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Want to know where to sell your amazing and oh so pleasing to the nose buds aromatherapy products online? Well sell them here on Dum Spiro Spero (Dot wOrld)! This is a new age metaphysical website, so it makes perfect sense to sell your holistic essential oils on this online marketplace, to customers who appreciate adore and regularly use aromatic plant, leaf, flower, bark and root extracts for rejuvenation and relaxation among many other uses.  


Many people who start out on their journey with aromatherapy fall in love with the vast array of scents and their equally as numerous uses, which encompass body, mind and spirit. Over time one becomes more and more familiar with these gorgeous flower and plant extracts which in turn can increase the confidence to experiment with various essential oil extracts by blending them together for various purposes and uses. Once you’ve become adept in the practice of inventing and creating aromatherapy blends, it’s likely that you would very much like to share your holistic oils with customers who are seeking a holistic approach to what ever issue may be ailing them.


If you’ve already had a wander around this new age website, you’l have probably noticed that we cater to the Angel, Oracle, Lenormand and Tarot communities – as well as other metaphysical interest groups. Card readers are big fans of aromatherapy and often like to use essential oils during a reading to enhance the atmosphere for their client as well as themselves during a consultation with the cards. Even if the card reading is performed remotely, that is to say, if it’s conducted via pdf, mp3, mp4 or by Skype or good old fashioned telephone, most light workers still choose to use aromatherapy during the reading to aid and enhance their own intuition and to also help tap in to the natural ethereal energies of the fourth dimension. 


So by the nature of this very site and the metaphysical foundation upon which it’s built, this is clearly a great place for you to list and sell your holistic natural oils!


Ok, so as we’re clearly talking business – here’s a run down of all the other brilliant reasons to sell your aromatherapy and essential oils here …


1) It’s very quick and easy peasy lemon squeezy to sign up, lol !!!


2) Furthermore, upon sign up you don’t need to submit any ID or documents, we trust you and besides we use PayPal as a payment processor so you need to sign up with an email account that is attached to your PayPal account – and let’s face it who hasn’t got a PayPal account !?!


3) Your aromatherapy (and other) listings never expire on Dum Spiro Spero, so you don’t have to constantly relist your essential oils etc …


4) What’s more there are no listing fee’s “say what, no listing fees?” we hear you say, yep that’s right Angel face, we’ll say it again, there aren’t any listing fees on this metaphysical new age website. We don’t agree with having to pay to list an item – and therefore by default having to pay even if you don’t make a sale, we’re here to help people and put people before making a profit.


5) You get to have up to 3 photos per listing, 1 featured image, (maximum size = 250px width by 250px height) which appears on the store and search this store pages of this website – and two other photos (maximum sizes = 700px by 700px which appear on the specific item listing page).


6) You’re not limited to selling just aromatherapy, you can sell all sorts of other metaphysical, new age and holistic items, including services and downloads!


Sharing Is As Sweet As The Smell Of Lavender, Pin Me x

7) When you sign up to be a seller here on Dum Spiro Spero (Dot World) you automatically receive your own unique shop url.


8) You can place a clickable link from your shop here on Dum Spiro Spero back to either your own blog, website or alternatively if you don’t have your own site, you can place a link back to your social media profile, including if you wish your YouTube channel, just share the lurv and link back to us! Your clickable link will appear on your shop page under the member site as “visit site”.


9) Most e-commerce marketplace websites run competing listings on individual item listing pages. We don’t and will never do this, you take the time and make the effort to list and sell your aromatherapy on Dum Spiro Spero (Dot wOrld) so the least we can do is make your listing pages and shop on Dum Spiro Spero uniquely your own !


10) We don’t bias in the favour of the customer over and above the rights of the seller. This means in any dispute (hopefully there won’t be any or @ the least many on this site but realistically if and when it does happen) we won’t automatically take the customers side over that of the seller. We acknowledge that some times the customer is right and sometimes the seller is right!


So there you have it, ten tantalizingly awesome reasons to list and sell your aromatherapy products here on this website. So all there is for you to do, is click on the sellers dashboard tab and sign up in a jiffy and start listing and selling your gorgeous aromatherapy blends and concoctions!


Disclaimer – Please note that when selling aromatherapy and essential oils the law states that you can not make any unsubstantiated medical claims. So for instance and as an example, Rosa decides to set up an aromatherapy shop here on Dum Spiro Spero, she lists a blended lavender aromatherapy product. However Rosa isn’t allowed to say “This lavender essential oil blend will help you sleep” instead she would have to phrase her statement in a far less absolute way, so instead Rosa would write “Some people like to use lavender essential oil as they believe it will help them to sleep, however Rosa’s Incredible Blends and Dum Spiro Spero do not claim that this lavender essential oil will help you sleep.


Please visit the sellers specific disclaimers page for more advice about disclaimers.


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