Super Hero’s Vs Your Own Inner Wonder – Ful Woman

There’s not much point waiting around to be rescued – for if you do, Prince Charming or any other super hero may not arrive, instead you have to learn to be your own super hero, you need to be your very own wonder – ful woman or man …


New super hero movies are released with much hype and glamour surrounding them and many such films depict a male with extraordinary other wOrldly qualities and characteristics, though once in a while, a super hero movie hits the big screen with a female character as the super-hero or to be grammatically correct –  a super heroine.


 Listen Instead Of Read !


The super hero phenomenon and film franchises show no signs of abating any time soon. So why have super hero characters been so long adored since the era of comics in the 1950’s through to now – the era of the big block buster action packed, special affects laden superhero movies.


(Exaggerated) Positive Traits
& The Collective Conscious


Whether the superhero is Batman, Catwoman, Superman or Wonder Woman etc, there are several positive traits common to most super hero’s including strength, courage, morality, honesty, justice, strategy and high energy – to name but a few …


However the positive characteristics Super hero’s are mythologically endowed with are so over amplified that these super hero’s seem to be almost virtuous. Perhaps this is one of the reasons that popular culture has so widely embraced fictional super hero’s and allowed them to filter through to the mass collective consciousness – because we ourselves are not righteous and nor are we as rigidly principled as these super compassionate, super awesome, super powered comic book characters … we wish we could be those things but for better or for worse, it’s natural to the human condition for the flesh to desire what is contrary to the spirit


Super Hero’s As A Replacement For The Gods Of Long Ago


Long before the advent of paper comics, exaggerated positive traits and characteristics were instead ascribed to ancient gods and goddesses of bygone civilzations. 


Hades the olden Greek God of the underworld was a formidable God, his domain and authority extended to the secret realm of the dead and darkness. However Hades was often neutral during disagreements between other parties and usually did not take sides and was a faithful husband ! Batman who resides in dark and gloomy Gotham city is the comic cartoon super hero whose traits and place of abode are most comparable to Hades.


Bastet was an Egyptian Goddess who had a cats head and the form of a female human body – the ancient Egyptians were renowned for their fear and love of cats and they held the belief that cats were particularly sacred. Bastet sought justice and protection for the Pharaohs and was also an avid defender of the peoples of Egypt. She was a clever and cunning huntress and through her strength and stealth could easily outwit her prey … It’s easy to draw parallels between Bastet and Catwoman


Zeus the ancient Greek God of the sky was depicted as the father of gods and men. Legend portrayed him as being a seeker of justice, who despised trickery and deceivers. When a thunder and lightning storm staged a show in the sky for all to see, it was thought to be the work of this Greek God imposing his wrath and indignation upon those undeserving of his mercy … Of course Superman is the modern day fictional super hero character that most resembles Zeus.


Hera was a Greek Goddess, she had a very compassionate nature and she presided over marriage, birth and families. Hera was perhaps the most beautiful of all the Greek Goddesses. Even though she is the protector of women, Hera’s remarkable good looks didn’t stop her from getting jealous of other women who lusted after her husband Zeus. If scorned or rejected Hera was quick to inflict punishment and damage upon the offender … Many of Wonder Womans traits are similar to Hera’s.


We Don’t Need Another Hero


Er I feel a bit of a Mad Max song coming on … “We don’t need another hero, we don’t need to find the way home, all we want is life beyond the thunderdome …” …


The thing is though, that no matter how many super hero’s or super heroines we invent and no matter how many big blockbuster box office record breaking super hero movies are made, these over the top hero’s and heroines are simply not real. Their exaggerated powers of extraordinary physical ability and righteousness leave us far and short of finding our own very real innate human power that often times is hiding under the surface but nevertheless is always there for us to call forth in times of crisis and other less imidiately pressing needs …


Finding Your Own Inner Wonder – Full Woman


Be A Super Hero, Pin Me x

So it’s now over to you, yes YOU because this is where you are reminded that you have your own inner super hero, that you can call up by way of ethereal voice dial @ any given moment !


Yes you can tap in to you’re own innate wonder – ful woman (hOpe you like the play on words) or your own inner super duper man whenever the need may arise. The best thing about relying on your own Sat Nav AKA super-fantastic inner navigation system is that you can accept yourself just the way you are, warts and farts and faults and all.


You don’t have to have a perfect western physique, you don’t have to have a perfect flawless complexion, you don’t have to have big boobs or a six pack, you don’t have to be beautiful, you don’t even have to have super long silky hair –  you don’t need to be an over exaggerated larger than life caricature, it’s perfectly safe to just be your one and only authentic self.


You’re the only person who will be there for you throughout all of your life journey, friends and lovers come and go, relationships and marriages can break down and even the members of your own family can set sail for pastures new or leave this Earth for the heavenly realms, the only constant in your life is you …


Be Your Own Rescue Remedy


So whenever you feel a need to be rescued, resist the urge to rely on someone else, in the belief that their judgment is better than your own. For indeed when you want someone to rescue you it is instead the perfect time to bring forth your own inner super woman or super man, you don’t have to twirl or rush to a phone box to transform – although of course you could if you really wanted to, lol … 


In all seriousness though, it’s rather more fruitful to help spiritually manifest your own soulful superhero by actually being still and closing your eyes and taking a few deep and calming breathes and then concentrating on the solution to your problem or whatever it is that is upsetting your emotional equilibrium and trusting that your own inner amazing super hero super subconscious self, will strategically find the strength, energy, honesty and courage to save the day …


Quote By


Gal Gadot I think women are amazing for being able to show what they feel – I admire women who do – I think it’s a mistake when women cover their emotions to look tough. I say let’s own who we are and use it as a strength.   XXXI/VII/MMXVII


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