair portrayals – such as accusations of living sacrificial offerings – in order to undermine and diminish it as a belief system and religion. Even more recently Wicca has been often times been misrepresented in popular culture, one such instance is in the 1973 movie the Wicker Man where the film depicts a human sacrifice, this fictional horror movie couldn’t be further from the truth. Human and animal sacrifices are not a part of Wiccan practice. Furthermore there is no historical or anthropological basis to ever assume that animal and human sacrifices have ever taken place and been practiced in the Wiccan religion.


Wicca And The Law Of 3


What Ye Pin Forth, Comes Back To Thee x

Wiccans firmly believe in the three fold law – ever mind the law of three, what ye send out comes back to thee. However Wiccans do not claim that this 3 fold law is specific to Wicca itself, instead they believe that this rule applies to everyone, regardless of their race, creed, religion, gender or sexuality etc. Hence the law of 3 is a powerful universal natural law, it is part of the divine cosmic matrix and so there’s no getting away from it. If you do good, the very good you do will find it’s way back to you three fold, however if you do bad, the bad you do will also come back to you – threefold. Therefore Wiccans sensibly avoid doing anything that they know is consciously wrong – after all why would you want that mean thing you did to be returned to you either at three different times in your life, or 3 times as severe as the bad thing you formerly did !?!


Many Wiccans believe that the 3 fold law is in of itself a benevolent kindly energy, the universe wishes the best for all of us and hOpes we treat others in the very best way possible. Therefore when we do something that runs against this precept and we accordingly receive our 3 fold negative karma in return, the law of three admonishes, berates and punishes us like a well meaning and involved parent who only has the best of intentions for its offspring to do better and be a better version of ourselves next time round …


Quote By


The Wiccan Rede


Bide the Wiccan law ye must,
In perfect love and perfect trust
Eight words the Wiccan Rede fulfil
An’ ye harm none, do as ye will.
What ye send forth comes back to thee
So ever mind the law of three
Follow this with mind and heart
Merry ye meet and merry ye part.


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