Winter Window Therapy

It’s so easy during winter time to become a potato crisp eating couch potato! Yep @ this time of year it’s easy as a b c to sit in front of a TV or some other screen & munch on a processed sugar or salt laden snack & generally fail to nurture yourself with the tender kindness that deep down you know you’re deserving of!


  Listen Instead Of Read


After all of the hustle and bustle of December and New Years Day, hows about taking some much needed time out? So hey, come on, you know you wanna put that remote control, computer mouse, or other technological innovative gadget that whiles your time away – down and far from reach …


Nature is only as short as a few paces away from the nearest window you can l@@k out of to connect with mother Earth. Let her show you natures January jewels, it’s time for some winter window therapy !!!


From The Inside L@@king Out …


Where is the nearest window that you can l@@k out of right now!?! Walk over to it and l@@k out though it, @ the 3D real time picture it showcases right now. What do you see!?!


Perhaps you’re a city or town dweller and thus can see rooftops, chimneys and tower blocks or houses, flats or apartments that are almost a mirror image of your own. This sprawling concrete grey metropolis may not instantly appear to be aesthetically appealing. Though if you spend a few more moments @ the window, you may just notice birds going about their birdie business. You may notice smoke rising from the chimneys and grey or white clouds drifting slowly by.


Or you might live in a village or the middle of nowhere. As you window gaze, do you see a snow white garden? Has Master Jack Frost paid a visit and left his mark? Are there trees or a wooded area? do you see hills or mountains? the sea? a river? or other natural water outlets? Whatever view you do see, notice all the little things that ordinarily you would take for granted or would fail too visually connect with.


Frosty cobwebs look so intrinsic and other worldly! Trees swaying to and fro with birds perched on their branches is a winter picture worth stopping to stand, stare and contemplate. The wintry sun peeping out momentarily from behind the veil of a thick grey cloud is a rare-ish moment to behold!



Whatever window picture providence has provided you with, for you to see out of @ this specific moment in time, there’s surely @ least one positive aspect that can help act as a therapeutic mental and emotional booster!


Birds especially during winter help remind us in a Biblical sense that just as they are taken care of, we too will be taken care of. Chimneys remind us that the Earth has provided us with resources that help us keep warm during January up til winters end. The sameness of a dwelling place staring back @ us that looks just the same as our own, reminds us that even in our uniqueness @ heart our similarities are more than our differences, we just want to be loved and to give love.


Frost and snow help us to slow down and marvel @ the pearly white flakes which swiftly blanket the landscape and dramatically change it’s colour and of course when the snow or frost melts we can welcome back the hues and tones that the outdoors usually has on display for our delight and delectation. The tango between the sun and the clouds serves to remind us of the contrast that life has on offer @ any given time. Plus let’s not forget to accept and embrace the contrast within our own selves too, darkness and light, sun and shadow.


From The Outside L@@king In …


Being Pinned Is Very Therapeutic x

Of course if you really want to get down and dirty flirty with nature it will be far more authentic to put on your winter warmers – ie extra thick socks, a nice long girt big thick faux fur coat and an equally as dramatic warm and fluffy hat – and then when you’re all attired up to the winter nines, you can venture out in to the great outdoors!


Ummm, there’s something absolutely fantastically delectably delicious when you feel warm, snug and cosy underneath all of your winter garb and yet feel the icy cold air kiss and tease your cheekbones, it makes you feel refreshed, invigorated and very, very ALIVE!


So if you suffer from the winter blues Also known seasonal depression – as well as drinking the lush herb St Johns Wort tea to ward off feeling down in the dumps this time of year, it’s highly recommended that as often as possible you find somewhere desirable to walk (that’s safe) to re-live that feeling of ALIVENESS + the tepid sunlight will give you a little dose of very important vitamin D!


If you live in an urban area, perhaps you’l choose to walk to a park and on your way, when you’re in a shopping street, take a bit of time to go right up close and personal to the glass and look through and observe what’s going on inside. Are there lots of customers? or are there only a few people? or can you only see mannequins? Even shops can remind us that all the wOrlds a stage and so we must play our part well because there aren’t any dress rehearsals …  


If you have a garden, try and spend 5 or 10 minutes outside enjoying your interaction with this outside extension of your interior living space. If you see any weeds don’t stoop down to unearth them, instead congratulate them for their evolutionary ability to withstand the brute coldness of winter. If you see a worm, spider, slug, snail or even a mouse, rat or shrew say hello to them and let them go about their wintry way, it’s great to co-exist with other creatures without being perturbed by them. 


While you’re in your garden find a window that’s easy to stand in front of. Get as close to the window pane as possible and – just as Alice looked through the looking glass – look through the window. Be appreciative of the fact that you can see your warm and cosy home – as snug as a bug in a rug – waiting for you to walk in through the door when ever you feel that winter window therapy has helped restore you from winter blue to winter you!


Quote By  


Shirley Ann Grau … The winter is a kind of Evangelist …  


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