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Dear Guest Writer


We very much l@@k forward to collaborating with you ! Please refer to the guest blogger / writer guidelines below and send your submission to –




1) Your post must be completely original, you mustn’t copy it from either your own previous work or from anyone else ~ DONT WORRY, WE WILL ADD A CREATIVE COMMONS PIECE OF BACKGROUND MUSIC TO YOUR AUDIO ~ For subject matter, we accept anything really that is metaphysical, new age-y, religious, spiritual, esoteric or even motivational. Here’s a link to the store categories for some ideas –




2) For Dum Spiro Spero to place a link @ the top of your guest blog post to your own site, you must have a a url that ends with .com or .co.uk or any other country specific domain, or for that matter any other top level domain such as world !!! – we can’t accept domains such as .wordpress or .blogspot or .tumblr etc …


3) Please send a url to any website or blog you have – as long as your your site or blog is either motivational, new age-y, metaphysical, Tarot, religious, spiritual or esoteric. A link to your site will be placed at the top of your guest post, If you don’t have such a site no problem, you can always become a regular guest writer on DSS !!!


4) Your post should be between 1000 – 1500 words, yep that’s right in todays age of seo the search engines aren’t interested in articles below a word count of one thousand and here @ Dum Spiro Spero we don’t like blog posts to exceed one thousand five hundred words as people tend to get bored if an article is tooooo looooong.


5) Your article mustn’t be spammy, it has to be interesting or exciting or helpful etc to our readers/listeners any guest article which is spammy will be immediately rejected.


6) Please tell us the country you live in or the country whose nationality you identify the most as being (a flag of the said country will be put towards the top of your post).


7) Please let us have either your Twitter / Facebook or other social media profile url – we prefer Twitter but if you’re not on Twitter then you can give us another. (This will go at the top of your post), of course you don’t have to submit a social media url at all. 


8) You will also be added to the collaborators page with a link to your website, blog or social media. Please note that the order on the collaborators page is in chronological order, so the first person to collaborate with Dum Spiro Spero wOrld was Liz Hennessy who wrote and narrated a guest blog post article, Liz will therefore remain at the top of the collaborators page and so forth. So the sooner you write and narrate a guest blog post article to be published on this website, the higher up on the collaborators page you will be !!!


9) Please send a photograph / head shot of yourself – smiling is always better !!! (This will go next to the Follow Your Name link towards the top of the post).


10) Please send one photo / picture that is relevant to your guest post.


11) Please submit a relevant (to your article theme) Quote by this can be your own quote – and if it is please write it in the following way –


Quote By – Myself Your Name – Your actual quote


Or of course you can use a relevant quote by anyone else, famous or not so well known (we are all equal in this world and universe). If you choose to do this please write it in the following way –


Quote By – Name Of Person / Quotee – The actual quote


For Quotes please visit –


http://www.brainyquote.com/ and http://www.goodreads.com/quotes/


12) Importantly please read and record your entire article and send your audio file to us (it doesn’t have to be mp3 as we can always convert it). You can use a phone to record, a microphone or if you have a webcam you can always use the mic on that, failing that you can record it on to video and send us the video and we will “grab” the audio from it (you don’t have to show yourself on the video).


13) Please say your name and what site you’re from (remember your site must fit number three as above) if you don’t have a site don’t worry – and then the article title, read the article and the “Quote by”.


14) When we read out load, we tend to read faster than we normally speak, so when you’re reading and recording your guest blog post, please remember to chill out, relax … chillax … and read slooowly, though of course we don’t want you to go @ a 🐌 pace either !!!


15) Please place a *reciprocal link to your guest blog post featured on Dum Spiro Spero (Dot World) once it’s published, on your own website or blog and or social media and please send us a quick email with the link you placed on your own site back to this site !!!


16) For An example of the Dum Spiro Spero written and audio blog post format you can visit one of our blog posts here –




17) Raven Magill from Alkonost-Oracle-Com is a passionate Tarot blogger and also a professional life coach. This is an actual guest blog post article published on this website written and narrated by Raven –




And here is a *reciprocal link back to Dum Spiro Spero (Dot World) that Raven has placed on




Oh and here is another *reciprocal link back to this website on Ravens very interesting and heartfelt blog post titled


Where I stand With Tarot


18) Importantly you must agree to give Dum Spiro Spero wOrld a non exclusive write to your guest blog post, which means that if you change your mind and decide you no longer want your guest blog post published on this website, that your guest blog post will remain published on this website. However Dum Spiro Spero (Dot wOrld) will nevertheless remove any links to your blog or website or social media if you so wish.


19) Please send everything, including the title of your blog post, the actual written blog post, (please copy and paste your blog post into the main body of the email you send us), as well as it’s audio version, one photo for your article, plus a head shot photo of yourself + your other details to –




We thank you in advance for your written + audio guest blog post, we shall get in touch with you as soon as we receive it – and we will publish your article on the Dum Spiro Spero Blog as soon as possible and we will place links to your social media profile and or website or video channel on the collobrators page


Quote By


Louis L’Amour Start writing no matter what, the water does not flow until the faucet is turned on



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